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Due in March 2020 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in March 2020 peeps, as the earlier thread has hit the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

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    Tagging Due in March ladies so you can find this thread - sorry if we missed anyone - we went back through the last few pages of posts, so may have missed earlier peeps - please do come on over if you missed you: @kinny90 @Sisnlyuk @KMH27 @*MrsS* @emma276 @Suziqn @MrsS35 @grisinutza @NicolaCU @kayleighA @babymama690 @sam996 @charliemurphy @Amie-o3 @char.x @pearl16 @KirstyTTC1st

    Also handy link to @charliemurphy Due Date List here. 
  • 20 week scan went well but have got to go back in about a week or two as they couldnt get a proper look at all the heart as baby had their arm crossed over. They said they are about 80% sure that we are having a baby GIRL but will double check at the next scan. 
  • Congratulations @KirstyTTC1st
  • CharliemurphyCharliemurphy Regular
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    So far girls have massively taken the lead we have 11 girls and 3 boys confirmed in the group and 3 team yellow with 4 people still to either find out or put in what they are having.
    @KirstyTTC1st congratulations 
  • @KirstyTTC1st congratulations 
  • Thank you, we are ecstatic I really thought it was a boy. I did have a gender reveal plan as I want able to surprise my partner when finding out I was pregnant but the sonographer said it so loudly my partner heard from the waiting room. But will double check at next scan so can be 100% sure
  • @KirstyTTC1st congratulations hun! X
  • Congrats on baby girl! Hope they get to see everything on your next scan! X @KirstyTTC1st
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  • Congratulations @KirstyTTC1st!! I had my scan on Monday and they confirmed its a girl! Most of our family had guessed a boy so everyone was shocked :) Can't wait now! xx
  • Congratulations @Char.x both having girls on the same due date lol 
  • Hi everyone. 25 weeks today and eventually felt baby boy move yesterday. I was about to mention it at my midwife appointment next week. Huge sigh of relief from me now. 
  • MrsS35 said:
    Hi everyone. 25 weeks today and eventually felt baby boy move yesterday. I was about to mention it at my midwife appointment next week. Huge sigh of relief from me now. 
    Ahh lovely! It’s a great feeling! Do you have an anterior placenta? I’m 22 weeks today and baby has been thumping me for the passed 2 weeks haha! Love just laying there watching the movements! 
  • @Suziqn yeah have anterior placenta so has took a while. He has been very active today. I think it's because it is very quiet in my office today and I'm sitting working away at my computer. 
  • That's good glad u can feel it now
  • It’s funny feeling them at work! Don’t think he likes getting squashed when I’m on my chair sitting forward haha! @MrsS35
  • Aww lovely. I'm 21 weeks and haven't felt the baby move yet. 

    I'm definitely feeling more pregnant now and been heaving again this week. Bleurgh. Anybody else had their sickness come back? 
  • I'm 22 weeks on monday and definitely look more pregnant been feeling movements for some time but this is second. Only thing I'm happy about is I have my appetite back. 
  • I'm 22 weeks today aswell and have been feeling baby since around 26 weeks. My placenta is at the back though so they said I would feel baby loads. It is also my second. @Suziqn like you baby doesn't like it when I lean forward on my work chair.i always smile and think its baby saying mum your squashing me x
  • I'm 21 weeks tomorrow and been feeling baby move since the scan last tuesday its constantly kicking now. My sickness has never left even though I'm on anti-sickness meds every day since 4 weeks and will be till labour, I have found getting my partner to bring a cup of tea and some ginger biscuits before I put my feet out of bed in the morning helps reduce it significantly from once or twice a day to a 3 times a week. Not really feeling pregnant still and only have a tiny bump.
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