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  • @Gamble5 good luck with the scan! I hope they say they can stay in a bit longer :)

    At our hospital they can come in for labour (or section) and recovery but once you've moved to the ward they can book a 1 hour visiting slot every day. Hopefully I won't be in for long but who knows! 
  • @Dizzyd @CurrentCatMum
    my scan went really well thank you, been given a provisional induction date for 8th feb all being well with my scan next week xx
  • Glad to hear everyone’s doing well, I can’t believe how close we all are to finally meeting our babies! I’m starting to get a bit nervous about labour and birth. I’m 34 weeks and 2 days having growth scans as baby boy is measuring small only 4lb at my scan yesterday so abit worried, however I was 5 pounds 8 full term myself so maybe he will just be a small baby! 
    I’m also struggling with sleep can’t get comfy most night and can’t switch of😴.

    Hope you girls have a lovely weekend. 
  • @Bethany12
    what centile is your baby growing on? I’m sure as long as baby keep tracking along the same centile they wont be overly concerned ☺️
  • Have they scheduled another scan @Bethany12
    Hope all doing okay. I had another midwife today ans nearly passed out on the bench getting heartbeat checked as got so hot and dizzy. Don’t want to lie on my back again like that anytime soon, no wonder they don’t recommend it. Am 33+4 now. Seems so crazy that she’ll be here within 2 months now, even if overdue. 
  • So if baby isn't here by Feb 27....ill b induced March 1
  • That’s exciting @Catlady220 that you have a date. How far gone will you be by then? 
  • @Catlady220
    good luck for the 1st of march

    if alls well with my scan on friday i’ll be getting induced on monday. 
    I feel like this is going to be the longest week 😂
  • That’s so exciting @Gamble5. How are you feeling about it? Will you be 36 weeks then? 
  • Sorry not replied sooner ye got another growth scan on Monday coming just to keep an eye on his weight and stuff so hopefully all is well :) x
  • @Dizzyd
    I’m so excited to get them out 😂 i’m super uncomfortable and in pain and absolutely MASSIVE!! yes i’ll be bang on 36weeks so i’m glad i’ve made it this far with them kept them in those 2 extra weeks so hopefully we can possibly go home after couple of days X
  • @Bethany12
    aw good luck with your growth scan how many weeks are you now?? Xx
  • @Dizzyd ill b 40+2 they r thinking he's gonna come b4 then tho
  • Aww so exciting @Catlady220 and @Gamble5

    Had a midwife appt today and I've gone over my growth curve.. she said she wasn't going to worry about it today (35.5 weeks) but if if its over at the next appt (38.5 weeks) she might send me for a scan. Probably just because we've had too many takeaways 🤣
  • I’m 36 weeks  + 1 thank you I’m hoping his put on some weight but not massively concerned as my friend had just had her baby was told she 7 pounds and she was born at 39 weeks with 5 pound 8 so they’re never really 100% x
  • @Gamble5 wow that’s amazing that you have managed to keep them in until 36 weeks bet you’re feeling it couldn’t imagine they’re being 2 in there😂 xx
  • Just dropping in to say hi! So exciting that some of you are so close to your induction dates - that's awesome! Can't wait to see pics as the little ones start to make their appearances!

    Nothing much happening with me - I'm 33+5 now and have started drinking a cup of raspberry leaf tea per day. Had a midwife appt at 32 weeks where she was oblique, and then a growth scan at 33 weeks which showed she's now cephalic so trying to do some daily yoga ball bouncing to keep her there and gradually get her further engaged - though I don't currently have the pressure everyone talks about so not sure whether I want her to be lodged further into my pelvis or not! Scan said she's weighing about 4lb 11, which is just beneath the 50th percentile. I have washed pretty much all of her clothes (though I keep ordering more!) and packed her hospital bag, and slowly cleaning out the kitchen cupboards in a half-hearted attempt at nesting!

    I get achey hips if I walk too far and the midnight wees are a nightmare, but generally fine other than that. I suspect she'll be a bit late but really hoping she stays a March baby as I have so many birthdays in April already! x
  • Hoping my bubba comes early as I don't want to b induced unless I have to b............surprised there's no babies here yet.....our first one in the Feb group came on Christmas
  • So much is happening now which is exciting. 
    I hope you don’t have to be induced @Catlady220 if you don’t want to be. 

    @Gamble5 good luck with your growth scans.

    @foxling glad you’re doing well and aren’t in too much discomfort. 

    She was head down at my scan last week so really hoping she stays that way, some days she really feels like she’s rolling. Not really moving much myself now as working from home so pretty static all the time. Got another growth scan at some point in next couple of weeks but not sure when 🤦‍♀️
  • @Bethany12
    its definitely an experience lol especially when they both move lol
    The babies will be here next week i will update you when they are born ☺️☺️💙💙  
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