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Welcome to due in May 2015!



  • Hello MrsU and a warm welcome to due in May 2015. Let's hope that nausea passes soon. The peeing never ends though!

  • Congratulations and welcome to the other Mummies to be!  My nausea seems to be passing now, I am currently 9+3 and tiredness and frequent toilet trips still keeping me busy, and slight period pain type tummyache is still on and off too.  Look at them as positive signs though ladies, means good things!!!  big hugs xx image

  • I'm due 13th June but couldn't find a forum for June image

    Can I please join here instead?

    This is #2 for me, #1 for my OH. My DD is 6. Me and oh are both 28.

  • Hi im rabbit and im six weeks..yay happy to join the club..this is my first im a lil scared...need support form friends to get through this im always sleepy and hungry and still haveing pregnancy paind is this normal being that im six weeks and get slight scared i have my first ultrasound Wednesday? ?
  • Hi Becci Clarke, Congratulations!! We now have a due in June 2015 forum. you can find it here: 

    Welcome Rabbit, and congratulations too! I'm sure you will find lots of support here to help you through with any worries you may have.image

    Wishing you both all the best. image

  • Hi ladies , though I would say hello . I am due 31st May it is my second pregnancy this year lost one early on about 5 weeks back in May . This will be my second I have a dd who is 9 .

    I am having tons of nausea all day and I feel constantly tired but I am happy in a way because hopefully it means everything is going well image


    hope everyone here has a happy healthy pregnancy xx 

  • Hi melanie 1982 and welcome to due in May 2015. Hoping that nausea passes soon enough and wishing you well with this pregnancy. Please keep us posted!

  • Hello all! We are excited and looking forward to May 2015 too! 

    Trying for over 2 years. Have  4 1/2 year old daughter. We all are very excited. 

    I have had a great deal of nausea and fatigue. Working full-time + makes it difficult, but hopeful to be nearing the end of 1st trimester soon. 



  • Hi LilttleMRiz and welcome to May 2015 Birth Club. When are you due?

  • According to my calculations and LMP 5-2-15, but first sono showed 5-9-15. I guess he/she will make their appearance when they're good and ready image 

  • Do keep us posted on your progress LittleMRiz!

  • Just found out i am 1-2 weeks pregnant today. I heared this means your not actually pregnant. ?? 



  • Hi ladies congratd to everyone on there bfp so far. Bfp for me on 22nd sep our 2nd weddin anniversary best present ever. Due date 29th may. 7 week scan on sunda 12th fingers crossed as we had a misscarriage last year. Clearblue at 1-2 weeks u add on 2 weeks and it means ur around 4 weeks from when ur period was Jessica but yes ur pregnant x
  • Ohh thanks! I believe i am due in june. Not may. Haha. 

  • 7 week scan all worth it. Nice little bean 9mm and heartbeat image nausea now worth it hows everyone else getting on? X
  • Congratulations jemb2212! Aww what a fantastic anniversary present! I'm glad to hear your scan went well. Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy! image

  • Hi everyone I hope you are all well. Just an update I went in to hospital on Sunday night for severe vomiting . Sent for a scan this morning and there are 2 off them lol twins that's why I'm do sick. This is a massive shock as neither of our families have any. I'm happy but apprehensive got another scan in 3 weeks so fingers crossed it all stays well xx
  • OH MY GOODNESS melanie 1982! What a wonderful shocker! Please let us know how you get on at your next scan. Really hope the vomiting eases up too.

  • Hi everyone, I'm tentatively saying hello as I'm pregnant again following a missed miscarriage in June this year. I'm staying positive though - I've had two scans, one due to early bleeding at 6+2 and one today that says I'm 9+5. I'm not working out when I'm due yet, as I'm just trying to make the 12 week mark in one piece, but I'm starting to believe this might really happen for us. We've already got a gorgeous boy who is almost five, and I can't wait for him to be a big brother.

    Huge congratulations to everyone, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all.



  • Hi EmilyB and a very warm welcome. I too had a mmc, and went on to have a successful pregnancy afterwards, so totally understand what you're feeling. Right now, big congratulations to you, and please keep us up to date.

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