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The Due in May 2017 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

Well, it's very nearly May 2017 and we know there's been a couple of new arrival from your Due in May 2017 birth club already, so we thought we'd better get this special thread underway for all your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations! (And if you fancy posting picture too, we'd love that!)

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!




  • Can't wait to start seeing announcements and baby pics in here 😍 just noticed this thread and got a little giddy... x

  • My birth story. 

    I lost my mucous plug on the Friday morning and felt completely off colour the rest of the day. I tried to get some rest as I suspected things were starting but I couldn't settle. At around 7pm my contractions started at about 20 minutes apart and were across my back only. They continued and got to 5 mins apart at 11pm. Called the midwife birthing centre and was told that I had to wait until they were 3 mins apart. Kept timing them all night but my contractions were completely erratic going from 3 mins apart to 5 mins to 7 and then back to 3. Some of my contractions lasted well over 2 minutes! 

    Went into hospital at 8am as was in a lot of pain, contractions still all over the place but was only 2cm so got sent home at 12pm. Managed to stay home for a few hours but I was too painful to even sit if lie down. My husband took me back in about 4pm and they allowed us to stay. I was measured at 3cm. They agreed to give me some pethidine and measured me again about 11pm and I was 5-6cm so out came the entonox. I managed to lie down with the pain relief but was unable to sleep. I had another dose of pethidine in the middle of the night but decided not to have more the next morning. Sunday morning I took the entonox only and eventually explained I felt like I needed to push. They let me do so and this went on for a long time. The sister was about to organise for me to have an assisted delivery when I managed to find the energy to try again. Finally Edward Matthew was born at 14:44 weighing 6lb 14oz. We had skin to skin whilst I delivered the placenta naturally. I was a little confused as I assumed I'd have more contractions to deliver the placenta. 

    I had more entonox for the second degree tear that required stitching but then eventually had time to get cleaned up and hold Edward again. 


  • Hi, here is my birth story. 

    I was booked in for induction and had to be at the hospital on Tuesday 2 May at 10am. We arrived and was told that partners can stay with us 24 hours a day, which was different to last time. At around 11 the midwife came to see me to say that they would be inducing me using the balloon method. I had this method used on  with my last daughter and it isn't pleasant so when I discovered it was this method again, I wasnt looking forward to it. The doctor came about 12 & it was a doctor who I'd seen in my last pregnancy and she is very nice. They had to change the bed over to a delivery unit bed. Once the balloon was inserted it had to be left in for 12 hours, so was due to be removed at 12.45am. 

    Its not the most comfortable thing to be walking around with for 12 hours. After they removed it, they checked me and said that baby was head down and I was open 1-2cm's but cervix was very long. 

    The next morning on Ward rounds the doctor confirmed that I could be transferred to delivery when there was available room and that it could be anything up to 24 hours. So it became a waiting game. Thursday, still no sign. I asked a midwife on Thursday evening if she had any idea how long it would be and she said as of that morning there was 17 women waiting to go across to delivery to have their waters broken and 9 had gone across that day. The next day was pretty much the same as the day before, more midwives checking where baby lay, more stomping around the hospital grounds, more waiting around. On the Friday they offered me a sweep, and just advised more walking. By this time I was fed up as I'd been away from my other three children for 3 days & im never away from them. 

    I did begin to get backache and some tightenings; but they didn't amount to much. On Saturday morning, the new midwife came in and told me that they were taking me over to delivery within the hour. i was over the moon. The two midwives that were to look after me that day came to take me to delivery and theh were really nice. We had never laughed so much. 

    The doctor came in and broke my waters at 11am and it was hard and painful and once it was done, I had that much fluid, the poor doctor got flooded. I laughed that much that my waters just got laughed out of me. The midwife said in the 7/8 years she had been doing that job she had never seen anyone laugh their waters out before. 

    They gave me 2 hours to start contracting on my own and then they put me on the hormone drop. Before they could do that the ctg on baby had a dip so they decided to consult a doctor before they hooked up the drip. The doctor said the trace was ok and to go ahead with the drip. At 2pm they set the drip up, by 2.15 I started contracting. Th contractions started picking up pace but were still bearable. I was checked again at 10pm and was told I was still about 2/3 cm's. They said they would check me again about 2am. 

    When I first went into the delivery suite I had told the midwives that there would come a point where I would start demanding an epidural, but I really didn't want one, this would mean I was ready to start pushing.

    Anyway, at 2am, the midwife checked me and said I was now 4cm. A short 15 minutes later I was in that much pain (only on gas and air), I demanded an epidural. She reminded me what I said and said that I don't care I wanted one. The midwife said she was going to fit a clip onto babies head as we kept getting dips on the ctg trace. So she fitted the clip and that was that. A mere few seconds later I told the midwife I needed to push, she said I couldn't as I was only 4cms dilated. At this moment a doctor walked in because baby was still showing dips. The doctor said she was going to check me over again as I was trying so hard not to push. When she checked me, I was fully dilated. The doctor then discovered that my baby was in fact breech. She gave me the option of trying to give birth naturally to a breech baby, or to go for an emergency section. I really didn't want a section so I tried with all I had to deliver my baby breech but I just couldn', so off i went to theatre. 

    At 3.51am our son was born, Jacob James, 7lb 1oz. He's doing great. My uterus tore while I was contracting and trying to push baby out but all is good. Jacob and I were discharged 24 hours later and i was able to go home and be with my 3 other babie. Tomorrow is the day I have my stitches out. 

    Heres a pic of Jacob at birth and today at 6 days old. imageimage

  • Can't sleep due to noise of other people.  So here's my story...

    After weeks of back and forth to maternity day bed unit for BP profiles and pre eclampsia checks my consultant decided to endure at 39+2. When I got to hospital everything had returned to normal so this was cancelled but a sweep was given earlier in the day. Asked to return Monday at 39+6 for 2nd sweep. Had alot of miscommunication via hospital and was becoming very anxious and upset!

    At second sweep I was now favourable for induction and my consultant said she agreed induction should go ahead due to all the upset caused over last week's events. As my wasters could be felt at sweep I did not need pre meds and I was asked to return on my due date for ARM (waters to be broken).

    Arrived at 8am. Checked and had dilated to 3cm overnight and the agreed I should have my waters broken in labour suite not ward. Moved to labour suite at 11 and waters broken by 1130 with an almighty gush! Given 1 hour for contractions to pick up on there own otherwise drip to be started. They did start but did not become intense enough son drip began. Again this didn't do a great deal, contractions visible on monitor and me could feel them on bump but I couldn't. Drip dose was doubled and now the fun began. I was still managing to speak through them and nd generally was having a nice experience. Drip was increased again and all of a sudden my contractions were 6-8 per 10mins. Asked for gas and air and within minutes felt drunk lol.

    Didnt really cope well with lack of break between contractions and asked for paracetamol and codeine. No sooner had I taken it I had this overwhelming urge to push and felt alot of pressure. Mw said as 2nd baby just to trust body and she would examine me after next contraction. Baby was having dips in HR and they wanted medical staff to attend. No need as when I tried to push babies head was right there. 4 contractions later and less than 10mins of pushing the head was out. She actually popped rest of head out herself while I braced myself for next contraction. Mw banged her head on overhead light in shock🙈😂 final push and out Lucie Ritchie came at 15:02. 3hours 32mins from waters being broken to her arrival. Her cord was around neck likely causing the hr dips but she was perfect and showed off her lung power with an almighty cry.

    Much quicker and more intense than spontaneous labour but not unmanageable. Could probably have managed without the codeine etc. I didn't need stitched but I do have some cuts and tears due to speed of things and peeing isn't fun but that's to be expected. 

    She latched on herself during skin to skin and although it's not been easy we are learning together. She's amazing. I am so in love and my older daughter is besotted.

    Here's a wee pic... or two lol.

    image pouting already!

    image looks exactly like millie her big sister when she was born. 💕

  • Also meant to write.  That due to group b strep positive I was given loading dose of antibiotics whilst my waters were broken and as she was delivered before 4 hours no more were needed. Also as they had been in my body for 2 hours she hasn't needed any. She's had regular checks since birth and all fine so should be home tomorrow ❤

  • image


    Hi All, this is how the story goes:


    Monday 15th May: I woke up at around 3:30am (like i had done during the entire pregnancy) but this time with painful contractions. I sat through the first few and then woke hubby just after 4am and sat and timed them. They started at around every 10 minutes, dropped to 5, then back up. Anyway, we called the labour suite and they said the contractions had to be between 3-4 minutes and regular. So we sat up for the rest of the morning. Come lunchtime, i realised i hadn't felt the baby move, so called them again and was told to come in for monitoring. We arrived at the Antenatal baby clinic and found that i was 3cm dilated! we were told to go home, rest and come back the following day to be induced as i was already 40+4. We ended up being up all night because i was in pain. Poor hubby was knackered and of course couldnt sleep so i said i would go for a bath (at midnight!) so he could get half an hours sleep. I actually sat there for 2 hours topping it up so he could sleep!


    Tuesday 16th: We went to the hospital for 7am and were told I was being induced there and then! they broke my waters at around 9am and boy did we know about it! There was so much! I dont know what I would have done if they had gone on their own, there must have been a good 2L at least! after that, things kicked off, or so i thought! by 11am we werent much further on so they put me on the drip. That definitely kicked it off, Contractions started coming thick and fast so out came the Gas and Air, and everything is a little clouded after that! I remember laughing for no reason, asking my mum to "Cover my Minge up" and all sorts! 


    I'm told after i started involuntarily pushing, things started to get concerning because the baby's head hadn't dropped or turned properly so they needed to get her out as quickly as possible so a flood of doctors came in and were just about to take me to theatre until she turned and dropped enough for Forceps and the dreaded Episiotomy to be performed. What a mess that was, but sparing the details, they had her out very quickly and suddenly i had this slimy little thing plonked on my tshirt and then taken to be cleaned up! Harper Reeve Olivia was born at 20:30 weighing 8lb 10!! I'm only 5ft 2!


    Then the placenta wouldn't detach properly! again, we were minutes away from going into surgery for them to litterally scoop that out, when it finally detached. Then they were worried about my heart rate because it had become raised so they moved me to a side room on high depndancy so i could have IV fluids and be monitored. They let my hubby stay over to keep an eye on Harper while i got some rest. 


    Finally we got moved onto the Maternity ward the next morning and the story ends there pretty much! What i will say is through the whole thing my mum and husband took it in turns to tell me when i was having a contractions and held the gas for me while i came up and down with the pain. Without my my mum there to support both of us, talk me though pushing and holding my hand/leg/head I have no idea how things would have turned out, very badly and not worth thinking about. What is worth thinking about is this munchkin

    Thanks for all the support you ladies have provided over the last 10 months,  if any of you want to PM me here and keep in touch. Thanks for madeformums also, you provide a great space for mums to be to chat about important things like who had McDonalds for dinner as well as the "is this normal?" worries; it really does take a load off being able to talk with people going the exact same thing as you are. 

  • Hi ladies my story herr goes I was booked In for induction on the 19th by the time we went in and they did all there checks it was late afternoon they examined me and said you can just have your waters broken ad cervix was already favable so just had to wait for my bed on delivery finally got it  after midnight they then went to break my waters and said I was already 5 cm they broken my waters and within 30 mins my little boy was born with just gas and air was very fast to fast baby weighed 7lb 13oz and we are both doing fine at home after a 12 hour hospital stay x

  • Hi everyone, 
    We just wanted to let you know we have edited a post on this thread which mentions Facebook. We're afraid like other parenting forums, we don't allow posts about FB, and as we're sure you understand, we love having you all here, posting on MFM and supporting each other through your pregnancies and now births, we don't want you to go anywhere else!

    We're also worried that some of you may think that since you've had your babies now, this may not be the place for you - but that's not the case! We have kicked you off your brand new May 17 Babies thread right here!  Come on over, show us your babies and tell us how you're getting on. 

    And if you've posted your birth story on this thread, please do drop me a PM with your full name and address so we can send you your baby gift ASAP. 

  • Well where do I start lol. My waters broke at approx 22:20 on 1st April had 2 steriod injections the next day to mature babies lungs as I was only 35 weeks and 1 day. Also had antibiotics to reduce risk of infection and was discharged 4th April as infection risk had come down and no signs of labour. 5th April had good morning felt fine went out then around 1pm started to get a headache so kept an eye on my temp then approx 3pm started getting slight menstrual pains round back. Husband checked my temp again and in space 5 mins had gone from 36.5-38.2. Went to hosp they checked my temp yep 38.2 into room on labour ward dr checked me already 4-5cms dilated put canular in my hand to give me antibiotics as had sepsis caused by an infection in the fluid due to waters braking but not going into labour. Checked me again now fully dilated attempted normal delivery nope not progressing then forceps still nothing so emergency section it was. Funny thing was when cut me open she had started to come so midwife had to push her back up so surgeon could grab legs and pull her out. I was out of it due to spinal block ready for section and extra pain relief as started to get feeling back when they were still stitching me up. Had me on my shoulder briefly for a quick look then dr took to do more of a check of her. Over night hubby fed her and next morning she was taken to scbu as wasnt keeping milk down had tube into stomach x-ray but didnt know what was wrong. 8th April over night checked stomach gas levels was really worried so tranfered to St Thomas's 9th April where they did x-ray and found she had blockage of the intestine. 12 April at a week old had op to fix blockage found also had malrotation of intestine (twist) so fixed that and blockage. Was asleep on ventulator over night with oxygen which they always are after the op. Next day approx 18hours after op finished started moving so took her off ventilator she was fine. Spent time under light due to jaundice and had had antibiotics due to sepsis couldnt regulate her temp either. Then around about 3 weeks old transfered back to Margate as now on full feeds so didnt need long line in any more which cant have at Margate. After spending rest of the week so Monday night- sunday morning at scbu margate due to having feeding tube out demand feeding now and putting on weight was finally able to take out little girl home. So long tough emotional time but shes doing amazing thriving now

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