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Due in May 2018

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you looking in on us.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are also due in May 2018, please do post a reply on this thread and introduce yourself.

If you're due in a different month and would like to join one of our other birth clubs, you can find them here.



  • Hi!

    I have just found out I am pregnant. Due on 4th of May according to Ovia. This will be baby number two and there will be a 7 year gap with my daughter.

    Feeling well, no many signs of preg at the moment, just mild cramping and sore breast on and off. 

    Hoping to share the 9 month journey with lots of lovely ladies here x

  • Hey Catkatze!

    Warm congratulations!

    Hope it's all going ok, and hopefully you'll find some helpful chat here!

    Tara, MadeForMums x

  • Hi catkatze you prob recognise my name from the other thread same not many symptoms at all just cramping really like you said. Hoping like my last pregnancy im licky and i escape the sickness. I have a daughter who is 15 months old so the whole experiance doesnt feel too new and over whelming to me.. I suspect im due very early may from what due date calculators say but last time they altered my due date when i had scan so i could be due late april. I still feel like its not sunk in for me yet itching to tell people .xxxxx 

  • Hi Hannahbanna! Nice to see you in this group too. 

    As you I am itching to tell people! I will have to say something at work fairly soon as I work as an emergency vet and I am exposed to all sorts. So will have to let the nurses who work with me know, but will wait much longer before I make it official to my managers etc.

     I still can't believe I am pregnant either, but feel happy! 

    I did only have a little bit of nausea last pregnancy, hoping to be lucky this time too.

    Have you booked your first antenatal appointment yet? 

  • I had to tell my collegue cos i was making loads of mistakes and i cant keep anything from her lol. Im already dying to know if its a boy or girl dont know how im gunna last ..ive self referred myself feels a bit more real now xx 

  • Hi Hannahbanna

    Congratulations and welcome to this Due in May 2018 group! Hope you find it helpful and friendly

    Susie, MadeForMums

  • image


    Just got my positive this morning 😍 This is our second baby, I have a 3.5year old little girl👧🏻 I wasn't due my period till 4th so a bit early but very clearly as day went on. Feeling nervous and really cranky 😳🙃

  • Hiiii littlmscj .... im also very very irritable me and my partner are constantly bickering at the minute 😥 .... i too also have a daughter shes only 15months old though ... all very exciting and nerve racking  .. my app says im due on 1st of may but i have a feeling when i have my scan they will alter that date xx 

  • Thanks for the welcome :)

    My app said the 14th May, all being well. Its the weirdest thing seeing a positive test. Cant help looking at it :) Think I'm nervous as having lots of twinges and pulls, I'm a bit early as my period isn't due for 6 days.

  • I took pictures on my phone of my positive pregnancy tests just so i can look at them even when im at work they cheer me up haha xx 

  • Welcome littlemscj to this group.

    Warm congrats on your positive test!

  • I had my test in a draw until today, kept looking at it every morning and smiling. Today I put it in a sunglasses box and gave it to my dh together with his presents for his bday. 

    We had a very emotional moment! And my 6year old asking what was it about. We didnt tell her yet as its too early, but it was such a nice moment.

    Hope you are both feeling well!

  • Awwwww catkatze that was a very thoughtful sweet thing to do he was made up xx 

  • Awe what a great birthday present 😍 We haven't told out little girl yet, she'd be wanting baby her tomoro lol. 

    Im having lotsof cramping, twinges, pulls and some sharp pains when I sneeze I think I've tore something inside 😰 Ive had the sneeze feeling before but being pregnant makes things scary 🙈 

    Still a bit nervous so tested again this afternoon, still positive 🤗

    Will leave sample in2 my doctors surgery tomoro and work from there 😳image

  • How are you guys doing?

    I am 5w today and feeling the odd nausea, which goes away when I eat. Feeling like eating crisps, which is not like me at all as I am more of a chocolate eater! Lol! Trying to eat healthy though, I put so much weight on my last preg, this time I want to be a bit more careful...

    I also have the odd twinge and feeling constipated last couple of days. Otherwise feeling quite normal. Well, I am tired, but this can be due to having just finished a run of night shifts!

  • Hi everyone, 

    hope you don't mind me joining this group. Me and dh have been trying for baby #1 for a year and half and ended up getting my first bfp on 30/8 after my third round of clomid and metformin. I am super excited but I'm only 4 weeks so trying to keep myself grounded. I've worked out that I'm due 6-8th may But not sure if this will change. 

    As I had fertility treatment privately I get to have an early scan at 7 and then 9 weeks so really looking forward to seeing them so I can believe it a bit more. It definitely hasn't sunk in yet.

    Sorry for the life story lol. Looking forward to taking this journey with you guys. 

  • Congratulations MrsHyatt! I am sure it will be very reassuring to have early scans. I had them on my first preg as was living in Spain and had private healthcare where pregnancy was included. I had monthly scans and checked monthly by my dr. I was not even high risk or anything.

    This time round leaving in the UK, will only have nhs, even having private insurance it does not really cover preg. It should be fine as I am sure will get the scans/test needed through nhs, but waiting until 12w for first scan seems a long way...

    I have my GP appointment in 4 days, at least will start rolling the ball...

  • HI ladies I just found out on Thursday I'm pregnant. DUe date calculator is predicting 6th of may. My partner really hasn't taken the news very well. This is our first baby. I have PCOS so I feel very very lucky. I never thought this would happen! I'm in Edinburgh 

  • Hi, congratuationd all on your bfp. I got my positive test today and in a bit of shock. I've got a 13 month old who took 8 months to conceive but this time it happened straight away which we were not expecting at all. Bit nervous about the age gap and how it'll affect my little one...lots of change! X

  • Welcome Mrshyatt! We're so glad to hear your treatment worked out - any idea what date your 7 week scan will be? Please do keep us posted won't you? 

    Hi Nic4284, congratulations to you, but we're sorry to hear your partner didn't take the news so well - you doing ok? 

    Hello Penguinwest - welcome back to MFM - we recognise your name! So lovely to have two close together though!

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