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Hello, looking to make new Mum friends and meet new people!


Hello all. Hope you are all doing well. I currently have a little boy whos 2 years of age called Alfie Leo and a little girl on the way due in March on the 13th who we will be naming Daisy mae! 
I am just looking to meet some new people and hopefully make some new friends. Since becoming a parent, most of my friends have branded me "boring" and "no fun" anymore now I have kids. They see it as because I can't come out and party with them, my life is dull and I've lost out on all my fun. Also I don't know many other mums/parents around here. 

I'm up for meeting any time for a hot drink/play days/days out with the littlens! I'm even up for traveling. 

It would be nice to know where some of you are from! 
Take care everyone and hope things are well especially during this pandemic! 
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