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  • @Buttercupmummy congratulations!! Hope your both doing well! Xx
  • Congrats @Buttercupmummy 💙
  • @BethO: was also expecting to stay for days but gave birth 12 hours after the pessary 😅 so things can go fast! Good luck!

    @Buttercupmummy: Congrats! Hope you’re recovering nicely :) 
  • @Mary58 pessary at 10am and now I have back ache and dull period pain so something has happened! 

    @Buttercupmummy congratulations how exciting cannot wait to see a photo of your beautiful boy! 
  • ButtercupmummyButtercupmummy Regular
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    Post withdrawn by MFM HQ at poster’s request

  • @Buttercupmummy omg he is GORGEOUS 😍 lovely head of hair there. X
  • @Buttercupmummy he’s gorgeous well done, I’m in pain but I’m unsure how I’m not even in labour! I’ve had to take paracetamol both our heart rates are up im sweating and just want it over I keep pooing too 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
  • @Buttercupmummy awww what a gorgeous little man you have !! 

    @BethO hope things have kick started for you xx 

  • @Buttercupmummy congratulations!! 🥰

    @BethO pooing is a good sign, its your body emptying itself before labour kicks in 😁 Fingers crossed it won't be too long! X
  • @Mary58 a huge congratulations - he is absolutely gorgeous!!! 😍😍😍
    and @Buttercupmummy !! Can’t believe these babies are here! 
    Hope both of you mummies are resting well and enjoying the newborn bubble. 

    I feel like I’m one of the only ones that isn’t being induced or planned c section lol 

    i Have zero signs of labour 😔 38 weeks today, my friend who is 35 weeks has literally all the symptoms, pooing all the time, insomnia, restless, wants baby out, feeling like baby will drop out, nipples leaking and I’m over here like nothing!! 
    This happened last time Too, I was ahead of her and then she went at 36 weeks and I went at 42 😭 lol so it looks like history is repeating itself. 

    Anyone else go late with their first but has gone earlier the next (spontaneously, not induced) I’ve always told myself I’ll go past 40 weeks but now I’m starting to get a bit meh about it. 

    I even tried to hand express to get some colostrum but nothing comes out. 

    Any tips!?!?! 

  • @RiaMushk I’m 39 weeks today and impatiently waiting 😭 I have a sweep booked for Wednesday, but no need for induction yet.. I will deffo take them up on the offer when they ask about it. My body just hurts now. I have loved every bit of this pregnancy but this last week has dragged, I need my baby here... and also need to know if he or she 😂

    Unfortunately I can’t help you with suggestions or share my stories as thus is my first! Just hopefully baby comes soon 🤍
  • @RiaMushk sorry i cant help being a FTM but your friend sounds exactly how im feeling, im 35+1 today😫xx
  • Mara Madelyn Smith 6lb 12oz today at 9.54am if it wasn’t for hypnobirthing I wouldn’t of coped for sure! 39 mins of pushing starting pessary 10am yesterday, pains from  4pm, couldn’t sleep had paracetamol at 2am slept for  2.5 hours asked to be examined was  5cm then went to delivery. Fully dialated at 8am xx
  • @BethO congratulations! She’s so beautiful! Hope your both doing well xx 
  • @BethO congratulations!! She is beautiful. Hope you are both well xxx
  • @BethO and @Buttercupmummy congratulations your babies are so beautiful 😍❤❤❤❤❤
  • @Bethanyjean she arrived on 1st of May hunny xxx sory for delayed answer ❤❤❤
  • Aww @BethO shes absolutely beautiful Congratulations. Glad your both doing well. Exactly the same weight as Max 🥰 We came home today so feels very scary xx
  • BethanyjeanBethanyjean Regular
    edited May 7, 2021 9:19PM
    Mary58 - 28 April 💙 (Milo Alexander) 03/05/21
    Debzh88 - 2nd May 💖 Hallie 15/04/21 
    SW123- 6th May 💙 (no name yet)
    Buttercupmummy -6th May 💙 Maxwell 06/05/21
    Benka96 - 10th May 💖 (Liliana Maria) 01/05/21
    BethO - 12th May 💖 (Mara Madelyn) 07/05/21
    Bess8619 - 14th May 💛
    Milly:-) - 16th May 💙 (Harris) 22/04/21
    Bubz2018 -16th May 💖(Miss Safir) 
    HippieMama4 - 20th May 💛
    Riamushk - 21st May 💙 (Otis) 
    Bethan_xo - 26th May 💖 (Rosie Sophia)
    BethanyJean - 10th June💖 (Ida Jean)

    So girls ive tried to do an update, so sorry if ive got anyones dates wrong or anyone is missed off🙈 ive bolded those who have already got their bundles of joy so its easier to see who is still left to go🥰
  • How are we also getting on? New mummies and babies were still waiting for 🥰🥰
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