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Welcome to due in May 2015!



  • Hi George14 welcome to the group and congratulations!

    Great to hear the twins are doing well Melanie 1982 and you are feeling more relaxed, although I can imagine you feeling a little apprehensive about the birth! if its any consolation, I have two friends who had twins and they both said it wasn't anywhere near as painful as they expected, so fingers crossed!

  • Hi George, congrats!

    As far as I know, maternity sickness doesn't affect your maternity pay, but when you get to a certain number of weeks they can force you to begin maternity leave if you're off sick. I think it's 30-something weeks though, and each job might be different, so it's worth checking out.



  • Thanks everyone for your answer. Puts my mind at ease.  how is everyone doing? 

  • Hi there, I'm due on 24th May! This is my second, movements are very sporadic though - flurries of activity then nothing for hours and hours! My midwife said this is because I have an anterior placenta - anyone else experiencing this? 

    Other than that I'm feeling pretty good, hope everyone else doing well?

  • Hi all , hope you are doing well ??

    im 22 weeks now found out im having a boy and girl im so excited . I can now feel kicks and punches its a great feeling.

    Im currently so tired and have terrible back ache , anyone else having the same or are you having a nice second trimester ?

    anyone else found out the sex or would you rather have a surprise ?


  • melanie1982, that's awesome! You're about to have a ready made family - one of each is perfect! If you're feeling adventurous, why not show us what your twin bump looks like?

  • Hi I am new to this!  I am due 14th may 2015. I already have a 2 year old boy.  He us always talking about baby inside mummy's tummy called car car! Think we will have tears when we say we can't call him/her car car! I am finding this I pregnancy a lot grader as I can't rest, like before which makes me grumpy! My poor family! Only 3 wks to go hopefully! Xxx

  • Hi Magic and welcome to MadeForMums! Wow, you must be so excited to meet your new baby!

    So, maybe if you have a girl, you could call her Carrie - still sounds a little like Car!

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