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The Due in May 2018 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

May 2018 is around the corner, so we thought it was time for the members of the Due in May 2018 birth club, to have your own special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations and this gorgeous super soft Gerri Giraffe comforter, thanks to those lovely people at Gro Store

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!



  • Hi all,

    Now that I have a little bit of time I will write my birth story.

    On the 26th of April just around midnight I felt some period type pains and then felt wet. Went to the loo and noticed part of the plug had cone off and I had a treacle of amniotic fluid. I thought that contractions were going to start soon and they did, from 1am until 3:30am I had some mild, irregular contractions and then they stopped. I did fell asleep and woke up at 7am and there was a little gash of fluid coming out again. I phoned the labour ward and they send a midwife to come to see me at home. The midwife checked me and baby, she confirmed the waters had broken and that baby was fine. I was given an appointment for the following morning, 27/04, to be induced. 

    In the afternoon I had a couple of hours of irregular contractions, but again they stopped. We organized for our daughter to go for a sleepover to one of our friends as I thought labour could start overnight and didn’t want the hazle of waking up our daughter, friends etc at silly o’clock.

    At around 11pm ish contractions started again, still mild and irregular. By 2am they were stronger and irregular, I phoned labour ward at 2:30am and was told to go in just in case, as I had an induction appointment in the morning they told me they would keep me in anyway.

    I took a taxi with my hubby as he doesn’t drive. Got to hospital at 3:15am. Got checked and baby connectors placed to monitor for 1 hour. By 4am I was dilated 3-4cm. We had to wait until I was 4cm to have an epidural, which was my pain relief choice. Suddenly the contractions got really bad by 4:15am and I couldnt bear the pain, specially as I was still connected to wires so couldn’t move much. The midwife saw I was in a lot of pain so arranged for the epidural and gave me gas and air in mean time. I had the urge to push and to the midwife surprise I was completely dilated and ready to give birth. The anaesthetis arrived to the scene when baby’s head was crowning.

    I loved the experience even if I was so scared of the pain, but actually felt ok with gas and air. Bastian was born on 27/04 at 4:55am. We were discharged to go home at 9pm on the same day and we are both doing well at home.

  • Well done cat.. im so pleased everything well so well and the little man is here:) xx

  • Wow Cat, you did really well and dilated so quickly!  We hope you and Bastian are doing well, and things are starting to heal. 

    Please do pop me over a PM with your name and address to send Bastian his gift. 

  • Thanks Danielle, I have just PM’d you.

    Bastian and I are both doing well, I have a few stitches which are a little uncomfy but otherwise can’t complain.

  • image

    Meet Baby Girl: Eden Ivy Dennis 

    Born: 03.01 and 8lbs 1oz 

    Induction pessary in at 4pm. Contractions at 7pm- examination broke waters by accident and had her with gas & air by 03:01.

    2nd degree tear and tear of the labia but hey ho... I will pop my story on in a few days. 


  • Baby girl Rowen born @11.26am, 3rd May.

    i had an elective section, i was so anxious throughout the procedure it's def not as easy as they make out. I felt like I couldn't breath once they started and my blood pressure kept dropping.

    Anti sickness and midazolam helped but didn't stop it How I was feeling..

    the staff were lovely and the procedure was over within the hour and I was back in the recovery room.. 

    i was back in the maternity ward for around 2.30 And had visitors from 3pm 🙈🙈

    recovery is sore and Althought my first pregnancy was hard to recover from I found this one more traumatic. 

    But she's here, she's perfect and that's all that matters 💗👶🏻

    Def no more babies 👧🏻👶🏻👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

  • Hi all, please do send me via PM your full name and address, so we can send you your gift for posting your birth story ☺️

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    Post withdrawn at members request.

  • Lovely to hear from you lindzaychew and so great to meet Cerys and hear about your birth - it sounds like an amazing labour and birth experience. 

    Please do come on over to the new May 2018 Babies thread. 
    And if you've not sent us your name and address yet for posting your birth story, please do drop me a PM. 

  • Morning Ladies, I know she turned out to be a June baby but though you would like to see my birth story to prove she actually did arrive lol we did wonder at one point if she was ever going to come out

    Thought I would try and put my birth story together before my baby brain takes over much more - sorry it might be bit lengthy it was a long process lol

    So after spending last Sunday phoning the mat unit waiting for a bed to go in to be induced I finally went in for monitoring at 6pm now 41+12. There will still no beds and night sister suggested we go home to sleep and they would phone when a bed was available on delivery suite - we ended up going in at 4am and they commenced the 24 hour pessery

    24 hours later after pessery removed, examined and cervix still high and not favourable they did say they could just about try to break the waters but wanted to leave it another 6 hours to allow for further progression, cue lots more walking around the hospital.

    That afternoon baby was very active and actually managed to move her head further away from my cervix when they checked and no chance of breaking waters, so 3rd pessery inserted. When we were checked at 11pm there had been no progression so were left for the night to get some rest and discuss our options the following morning with the consultant, expected a c section although they were talking about a 24 hour rest and restart the induction process again, but at 42 weeks thought this would be unlikely

    Wednesday morning now 42+1 the consultant came round and decided he would attempt to break my waters if possible, after examining they decided to but had to have my legs in the strippups to allow them to reach the cervix better and it was all a bit traumatic, think they should off explained what they were going to do but at least they gave me gas and air - waters broke @ 9.30am and Syntocinon Drip commenced, now 2cm dilated

    Started regular contractions from 12 and was due to be checked at 4, managing well on gas and air and having 4/5 good strong contractions an hour I thought things were progressing well however when checked at 4pm cervix was still only 2cm, seen by 1 of the obstetrics team who were then discussing either c section or turning the drip up to the maxium over the next hour and half to progress things. Decided I wanted to avoid the section and agreed to have the epidurial so I could manage with the pains when the drip was turned up.

    Unfortuntely the epidural failed and needed to be repeated in the mean time they wanted to monitor babys heartrate by clipping her head, well trying to get the clip on baby was not happy and dropped her heart rate down to 60 so cue the emergency section I never wanted suddenly rolled on my left side to let babys heartrate recover and whisked off to theatre rather rapidly. Had to have a spinal put in in theatre and was all a bit of a haze from there on in

    19.19 my little Rosie Jayne entered the world with a good scream which was the best sound in the world as really thought we had lost her - weighing  healthy 8lb 2oz

    Recover has been slow discharged eventually on day 3 but the pain has been intense due to a haematoma building under the skin, this burst Sunday evening which was another frightening experience I wish someone had told me it was a possibility I wouldn't have freaked so much - but now little lady 1 week old and feeling a lot better going to be  long road to recovery but its all worth it to see her little face

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