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Due in May 2016 - Part 2

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in May 2016 Birth Club Part 1 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Just posting this for you guys so you have your birth list:

    Espee- 27th April

    3tnboys- 3rd May

    Stephielou95- 9th May

    Kitcat525- 10th May 

    Bet124- 14th may 

    Coxy1985 & Shellington- 19th may

    Rachy87- 22nd May

    Abigail96- 27th May

    chamilto-  30th may 

    Fabulicious- 31st May
  • Thanks Danielle :-)

  • Thank you :) 

    im worrying today little man won't move!! I've done all the things that normally get him moving and ive had about 3 kicks normally he dosent stay still in the mornings. I was at midwife yesterday and it took a long tine to find his heartbeat and she mentioned something called OC as I have lots of itching like all over my body I looked it up last night and it says there's high risk of stillbirth feeling like I've just set myself up to worry i can't wait to have him so I can stop worrying about everything I never worried in my first pregnancy x

  • Ring the hospital and tell them you're coming in to be checked. Chances are, everything is fine and he's just having a lazy day practicing for his teens 😂 The midwives are there to help and would much rather put ur mind at ease with a check up. Don't wait until later, ring them now and go straight there. When you get there, chances are that the little one will be wide awake and doing front flips putting on a show, but please get checked. That's what they're there for. Take it easy xxx

  • I agree with shellington - just go and get checked out, to stop you worrying if nothing else. I did the week before last because my little one was having a really lazy day & the minute they put the monitor on woke up & kicked like crazy.


  • Hope everything is okay? 

    They love to worry us before they even arrive. Please keep us informed though x

  • I just got out the bath and Im going to ring i got a couple of kicks but that is all I got and the itching has spread to soles of my feet which they said if it does to ring I will let you no x

  • Been monitored and baby is fine now waiting for blood tests to check for the oc and then for doctor to come speak to me thanks ladies for your support xxxxxxxx

  • Glad ev

  • Glad everything is okay with baby! 

    Going for a massage and reiki this evening to hopefully help with back pain and general aches! 

  • Thankyou enjoy your massage im jealous!! X

  • So glad everything is ok. FYI my friend has OC and it is being monitored weekly & her babies are fine too.

    Let us know what the results say.

    Not long now for us all!


  • Glad everything went ok chamilto hope everyone's doing well :) hope these next few weeks hurry by! Want my little girl here already! Feeling a lot of pressure "down below" yesterday and today, anyone else experience this?  xx

  • Yes bet124! I sometimes walk round work feeling like theres a bowling ball sitting right in my groin :') but from my apps I know my girl is head down and has been for at least 5 weeks now! X

  • Ah I had a similar movement issue yesterday. In the end I reassured myself cos I could feel her move regularly, just not as big movements. ive read at this point it gets less obvious as they have less room. It's so worrying though cos you just love this tiny human so much already and want to know they're OK!

    Hope all is well Chamilto re the oc. 

  • I'm glad I went and got checked I would have been worrying all night if I hadn't he's kicking like a footballer today. 

    The test for oc came back negative but still itching :-/ she said if still itching in a week to return to have test done again as can take 2 weeks for blood tests to show it up after itching starts im hoping that it will just stop xx

  • Bet124 ive been feeling alot of pressure down below but have been told baby is breach by midwife at scan he was head down though so I have no idea xx

  • Yeah same with me on my scan 3 weeks ago she was still breach but I'm thinking she may have turned now, will see in my next growth scan on Tuesday :) 

    Hope the itching has eased chamilto or hope you've found something to ease it!  Xxx

  • Think we're all having hospital visits. Went in other night in pain and bleeding with reduced movements..

    Was monitored and everything and as soon as monitor was put on she was back to her normal self kicking away. No more concerns. 

    I've not had pressure down below, but has anyone has kicks in the right hand side which are breath taking? They really hurt sometimes too..

  • I've had kicks im the left side which literally make me jump! So strong. I'm not sure whether thats her feet or not! Its a shame you don't get more scans on the NHS, I do wonder what position she's in now. 

    Did our birth plan Today ready for NCT tomorrow where we are discussing it. I have said birth pool then epidural. I don't fancy the injectable aid killers like pethidine , don't want to be off my head ! 

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