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Welcome to due in May 2015!

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm DanielleBX and it's lovely to see you looking in on us.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are due in the same month as you, please do post a reply and introduce yourself.

And if you have any questions or suggestions for me or the rest of the BX team, please do shout!



  • Ahhhh this was me for this may image

    So jealous and its gone so fast!! X
  • Hello everyone! At last, Due in May 2015 has arrived woohoo! image


    I am due 4th May, we already have a 3 yr old little boy who is very excited to become a big brother next year!!


    Lots of Luck and Best Wishes for smooth, safe, happy blossoming bumps for us all!



  • Nice to see you again Haleigh - how is your little girl doing? Keeping you busy we suspect!

    And welcome alfiesmummy1! Congratulations on your wonderful news! Do keep us posted on your progress.

  • I got my BFP on Sunday, Marking exactly 15 month since my miscarriage in June 2013. 

    I was close to giving up ttc again! I am soo excited but very nervous!!!!!

  • Hi sazzy301188 and welcome to the May 2015 birth club.
    Huge congratulations on your BFP - so glad you didn't give up ttc! What great news!
    Totally get how nervous you are: these early weeks can be a bit of a nailbiter, can't they?

  • HI!!!!! Got my bfp August 28th image 18 months of trying, what a marathon of tears it's been, but feeling optimistically calm right now.

    According to both Fertility Friend and CountdownToPregnancy and Ovufriend (not that I track much...;) ) our estimated date for delivery is 10th May. This is the date of my late Uncle's birthday, which is significant in that when we decided to try for a family was just a few days before he passed away, when we knew he wouldn't make it. 

    Our first scan at 7 weeks is on 22nd September. It feels like a long time away still, but trying to take each day as it comes. I know things don't always work out but right now I'm happy to have been able to conceive, as it was looking rather awful for us at a few points over the last few months.

    Really happy to be joining this club! Hoping for a happy pregnancy for all of us! image

  • Hi WooH and welcome to May's Birth Club - it's lovely to have you here and congrats on your BFP! We look forward to hearing more about you and good luck for your first scan! Do let us know how you get on.

  • Hi all I'm 5 weeks 3 days and due 24th may 2015 whoo hoo
  • Hi . Im 5 weeks 1 day due 27th may

    My first baby as im unwell but cannot have my operation till i have had a baby. Ive had to positive tests and sore nipples and increased peeing. Few cramps . But im very scared dont want anything to go wrong. Is any body else at 5 weeks not getting many symptoms and cramps xx
  • Hiya,

    I'm also due on 27th May image I'm a first timer. We've been trying since March this year, but I poss had an early miscarriage in July. Hoping everything goes well- is a very nail-biting time. I started 'googling' becauseI've been getting mild cramps- nice to know this is normal image Best of luck to everyone xx


  • Hi ladies welcome to our club! Fingers crossed for smooth pregnancies for us all!! I didn't have many symptoms at first apart from being tired as the day went on. I now have huge waves of nausea (sometimes wish I could just be sick rather than just feel sickly), sore boobs and bloating and lots of wind!! I get feelings like period pains and need to unbutton my jeans or trousers after teatime too. Awaiting my scan date now, my first Antenatal appt has been moved to Tues 30th, and then I will see my consultant at the hospital as I have had previous complications.

    Big hugs to you all!! Happy Bump Making!!

  • my daughter was pregnant..due May 2015 but this week had bleeding and period like pains so went for an internal scan the next morning where they said everything was fine and they let her hear the heartbeat and gave her the scan pic (couldnt really make much out of it ),,The same day, about 3 hours later she had excrutiating pain and bled with clots and next day had a blood test BHCG (which was only at 1,ooo)  should be a lot higher if your pregnant so presume this was a miscarriage.  She is starting to blame all this on the internal scan as she said it was uncomfortable and you can imagine she is devastated, especially as they said everything was ok and there was a heartbeat 3 hours before all the pain etc. Has anyone any knowledge of the internal scans and if there is a risk with them  I dont know how to console her.  She is 32 and it is was her 1st baby.

  • Hi ladies, congrats to everyone

    I'm due May 12th. Had a miscarriage at 5 weeks in July but then got pregnant again in August. Nerves are starting to ease the further I get into the pregnancy, plus we had a scan last week and saw the heartbeat image

    Good luck to everyone xx

  • Congratulations KellyBelly26! Hope everything continues to go well for you xx  image

  • Hi ladies, I'm due may the 31st this is my second babba, I have a two year old girl already, its very exciting. Is it me or do you forget how tiring the first trimester is, I'm completely worn out all the time and with a toddler that's a tricky thing lol xx jess x
  • Jess - totally, actually I feel a lot more tired than with my little one!!  Welcome to due in May, so exciting for us all! xx

  • Hi susan robinson,
    We're so sorry to hear about what your daughter has been going through - it's utterly heartbreaking. It sounds like you're being very supportive already: I've had two miscarriages myself, and, if my experience is anything to go by, the best thing you can do is keep doing what you're doing and be there for her. 
    We have an area elsewhere on Chat where other women who've had miscarriages share their stories and advise and support each other. Maybe you or your daughter would like to take a look? They're a lovely, wise and hugely sympathetic lot.

  • Wow, lots of new members in our May 2015 birth club!

    A warm welcome to Lena 3, rachel butcher, Kate 11, (Rachel and Kate - you're due the same day!) KellyBelly26, and jessica denyer. We look forward to hearing all about how you're all getting on. And we hope the rest of you are doing great too.

  • Hi a bit late joining as still been chatting to the ladies on my ttc thread a bit.

    Im due may 10th (although the dr has said late april) and this will be my first. Im 28, dh is 27 and weve been married just over 3 years. Ttc for about a year. Its all so exciting but im suffering with the nausea quite a bit...I literally feel sick all day, everyday and even throughout the night if I wake up (which I normally do several times for a wee!!). Anybody got any good remedies or an idea of when it'll stop from a previous pregnancy??

    Ive had my first midwife appointment a couple of weeks ago and my scan is on 15th october...we cant wait.  We've told both sets of parents and two close friends but otherwise are waiting until after the scan.


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