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Due in May 2016

Hi all thought I'd start this as couldn't find one Im about 4 weeks so think I'm due 2nd may but might even be 28th April but I'm

gonna stick with May...  

symptoms so far bloating, hot sweats, weeing, gas and sooo tired I could sleep all day. 

I'm 29 this will be my 2nd my LG was a total shock but a happy one this time rd again a shock but only coz it happened so fast was only our first month off ttc  but couldn't be Happier just wish I wasn't so nervous.. 

Anyone hopefully ppl will join me on our wonderful journeys x



  • Hi EMZYG, welcome to the brand spanking new May 2016 Birth Club (and thank you for creating it for us!) and congrats on not only your BFP, but also being the first to join! We're sure there will be more ladies joinging you soon!

  • Thank you and I hope so x

  • Hey guys, I'll join you all if you don't mind :) went to see the doc yesterday and she has given me a due date of 1st May! 

    Congratulations to all of you

    I'm still in complete shock, I have two boys already and this one was planned but only finished my last pack of pills end of June so it's all happened so quickly

    Don't have any symptoms just bloating, especially at the end of the day. Last night I felt like a fat little pig. This morning I woke up and it's completely gone down thank gawd, took a quick mirror selfie as I want to keep track of my growing bump 

    Now it's the waiting game for that 1st scan, can't wait! 

  • Hi Aromaticmist, welcome to MadeForMums and huge congratulations! That's some fast baby making there! If you fancy tracking your selfie belly shots, check out this thread here and there's prizes to be won!

  • Oh really, may have a peek! Thanks :) 

  • Hello! Also due on may 1st! (Providing this one isn't late in like my daughter :p) just experiencing fatigue and a few headaches here and there but nausea only appears when hungry :p

    Congratulations to all the other expectant mums to be! Xxx

  • Welcome Pinkfan89, so glad you found us over here! All of you ladies are pretty much due 1 or 2 May! Be interesting to see who comes first!

  • Hi newcomers congratulations..

    Yeah mine happened so quick I stopped my pill on the 4th July and got my bfp on the 19th Aug is shocking I was so scared it was gonna be ages.

    My boobs are killing me now and I keep getting waves of Hunger which makes me a little queasy I have in lastnite and had 2 cakes but even when I was in bed it was happening lol

    I never had morning sickness with first so dunno if this one will be different 



  • Emzy, did you have a boy or girl 1st time round. I've got 2 boys and never had sickness with the 2 but my mum said she was sick as a dog with me and my sister but fine with my brothers! I keep squidging my boobs expecting them to feel sore but they aren't. I had worse symptoms when I was having the withdrawal from coming off the pill!

    Yay there's a few of us now! I'm trying not to get too far ahead of myself with everything as I'm scared something will go wrong :( I've been having pains in my stomach but I'm putting that down to embedding etc

  • I had a little girl think everyone's different my friend had a little girl and was sick then her 2nd she thought boy as was fine but was another girl...  It's strange how our body goes..

    It's not my boobs  is my nipples that kill lol bit yh omg the withdrawal symptoms was so much worse I think.. 

    I still keep testing every day although I'm only down 2 1 cheap strip left and another frer I'm so addicted to testing but getting darker each time which is good but I've had some sharp pains today but I'm putting it down to growing pains...

     Haven't they already embedded because once they have that's when u get the hcg??  I'm sure I read that x

  • Emzyg that's what's happening with me.. I keep getting pains every now and again but nothing strong, I'm also putting it down to growing pains but it's hard not to worry. Strange cause I never got these pains with my 1st xxx

  • Oh well must be growing pains then, I was just trying to reassure myself lol it's like a dull ache most of the time then I can have quite a sharp pain but that's only happened a few times. I don't want to worry over nothing though! My youngest is 7 so it was quite a while ago now and I can't remember much of the early pregnancy. At least we're all in the same boat now so we can ask each other what we're experiencing :)

    I do have one more test left, I don't want to jinx it though and do it haha

  • Have any of you 2 been drs yet?? 

    I still haven't been as think it's still too early gonna try hold out couple of weeks and try get early scan.... Will prob do my frer before then lol 

    Be good to see if we are all due the same :) x

  • I went yesterday, but only because I managed to wangle a cancellation. Plus I'm back to work next week so wanted to get one where I didn't have to work it around that! She worked it out as 1st may but I worked it as 29th April lol going to go by the dr though as I prefer May, my son was born in April :)

    I hate that it's still so early, so much to worry about in the 1st few weeks it scares me!

  • Too much worry, but try not to do that :) got my Doctors appointment 7th September.. let me know how your appointments go! Congrats to you both. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy! :) xxx

  • And to you pinkfan! I think my next appointment will be with the midwife and then she'll book me in for a scan but I don't think that's till the end of sept, I think lol it's all changed from my last time but that was 8 years ago and I can barely remember what I did yesterday let alone all the way back then image

  • Are you both in UK?? 

    It  feels  like I found out Ages ago but yet I'm still 4 weeks is gonna be forever I need to do more to make the days faster seriously.. 

    Yeah ill let u know when I've finally booked Drs but I really want an really scan  then next scans are 12 weeks then the big one at 21 weeks r u both gonna find out!?  X

  • Things do change alot in a small amoint of time. Its gonna be really exciting to be going back to hospital and going to the scans. The only thing im dreading is that glucose test. Yuk!

    Gonna keep this one as a surprise :) with the 1st pregnancy we did as well. It's fun to guess through the 9 months :p 

    And yeah i'm in the UK, from Leicester. . Where are you lot from? :D xxx

  • Remind me what's the glucose test? 

    I've woken up this morning and feel so sick! I hope it's just today, I don't think I can handle feeling ill every day I work in a kitchen so it's not ideal haha

    I have to find out I'm too impatient! I've had a look online and you can supposedly tell from the 12 week scan by the nub and skull test so I'm gonna try and do that lol

    I'm from Hertfordshire btw! 

  • Hey ladies, hope yous don't mind me joining in? :) I'm due 5th of may. Doctor said 7th but I'm going by the 5th just now because that's what all the due date calculators on the Internet say. This is my first pregnancy :D I'm so so excited! Xx

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