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  • @Bethany12 aww what a perfect picture!
  • @Gamble5, they sound like good weights. I was born myself at 29 weeks weighing 2lb 3oz but had stopped growing a couple of weeks before so seems like a good weight even for the littler twin. 

    @Bethany12. Was your oh able to go? 
  • Thank you @CurrentCatMum and yes @Dizzyd he was aloud with me through out so that was nice for him to we loved it such an amazing experience 
  • Good news about the NHS guideline changes in the UK re prenatal, labour and post natal appointments and partner attendance. They’ve taken off all restrictions and now your chosen partner can attend the whole of labour and not just once you’re in active labour - ThTs such a relief!! It’s also a set standard guideline for all nhs trusts so nobody can pick and choose what they allow or disallow for their trust! 
  • Ours had already relaxed the rules for labour in November so partner is allowed in at any stage. They still have to go home afterwards and then get a 1 hour visiting slot so will be interesting to see if that changes at all.
    I hope they do relax the rules on scans and appointments at some point, while it probably won't affect me now (as far as I know I've no more scans) it was quite nerve wracking going to the 12 week scan alone, so it will be much better for people if they can start to allow that again.
  • @Dizzyd
    yes deffo, obviously their only estimates so the consultant said they might be a little off.
    Isn’t it amazing what they can do for babies born 28weeks onwards. It amazes me.

    gorgeous scan photo. I wanted a 3D scan but the cut off was 26weeks for twins and we just couldn’t afford it so close to christmas X
  • Hi Ladies, 

    How are you all doing? Hope everyone was able to hve a good Christmas! 
    I found it hard not being able to eat all the cheese! 
    Am 29+2 today so need to get baby stuff sorted! 
  • Hello! I hope everyone had a good Xmas too.. I’m 31 weeks today and only 3 weeks to go until I finish work - can’t wait! Other than my SPD in my right leg, I’m doing alright. How’s everyone else keeping? 
  • Hello! Happy new year to all I’m 31 weeks to @Siiia, I’ve been getting braxton hicks on and of for a good few weeks anyone else? everything getting ready but it’s not a nice feeling lots of pressure x
  • @Bethany12 Im 28+1 and think I've had Braxton Hicks today! How do you know???? Xx
  • @Char09 your stomach goes really hard and tight for around 30 seconds and then relaxes x
  • @Bethany12 ohh I see! My belly has been feeling tight but I wasn't sure if it was my belly growing. It lasts longer than 30 seconds too! I did have period cramps earlier as well, had to get in the bath to ease! X
  • No Braxton Hicks here but I have lost some of mucus plug frequently but not substantial amounts - midwife says it’s ok as it just replenishes itself. 
  • Hi Ladies, hope you are all well and had a lovely Christmas and a new year! I’m 30+3, little bean is now very active and kicking away.. starting to get so excited and impatient now as we can finally say we are having our babies this year 😊 has anyone decided on names yet? x 
  • Happy new year Ladies. 
    I’ll be 31weeks on monday. 
    I’ve been having braxton hicks for months now, sometimes have them at least 3/4times a day. 
    I will be having the babies next month i cant believe how fast its gone. Literally only 6-7weeks left on monday 💙💙
  • Morning everyone! First day back at work (from home still!) after 2 weeks off, not sure i remember what to do! 7 weeks until I finish, 9 until due date!

    We ordered a cot yesterday, and I got out the bits of baby clothes I have been collecting ready to put a wash on.. I've just ordered a few bits in the next size up too just in case the baby is huge 🤣 all starting to feel very real!

    Feeling good though, just tired, our neighbour has been awake all night for the last few nights so I'm glad he's gone back to work today as well and had to actually go to bed!! I still woke up at 5am but that was an improvement! Suffering badly with restless legs and sore hips at night but apart from that and being out of breath I can't really complain too much!

    Hope you're all getting on ok! 
  • @CurrentCatMum
    feel like i’m going through nesting too. 
    Literally waiting on a few items and my hospital bag is all ready to go, just never know when these babies might want to arrive lol. 
    I’m suffering really badly with my hips at night too, the more i’m on my feet during the day the more pain im in at night. 
  • So exciting that you haven’t got long left @Gamble5! How are you finding things? 

    I got advised to work from home on Monday so that’s me know doing online learning etc from home which is really weird! 
  • @Dizzyd
    I am soooooo uncomfortable 🙈
    just got back from my 2weekly growth scan. Looks like the babies are coming alot sooner than I thought. Looks like its going to be more 34-36weeks but the consultant thinks its going to be more 34weeks as he thinks the little twin isn’t going to last much longer in there. His dopplers were good today so back again on 22nd Jan I think a more solid plan will probably be made at that appointment.
    hows your pregnancy going?? Xxx
  • @Gamble5 my mum bought me a lovely bag to use for hospital, I just need to pull my finger out and get it packed!
    It's hard to know what to do for the best with my hips/restless leg. I work from home all day and so I'm sat down.. I've tried going out for little walks, that doesn't seem to do much, but like you say if you're on your feet too long that causes pain too! I have switched from my office chair to a dining chair today and that seems better for my hips but now I have backache and I don't know if it's related!!
    I can't believe your date is nearly here! are you excited? nervous? I know you're not a first timer but twins!

    @Dizzyd I don't envy you teaching from home! My husband has been doing a mix of classroom teaching (although sometimes the students were split, some in class and some at home!) and remote teaching all the way through, and he just says it's hard work! I've just been at home since the first lockdown was announced in March, kind of used to it now, not sure I can remember how to get to or get IN to the office now, and it doesn't look like I'll be going there before my leave starts!
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