Am I experiencing a miscarriage

Hi I'm 4 weeks pregnant & started to bleed yesterday? I'm in no pain at all, just confused at this could be? I've had a scan an they can see the sac but nothing inside but they said they would see baby until 5.5/6 weeks anyway. Anyone else experience this & what was it? My hcg levels are 784 too. Thanks 


  • Hi, didn’t want to read and run. Of course I’m not a doctor so can’t say for certain but that does look like you’ve had a miscarriage unfortunately. I’ve had 5 myself and they’ve looked pretty similar to that early on.

    Are you still bleeding now? X 
  • Hi yes I'm still bleeding but its slowed right down an hardly anything there now x
  • You will need to have another blood test to see how your hormones doing. But as previous lady said I think it was a MC.sorry
  • I’m so sorry it also looks like an Mc. I would get some bloods done as soon as possible to find out what is happening. If it’s any relief it could be that you were carrying twins and one didn’t make it. I had a bless similar to this with my first Mc. Big hugs to you lovely. Xx
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