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The Due in May 2016 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

Well it is officially May and some of you have had your babies ALREADY! Congratulations!

So here is a special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn, and we'll come and shower you with congratulations – and, courtesy of the folks at Chicco, a free pack of their brand new DryFit nappies.

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Note: This thread is not meant as a replacement thread for the wonderful, long-running Due in May 2016 thread. We just thought it would be nice to have an extra thread running alongside, with all the birth news on it – and to have all the birth announcements all in one place to look back on in June and beyond.


  • How's he doing 3tn? And how are you? Please do fill us in on all your birth details - we can't wait to hear!

  • Mya Charlotte born 4/5/16 (star wars day according to my very bemused hubby)

    i was 8 days overdue and determined to get things moving before induction on Thursday I had abuts Monday out and about at a country fair. On way home I felt pressure on my pelvis and had a few cramps Monday night. Managed to keep calm and get a few hours sleep Monday night as I knew it could be a while before things really kicked off. Regular contractions started 6am Tuesday morning. Sent hubby off to work as wanted to hold out at home relaxing as long as possible. Contractions went from 8 mins apart at 6am to 3 mins apart when left for hospital at 2pm. Managed ok with the pain- just breathed through them and Rotated on my ball. At hospital was only 2cm so was advised to go home and come back at 7.30 after a bath. Bath at home helped pain but slowed contractions way down. When I returned to hospital I was still only 3cm so mid ran me another bath. it was good but again contractions had slowed to every 5 mins. I was given the option to go home as it was now 11pm and hubby could not stay on ward with me. So off home I trotted again. As soon as I got into bed to get comfy - pop went my waters. So had to go straight back to hospital and they admitted me onto the ward till couldn't cope without pain relief then sent me to delivery suite Where they hooked me up with gas nd air in the bath. by 8am I still wasn't dilated past 4/5cm due to baby being back to back and no pressing on cervix enough. I was started on drip to increase contractions and this did the trick as after 3 hours I was fully dilated and needing to push. I used Remefentanil as pain relief for the final 2 hours as gas and air and breathing wasn't getting me through the more intense contractions. I pushed using my breathing and after 30mins baby Mya was in the world unaided and was put straight on my chest for skin to skin and her first feed. Born 12.07pm weighing 7lb14. 

    I was discharged the next day and we are doing great at home. She has took to breastfeeding like a trooper, only losing 4oz (2.5%BW) when she was weighed today. I'm so in love!!  

  • Wow EmmaR2608, you were back and forth to the hospital so many times - hope it's local to you!
    That's an incredible short pushing time too - well done you. Fancy showing us another piccy? Huge thanks for sharing your story and welcome to the World Mya Charlotte!

  • Awh well done ladies!! Bring on more babies! X

  • imageimage

     Isabelle-Louise Williams 

    16th May 2016 


    8lb 1oz 

    I was 40+6 when I first stated having contractions.I woke up on Sunday at 6.20am with a pain in my lower back. I got up and carried on with the morning. They were very small and I could eat cereal on the couch, they were just about noticeable, and we're between 10 and 14 minutes apart. By 11am they were still relitivly light pain but we're anywhere from 3-7 minutes apart. Rang midwife who said I should hang on for a few hours. I was fine with this but partner was starting to panic so we decided to go to the hospital and 2pm When we got there I was relieved to find my cervix was completely effaced and I was 3cm dilated! Up until that point I thought I was making it up in my head! We went for a walk, pains were getting worse but still irregular. Went for the next check at around half 4 and I was between 3 and 4cm. Had the choice and I decided I wanted to go home. I got a bath when I got home and other half took an hour sleep. The contractions slowed down while bathing but after 50 minutes I had a whopper like the first pain I had in the morning, shot out the bath and inot my bed. My back was in agony I thought baby was ready to come it was so bad. At half 9 we went back to the hospital and was given a tens machine (MAGIC) as an alternative to gas and air because I didn't want to be examined straight away incase my labour still wasn't 'established' . Half 11i asked to be examined and I was 5cm. Midwife got me the birthing pool set up, and I also got gas and air at this point. Wasnt due to be examined until 4 hours after but at 2pm I was saying I needed to push.  Midwife agreed to examine me again and was shocked to find I got to 8cm. (Turned out she was back to back which was why I felt like I needed to push. Half an hour later I was crying because I really needed to push. She said should would examine me but not to get hopes up. At that point  my waters went and she found I was fully dilated. Started pushing and 40 minutes later she arrived. I can't express how much I would reccomend water as a form of pain relief! 

    Everything went so well and we are over joyed! Even with her two webbed toes 😍

  • StephieLou, what a fantastic birth story - you did SO well! And she has two webbed toes! Adorable! Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

  • image Olivia was born on Wednesday 18th May at 22.21 in Basingstoke hospital. 

    I started having very very mild contractions on Sunday 15th May. The contractions increased on Monday but no waters breaking. My hind waters broke on Tuesday morning and went for a check up at Andover birth centre in the afternoon. I was booked in for an induction on Wednesday at 8am. Arrived at the hospital on Wednesday, checked over and little scan to check that babies head was down. Canular fit into my right arm as the veins in my hands were horrible. Induction officially started at 9.30. Started with nothing and started gas and air 3 hours later. Epidural only requested after a further 3 hours. I have been told that the difference between before the induction and after was a transformation! Screaming banchi to very civilised in the space of 30 minutes! From 3.30 till 6.30 they increased the dosage even more. I had several internals during this period and they asked a Dr to check at 6.30. I had only dilated to 5cms and the Dr decided to ramp up the induction dosage until 8.30 and if there was no further dilation then we would need to start to talk about a csection! I was shocked and very upset but understood that they were only doing the right thing for me and my baby. They allowed my mum to come up to say hello and to give me a hug which was much needed! The Dr was late back and arrived at 9.30 as she had been in surgery. The final decision was made and I was going for a csection within 15 minutes! It all happened very quickly and Nathan was taken away to change into scrubs. Taken into surgery and epidural was increased so I was numb from the chest down. Nathan was finally allowed into the room and sat down behind my little "curtain". Lots of questions asked and introductions made. Then all of a sudden we saw this little bloody face was thrust above the curtain and quickly taken away. Then all we heard was this burst of crying! Olivia had been born and had a great set of lungs on her. Nathan was called over to cut her cord and I was given more medication because my uterus was not contracting like it should have been(was told later that this was due to the induction and contractions for all that time!) This medication made me very sick but due to not eating very much during the day it wasnt very nice. I could not hold her due to my position but daddy Nathan got loads of hugs. Olivia was taken off Nathan and asked to leave the room so they could finish with me and Olivia. I was so tired by this time I didn't notice this and fell asleep with Olivia crying in the background. We were taken to the recovery ward and I finally got to hold my little girl. Although not very well as I had a blood pressure cuff on one arm and the canular in the other. We did skin to skin and we had our first feed while daddy Nathan went downstairs to let my parents and his parents know what had happened and to show off the pictures he had taken. 

    Didn't sleep much but how could I when I had my little girl! 

    Finally sent home on Friday evening after a few issues with me and love being home with my little family :D x

  • Emellia Rose Phillips 

    Born 19th may @ 8:56am.

    Weight 9lbs13

    5 days overdue 

    Started having niggly pains all day but passed it by.. by  11:10pm 18th. Contractions were very strong! Kept walking around the house thinking is this really it.. and thinking it can't be.. but stared timing. Within an hour they got stronger then the back paint started with it.. then I knew.

    held out until 2am, went to mlu to be told I was only 2cm! And sent home . Couldnt have a water birth due to my increased pulse and measurements of baby from the scans.

    Went home couldn't stay still constantly walking around back ache was unbareable! But I thaught as I was only 2cm to hold out as much as possible...

    Then went down to antinatal at 6:30. And they told me I was 6cm!!!!! Hahha 😲 straight up to delivery. They broke my waters when i was 8cm. so they could monitor her with some  clip put on her head. Had a lot of water apparantley and little one had passed meconium in the sac. But it was old meconium they said. 

     They said epidural would be advisable as she was back to back. & my back was in agony again I couldn't stand still every contraction I was getting up from bed. Had gas and air.

    The anethasist didn't come up until 8:30!!! Too late hahha.. Had to have an epiostomy as her heart beat was dropping as I couldn't get passed that "final few pushes" then out she came after a few pushes.! They took her straight away to have the check ups due to the meconium passed but she was all good :) lost a lot of blood so started feeling faint and shaky. 

    Had to have 2 lots of blood transfusions and fluids. and I'm still in hospital today really hoping to be home this afternoon! 

    Painful experience but all forgotten as soon as I saw her little face :)  


  • Bet124, Emeillia is BEAUTIFUL! And you had a near 10lb baby with no painrelief - you are a MARVEL!!!!! Incredible! We really hope you're healing up and enjoying your darling girl.

  • Kitcat525, we bet that first cry of Olvia's was the most beautiful cry to hear ever! Well done you! Olivia is perfection - just beautiful. We hope you're healing up now? How's the pain?

  • Rebekah May born on 19th May - husband did not believe i was in labour. Was 8cm dilated when checked in hospital. Nobody told me about the after pains especially with the stitches lol. Xxxx

  • Hi Rachy87, thanks for posting your birth announcement. We'd love to hear about your labour, and how come your hubby didn't believe it you? You must have dilated so fast! Please do tell us all about it, we'd all love to hear!

  • Hi all,
    Thank you all so much for posting your birth stories - each and every one is so special and unique, we're so glad you shared them. If you could please drop me a PM with your full name and address so we can sed you out your nappies, that would be fantastic.

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