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  • MrsBeel I feel for you. If you need to have the section  in my experience it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, I know it wouldn’t be ideal or the plan but try not to worry too much about the journey of baby arriving as long as it is the best way for you and baby it won’t matter afterwards. 

    Springstart I hear you! It  seems to drag, especially the last month. 

    I was in triage today as im loosing more of my plug with a bit of blood too, it looked like my show from before my waters went with my son. The doctor wasn’t worried and doesn’t think it’s pre term labour and the trace of baby was reassuring so I’m back out now, will see how we go. I’ve been having some very sporadic tightenings but again they are mild could even be BH I’m not sure at this point. All I know is that it’s too early for baby to come and I haven’t even packed a bag for her yet lol

  • Hoping all these sweeps for you ladies go well and help bring the bundles! 

    springstart i Know what your saying! We should of been getting induced this week but with them saying I could go longer still got 2 and a bit weeks to go! They said because the babies were happy she wanted to let them go, I nearly burst out with mum isn’t coping or happy!!! I think now they are so heavy and my belly is so big I just need them here!! I had a horrid appt with the anaesthetist the other day who sent me into a melt down! Told me I might be too big for a spinal block (I’m a straight up and down size 16 that’s put on 6lb through out pregnancy) but then said my throat would be too narrow and skinny to be put to sleep! I just politely asked how he suggested getting them out of me then!!! He finally said after lots of urms, let’s see how it goes on the day!!! 

    Hope everyone has a nice relaxing weekend and we get some babies moving! 


  • Hey ladies :) just been catching up yes I agree someone’s bound to have a baby in the 4 days that the chat is down it’s bound to happen :).

    Spring start  I agree I’m over it too now.

    mrsb have you made a decsion yet on what your going to do ? From personal experience when your in labour the pain from pelvis is nothing compred I know people have had epidurals to help with the pain in the pelvis in labour. be assured though that it goes once you deliver baby so that’s something to hold onto. One thing I would say it to make sure when your in labour your legs dont get spread to far as this can cause damage to the pelvis after birth just make sure you only open your legs as much a comfy and my physio said big nono to stirrups but the midwife should know this. Also with my first I was worried about the pain and not being able to give birth but my Consultant said a c section is actully worse for PGP suffers as they cut through the muscle if you google it I’m sure you get some info That’s why c section always been last resort for me.

    ah jade im pleased everything is ok as she’s still comfy in there at least until 37 weeks then they are fully cooked. with my second I lost my plug on and off for two weeks before my labour started.

    happy2try it’s good news babies are ok but I would be disappointed too having to wait a few more weeks have you had your inducement booked yet ? i have my fingers crossed for you thst these babies come before then so you get some relief carryin one baby is hard enough let alone 2! And about the anethestic I wouldent worry he was obviously having a bad day as I’m bigger than you and not once have they said it would effect a spinal and I’ve had one too they just have to use a longer needle so don’t let them worry you they like to blame everything on weight even though In my case I’m healthier and have more straight forward births to skinner  ladies it’s just an excuse they use. 

    im defo feeling like a whale the last few days but trying to enjoy my last 2 weeks and a bit of normality before I have 3 ekk 


  • well I’ve had an interesting day! Went in to Hospital to get a sweep and sort pain meds out and book induction Just in case. Took my blood pressure as they usually do and then promptly admitted me for pre eclampsia! i knew I was swollen and had headaches but didn’t think anymore than “I’m 39+ weeks pregnant”

    So I’m booked in to be induced tomorrow at 8pm but they’re trying to get me bumped up the queue as pgp isn’t helping matters! So glad I’m in such a good hospital!!!

  • Ah I completely sympathise ladies, I am also getting to the point of just wanting her out now!! So much so that i was having niggles and have put my wellies on and taken my hound out in the dark for a walk!! I don’t think it will do anything but at least I will feel better for doing it!! 

    So pleased all is ok and has settled down for you Jade, hold on til 37 weeks baby! 

    Happy2try you must be so frustrated!! It’s hard enough waiting let alone when it feels like they’ve moved the goal posts!! I completely echo nay, he was just having a bad day and being a pratt!! if they didn’t have spinals or anaesthetics to anyone bigger than a14 or with a slightly raised bmi about 80% of surgery’s wouldn’t happen. Just ignore him and try not to let it bother you. I know it’s easier said than done. 

    MrsB sorry to hear you’re suffering with preeclampsia but glad they’re taking it seriously and you’re getting looked after properly!! All the best with everythin 

    jenn xx

  • MrsBeel sorry to hear of the preeclampsia!! I’m glad you are in such good hands too. All the best for tomorrow. 

    Happy2Try sounds like he was having a bad day, as the others said I wouldnt worry I sure they will be able to do the spinal. 

    Thanks ladies I’m pleased too as was worried earlier I was having contraxtions but I think they must be BH as not that painful just uncomfortable. Baby moving loads too and no more plug/mucus so it’s all reassuring! She’s keeping me on my toes, just 3 weeks please hang on lol

    Nay hope things start working for you this week and baby will be here soon too! I do feel the same, so not ready for another baby right now. I am literally cherishing my son at the moment as this time next month I am going to be finding it tough!! 

  • Thanks Ladies, I knew he was an idiot as soon as he walked in the door! Didn’t stop me having a a melt down at 1am to which husband just said shhhh sleep 😂 Yes Nay I’m booked in for c section on 11th March now! 

    MrsBeel hope everything goes well tomorrow for you and hopefully you can get moved up the list. Will be thinking of you 

  • Happy2Try I had the same today at triage, a really shite doctor. She was just so rude and dismissive!! Actually made me cry, and then wrote down in my notes that I am underlined very anxious and tearful. But it’s because of how she spoke to me not because of nothing! its so disappointing when you get a crap doctor, does make me appreciate the good ones 

  • Ah ladies I’m so sorry to hear all the bad doctor reports! Really sucks!

    ive been taken into induction now - a day early so next post from me will hopefully be an announcement!!!

  • Oh my goodness how exciting!!! such a whirlwind though! 


  • Ooh exciting can’t wsit to hear the news MrsB! xx

  • Best of luck mrsbeel I hope everything is going well for u and baba xx

  • hope everything is going good for you Mrsb and your little one is here safe and sound. 

    finally the weather was nice enough where we are to be out in the garden today so managed to get some gardening done so was a nice change and looking forward to more nice weather the kids love it and we are lucky enough to have a big enough one.

    Happy2try that’s my induction date too lol 😂 except I have 6 sweeps booked in before that so I’m hoping one of them works lol 😂 


  • Good luck MrsB! X

  • image

    Welcome to the world Emily Victoria Mae! Born at 1:42am on Sunday 24th February 2019 weighing 8lb 1oz!

  • shes perfect mrsbee! Congratulations ❤️

  • Aw shes gorgeous! Congrats! 

    Can't understand how I still can't post a photo 🤔🙄 xx

  • Chez send Danielle MFM a message :)

  • Huge congratulations MrsB! So happy for you xx

  • Aww congrats MrsB. Hope everything is going well 😃 

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