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Gender reveal dissapointment


I need to let out some of my horrible feelings,
First lets start with me getting pregnant for the 4th time was a mistake .... was not planned 😭
I was so sure i had a boy, and then i come to my 16 week pregnancy telling me he could not see the sex of the baby yet at week 20 he tells me its a girl , i was having hope that atleast if i am already pregnant i would have a boy.... i couldnt stop my tears from rolling down for hours .... am i just dissapointed for a girl or am i just suffering from a horrible pregnancy depression , i dont know.... is there any slight chance that he might maybe be mistaken? Did anyone here have a suprise gender at birth? 
I cant talk to anyone about this , they all look at me like im crazy .... 


  • Hi sorry you’re feeling this way. I remember crying when I found out my 2nd was another girl. I felt so horrible and guilty for wanting a boy and the disappointment was horrendous and it just made he feel awful. But the feelings soon passed, please don’t beat yourself up about it. Pregnancy is a hormonal time at best. I’m sure once you come to terms with it you will feel a wee bit better and you’ll love her just as much x
  • Thank you for your nice words  <3 knowing im not the only one that goes through this makes me feel a drop better.... i really hope this will pass 😒 thanks again for the reply 
  • I’m Sure it will. I know a few people who went through these feelings it’s only natural and yes it does feel awful but it doesn’t make you a bad mama. When you have that baby in your arms you’ll wonder what you were so upset about. Take care xx
  • I had 7 girls in a row! You'll get used to the idea. Now 19 weeks pregnant with my 8th and it's a boy. I never really minded what I had. Hope you feel better soon x
  • I think the most important is that the baby is all me doesn't matter what sex my second is (I will know in December) i have a daughter , after I suffered a miscarriage last year all that matters is that the baby will be healthy. 
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