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Get to know you thread.... :)

hey, I know I'm a bit of a lurker atm until I'm sure of my dates, but was thinking it would be nice to do a get-to-know-you thread. 

I'll start, I'm Chez, I'm 33 (well next week) and I'm from Newcastle. I've already got a 9 yr old (JD) and 18mth old (Ella). This baby was unexpected but we're very happy about it. Although I'd of preferred Ella to have given up the boob before I was pregnant again, my nipples are so sensitive! I live with my husband and our many creatures (i sell bugs and we have lots of reptiles etc as pets as well) 

This is me :) 


  • Hi there!

    I'm Alisha, 29 in 3 days' time, and from Essex (shhh!) but live in Surrey and work in Hampshire as a secondary school English teacher. We got married in Feb 2019 and had a miscarriage in April this year (missed - discovered at 11+2), then fell pregnant with this little March baba one cycle later.

    We have two cats who are going to be distraught to have to share attention with a little one, and I have five nephews so will be getting lots of hand-me-downs if it's a boy and getting a credit card if it's not  :D 

    Nice to meet you! X
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