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  • @Catlady220
    did you get to spend it with family? 
  • @Catlady220 Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you managed to celebrate somehow!

    @Gamble5 how was your growth scan? Is twinny2 doing ok?

    Everyone else.. happy friday! I bought myself an angelcare monitor this morning as amazon had them in the black friday sale! My friend swore by hers and I'm such an anxious person (I quite often have to check that the cat is still breating!) I figured it might help keep me calm :smile:
  • @CurrentCatMum
    happy friday! 
    Growth scan went very well both babies are growing nicely blood flow measurements were good so don’t need to go back till 10th dec now. Twin 1 is currently weighing 1lb 15oz & Twin 2 is 1lb 5oz he was only 14oz 2weeks ago so hes put on 6oz so i’m very happy X
  • @Gamble5 aww that must be a big relief! nice to see he's had a growth spurt! They still sound so tiny though, not even 2lb yet! I know we've still got a way to go, I'm just still amazed that everything starts out so small!!
  • @CurrentCatMum
    yes very glad he’s still growing. Hopefully it will continue and they will be born at 37weeks. 
    Yes i know its crazy how tiny they are. I can’t wait till their here now 🥰💙💙
  • @Gamble5 @CurrentCatMum yes we did celebrate......the US isnt on much of a lockdown.....i think its coming soon again but not ohio we do have a 10pm curfew now though so we have to b in our houses by 10pm..........but there was only 5 of us and it was a great dinner <3 now for december to fly by due to christmas and then possibly off work in January and then hopefully baby in feb <3 ........

    @Gamble5 thats good <3 are they looking identical??? or have u not had a 3d done??? not sure how it works there but every ultrasound after 16 weeks they do 2d and 3d here <3 
  • @Catlady220
    aww thats nice you got to celebrate with family. 
    Yes christmas will be here in no time i’m sure feb will be here within a blink of an eye. 

    When we had our gender scan at 16weeks they did 3D but because they were on top of each other you couldn’t really see 😂 
    At my 20week scan they zoomed in our their faces and they both have the same nose & lips. Unfortunately they only gave us the image of twin 1’s lips n nose. 
    I’ll post the images i got so far X
  • @Catlady220
    lips n nose 😂

  • Hi ladies hope all is well :) I’m getting a lot of in the pelvis area my pubic Bone is soooo sore is anyone else in the same position? I’m struggling to walk and turn over at night in bed :( midwife said it will only get worse for me as it’s all to do with muscles loosening and pressure from baby just wondering if anyone else Is going through the same? X
  • @Bethany12
    it could be SPD where your pelvic bone grinds, been struggling with this myself. It helps to put a pillow inbetween your legs in bed at night xxx
  • @Gamble5 thank you for your reply I’ve been doing that, some days it’s ok but others it’s painful 😣 what our bodies go through ey haha xx
  • @Bethany12
    if you mention it to your midwife she will refer to you physio who may tell you to buy a maternity support belt 😊
  • @Bethany12 sadly ur midwife is right :/ my under belly gets soooo sore and my hips and pelvis hurt on n off too.......i also managed to start getting braxton hicks......they just say try to take it easy and relax as much as possible

  • Sorry to hear about the pain @Bethany12
    i got it with my first and it has started already with this pregnancy. Some days are better than others, always in my groin. 
    I’ve got a lot of cramping tonight which is frustrating as it always makes you panic doesn’t it, even though it’s growing pains I think. 

    Glad baby 2 is growing nicely @Gamble5, it must be such a relief. 

    I’ve got 3 weeks till my 28 week check, I don’t have one this time at 25 as second baby so hoping with work it’ll go quick. 

    Hope everyone is doing okay and feeling okay :) 
  • i got my 28 week prenatal on monday
  • @Dizzyd
    thank you, i’m very happy he’s growing nicely. 
    I’m not feeling all that great today so i think i’m just going to rest in bed until school run time. 
    Hows your pregnancy going? I feel like the weeks are flying by now.
    I have a 28week check up on the 14th december. I’ve got growth scan on 11th december and they actually made it a time where the hubby can attend so that’ll be nice for him to see them ☺️
  • @Gamble5 yes i felt like after that 20 week mark the weeks just kinda melt off lol
  • @Catlady220
    yes thats exactly it. Soon be here before we know it ☺️
  • its crazy ill b in my 3rd tri on saturday lol
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