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Due in May 2019

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you here.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are also Due in May 2019, please do post a reply on this thread and tell us about yourself.

If you're due in a different month, check out our other birth clubs; you can find them here.



  • this is my latest test. Does it look like a positive? Super excited if so to join the due in may chat 💕 ... only been trying for this month so fell so lucky if it is 🤞image

  • image

    14DPO, first doctor visit on 9/4/18, and looking like baby will be due 5/3/19.

    I feel like a balloon. If ever a balloon had legs, that would be me.

    Volunteer firefighter and assistant store manager. Hubby is a CNA. First time parents, incoming! 

  • Hi Beckie0204, we're so sorry we can't advise you on your test, but are you late on your period? And have you taken a digital one? We have everything crossed for you. 

    WindraZed, congratulations to you! What's a CNA?

  • imageFinally got the clearblue digital and definitely a positive 😬😬💕😍❤️💙🎉 so excited xxx 

  • Hi beckie I'm in the same boat finally 

    Just got my BFP this morning x

  • image Took two tests this morning & received a BFP!! So happy as we've been trying for a year now. Just a bit unsure if these tests are accurate (had *false positive* before with another brand/ Asda digutal). However, I'll be taking the clear blue test tomorrow morning! Fingers crossed. 

    Let me know if you've used these tests before! 

  • BTW I'm only 3 days passed missed period. Don't feel quite pregnant but have back pains, stomach cramps and really sore beasts & REALLY tired. Don't quite know go if it's just hormones messing about with me. 

  • image

    i got this yesterday is it a positive? 

  • Fzara looks good and positive. X

    Mummytocrazybabies looks positive to me. X

    Congrats both. Here is mine...


  • Ahh congratulations stuzyno2 x

  • Fzara, I feel you. I'm ... 6 days late?  And the only thing I'm feeling is thirst, hunger, and round ligament pain.

  • Also, Danielle, a CNA is a Certified Nursing Assistant. :) My husband works in a nursing home.

  • imageCouldn't help taking another test. I believe I am now. Have you taken a test yet?

  • image

    Just took this one I guess it was positive 😃

  • Mummytocrazybabies CONGRATSSSS! We're all on the same boat! 

  • Hi all due 1st May! image

  • Guys im 5 weeks in, nearly 6. I've been getting quite sharp pains mostly in lower abdomen & some around belly button or above. They are quite sharp sometimes which scares me, however I've not bled which I suppose is a good thing right? I have a midwife appointment on Tuesday but feels too much of a wait. Just quite scared, anyone had these symptoms? Please let me know. 

  • Thank you for sharing all your pics guys! How is everyone feeling? We hope you're looking forward to the weekend xxx

  • Im 5 weeks tomorrow, i think pains are normal as its just your body adjusting to pregnancy. My first was 4 years ago so cant remember much lol. Just talk to midwife if your concerned though. Im ringing my doctor this week to get the ball rolling not that they do much except get you booked in then you find out scan date xx 

  • Don't sweat it, Fzara. I'm in the same boat. Sharp pains just means your uterus is expanding.

    I don't have a midwife but I'm going to my first baby doctor appointment next Tuesday. The only indicator that I might have sore boobs is that I noticed they were a little more weighted than normal when jogging.

    Officially 5 weeks as of today.

    That baby registry is intimidating. 

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