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Due in May 2020 - Part 3

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in May 2020 Part 2 peeps, as the earlier thread has topped the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

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  • Just posting to get notifications 
  • I just checked and if you click the star (top right next to title) that should get you following this thread and subsequent notifications! ;) thanks for posting @Lillian2410 so I knew this worked :)
  • Haha I’ve only been a member of MFM for about three and a half years and didn’t know that 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • How many weeks is everybody now? 
    I'm 34+4! 
    Also, anybody else having a home birth? Mines been planned since the beginning of this pregnancy and is still going ahead 🤞 very thankful! 
    Just wondering if there's any others who have chosen a homebirth route?x
  • 34+6 today for me. Hospital birth for me but hopefully in the midwife led unit/suite if my gestational diabetes behaves itself!
  • I’m 32+6 today! I’m not allowed a home birth due to high bmi, but i think my hospital has stopped them anyway x
  • I’m 33+2 today and having a hospital birth, hopefully with the other half present, depends on where we can send my little boy! X
  • 35 weeks exactly today👣 the weeks se to be going quicker and quicker! X 
  • 35weeks today and having a section in 4 weeks time .. I keep having to check my app to see how far along I am because I can’t believe how far I am... my son came at 36.5 but i don’t think little lady will come that early 
  • I am 35 exact today. Hospital birth for me. I have an appointment today and I start getting checked next week for dilation. 

  • 35 weeks! I am definitely feeling the pain of her being head down 
  • I'm 33 weeks 3 days and have no choice but hospital as consultant lead. @Frankie86 my dad is going to have my daughter as a one off part of me feels bad/scared as I know this should not really happen  BUT it is the only way my hubby can come with me xxx
  • My hospital have said that it exceptional circumstances and that you can be allowed a partner as long as they are symptom free and even if it means someone has to look after your other children .. of course The lower the risk the better 
  • Yeah @Trying4number2now I think we’ll either ask my mum or my other half’s dad. My little boy will have been in the house for weeks by then and with us so shouldn’t pose much risk to them. My mum and his dad are still working cause they’re both NHS but mainly management roles so not patient contact and they’re both part time now x
  • @Trying4number2now we are doing the same my parents are having my daughter whilst I have baba. They been self isolating for weeks now! 
    Anyone coping well in this heat! I’m a right mess and my internal body heat is just hot all day long! 
    Just been pushing my daughter on the swing we got her for the garden! 
  • I'm 32+5 today :) havnt had any pains accross my stomach or anything but have felt sick today as well... So glad as was worrying last night that stuff was going to happen! But nope he's still in there cooking for a little bit longer! Attempted to take a nice pic with my son 😂 was more inturested in my hair, don't think he sees it much as its always in a bun bevause it's either in the way and just habbit now as he used to rip it out when he was a baby x

  • We are using my mum as our childcare for when I go into labour. She works in a school and is off work so it's also at home all the time. So she is our best low risk option :) 

    Getting pictures of bump is something I never get time to do but I did get a few yesterday after my shower 😂 
  • When does everyone start getting checked? I go Wednesday for my first dilation check 
  • We don’t here only get checked when your in active labour or your waters break .. they will occasionally check you if you have a sweep 
  • @Lillian2410 oh wow! When do they usually do a sweep?
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