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  • Thanks Danielle, I slept properly for the first time since 5th September last night so that's a good sign that I'm starting to think positively!

  • Hi I am also due to May, its my first baby and feel pretty clueless. It was nice to chat to other people in a similar position. My pregnancy is actually IVF is anyone else has gone through something similar

  • Hi nellynel, welcome and congratulations!! ah, yes,there is always so much to take on board when expecting your first! Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy! image

  • Hello, I am sneaking in to the due in May group. I am pregnant with my 4th Baby after a MMC in April/May (Baby did not make it past 7w 4d after having a very strong HB at 6 weeks but I waited 5 weeks for the D and C as I wanted it to happen naturally…. but it never did. Any way I have 3 boys aged 10, 7 and 3 Who are amazing !!. I have my nhs scan on monday morning and I can't wait although That will be babys 8 th scan !!! (Can you tell I was a bit obsessed that it was going to happen again !!) I was given the 12 week all clear at a private scan on Saturday but feel I need to wait for the NHS one to double check lol !!. I feel a lot happier now as I can get babys HB on my Dopper !!! (OH is VERY happy about this as it mean he does not pay out for any more scans !!) Anyway I am waffling on, I hope everyone is starting to feel better and looking froward to the 12 week scan mark. x x ximageimage

  • Hi Babycakes0407! Congratulations on your pregnancy & welcome to the group! All the best with your scan on Monday! image

  • My 12 week scan is next Tues (4th)... I think its been a really long 12 weeks... is anyone starting to look any different?

  • Hi all, I'm Abit late joining, I'm 14 +5 already image going so fast!

    I'm married and work full time, we already have a little girl age 5, excited to hear about how your all getting on x
  • Congratulations Flyinghigh and welcome to the group! Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy! image

  • Has everyone had there 12 week scans now? Have symptoms started to go xxx
  • hi everyone

    I'm new - 14 + 2 today = 100 days pregnant!  

    i've had a missed miscarriage in Aug 2013, followed by an early miscarriage in Aug 2014. After which I immediately conceived without even having a cycle inbetween.  I've had 5 (YES FIVE) scans already, and all is looking great.  Still very nervous though - next scan is on 17th Dec when I'll be approx 20 weeks. 


    I'm suffering with tremendous headaches in the morning, as if I'd had a night on tequila.  Taking paracetamol and 4head roll-on.  Any advice out there?  


  • Hi carin, I suffer with bad headaches too, no other advice really, although I was told putting your head over a bowl of hot water to breathe in the steam is suppose to help, what's ur due date? X
  • Hi ladies

    Well I think I'm finally ready to join you, have been lurking for weeks, just wanted to have my scan first before saying hello! I had my scan on Monday and all was well baby was bouncing around so I'm 13 weeks today, I'm due 20th may.... Looking forward to getting to know everyone and sharing our journeys together xxx
  • Welcome teacup33 and great you've posted! Congrats on your scan, do keep us posted on how you're getting on.

  • Hey everyone, I've just hit the 12 week point and getting excited for our scan on Monday image Have had insomnia and terrible nausea since five weeks but things are starting to improve now- I'm sleeping again and managing the nausea by eating little and often. Does anyone else have DREADFUL burps and farts?!! LOL. It's horrible and Rennies are the only thing I can stomach image


  • Hi CarinBen, Welcome and congratulations! Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy!

    Hi Kate 11, I hope all goes great with your scan on Monday! I can totally relate to the farts! I was terrible with them when pregnant with my poor husband really suffered!

  • Due 16th May and can't wait!!

  • Congratulations Harley1 and welcome to the group! Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy! image

  • Hello Everyone in Due in May 2015.

    Just wanted to keep you all posted on some changes at BX. 

    We have dropped you an email at your registered email address and private messaged you (if you have that option switched on) about some upcoming changes over here at BX. 

    We’re really hoping you’ve got the messages, as we know some of you might have changed email addresses since joining up. 

    If there's nothing in your inbox and you're wondering on earth what we're going on about, please do PM us, send a mail to [email protected] or post on the Official BX/MFM Join Up Thread here and we'd be delighted to fill you in!

  • Hi everyone. Hope you don't mind me joining this thread. Due in may. Excited and scared. Eek. Does anyone know about sickness and being off sick for a long period of time before maternity leave, will it affect my maternity pay from my job. Would currently get 90% 3 months and SMP 6 months.
  • Hi all hope everyone  is doing well ? Nearly 13 weeks now and  had my scan both babies are doing well. I am starting  to relax a bit now and I'm planning  for the future  . It's a bit scary tbh I'm now beginning to realise  there  are 2 in there and 2 have to come out lol . My dd  is now 9 and I still remember  the pain . But I also  remember  how it was totally it afterwards. So my due date is likely  mid May unless I go earlier.   George 14 I think sick pay is completely  separate and can't affect maternity  pay xx

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