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  • @RiaMushk aww bless you i hope your healing well. My section scar got a little bit infected about a week after the op but 1 weeks worth of antibiotics it was all cleared up. I stopped taking all pain relief after 3 weeks and im back driving now so you will soon be feeling back to normal 😘 such gorgeous pics 💕

    @Bethan_xo Aww bless her Maxwell also got conjunctivitis about 10 days after being born but wiping with cotton wool it soon cleared. Thats amazing that Rosie didnt loose any weight Max lost 1 once. Shes soo cute 💕💕

    @Benka96 Aww she has such beautiful big eyes 💕 Aww i wouldn't worry especially if the hospital arnt concerned i did overhear when i was in hospital the midwife saying to another lady about her babies head shape who was also a breech baby and she said dont worry about the babies head shape ot will reshape itself eventually.

    I cant believe how fast its gone either Maxwell is 4 weeks 5 days already he loves his food definitely more than his sleep haha 
  • @Buttercupmummy awww thank you yeah she's got big eyes haha xxx and your baby is so gorgeous 😊😊❤❤ thanks for your answer it is reassuring x I did some research too but everything is so frightening On the internet haha 
  • Aww, the babies are all so cute! 💖💞

    @RiaMushk how did you get on with  Emilio's weigh-in? 

    We're good here, apart from Iris suffering with wind. She struggles to get pumps out and sometimes really strains when trying to do a poo. We've mentioned it to the midwives and health visitor and they said it's quite normal, and that it's a myth that breastfed babies don't have any wind. We've also googled it and it says the straining is because they're learning how to use their bum muscles since holding everything in whilst in the womb....

    Is anyone else's baby struggling with wind at all? It used to only be 3-5am that she struggled with getting her wind up/out, but she's just had a big bout of being very upset with herself trying to pump/poo, bringing her knees right up to her chest and crying. We haven't found a position how best to help her yet. Any ideas please ladies? X
  • @HippieMama4 Ida also struggles to bring her wind up. My health visitor sait to sit them on your knee with yout thumb and index finger holding their chin (like you would if you was winding that way anyway) with yout other hand place it on their mid back and straighten it but do not rub or pat. This should open up the lower part of the stomach to let wind out. If no wind comes out move babies body (still in the same position) in a circular motion, or lay them down and sir them back up again a few mins after. Hope this makes sense🤣xxx
  • @Bethanyjean that's fab, thank you! When you say move their bodies in a circular motion do you mean so their top half is like a spoon stirring round in a pot and their bottom half is still 😆🙈? X
  • @HippieMama4 thats what i do, thrn if nothing comes out i do their whole body to see if that will help xx
  • @Bethanyjean that works for us too.. midwife showed me in the hospital! Xx
  • @Bethanyjean and @Bess8619 thank you! I'll try it tonight. Fingers crossed it works! 🤞 x
  • How is everyone doing?

    Is there a baby group for us now we've all had our babies? Or are we staying on here to catch up? X
  • Hi @HippieMama4. Were doing well thank you. Max will be 7 weeks on Thursday i cant believe it. How are you and Iris? Xx
  • @HippieMama4 when I joined a group with my 5 year old we all added each other on Facebook and made a private group so we could catch up and we still chat now which is nice ! Don’t know if anyone is up for that (if you have Facebook that is) xx 
  • @Bethan_xo that sounds lovely i would be up for that! Also get to see regular baby pics if people post them on facebook xx
  • @Buttercupmummy gosh, I can't believe Max is 7 weeks old already! Time literally flies by doesn't it 😕

    Iris and I are good thank you. She's 26 days old today and the hv came to see us as I wanted her to check Iris is feeding ok. She said she's perfectly fine and she's already 10lbs 4oz and on the 91st centile for her height and weight 🙈 So as much as she's throwing up about 15 times a day combined with the 7-8 pooey nappies she has a day, she's obviously keeping in what she needs!

    @Bethan_xo and @Bethanyjean I'd be happy for a Facebook group to be set up 😊 x
  • @HippieMama4 ill message you my name for facebook😊xx

    If anyone else wants my name for a facebook group let me know and ill message you xx
  • @Bethanyjean I’ll have it please! 
    @HippieMama4 I will message you too xx
  • @Bethan_xo sent you a message xx
  • Hey here! 
    Happy to join a Facebook group too. I also use Instagram a lot so feel free to let me know your username in DM 😊 

    Milo is 7 weeks, 2 days and like many struggling with wind. it’s heartbreaking to hear them cry and get upset about it, isn’t it? We tried Infacol, Colief, Dentinox but none of them seem to work anymore 😢 

    We have jabs on Monday as well. Poor little fellow won’t like it.

    Weight gain is a bit slow here but no concern yet by the hv. 

    How are you all??

    Here is a pic taken today (I’m French haha)

  • @Mary58 messaged you. Milo is so perfect! We are struggling with cows milk allergy and reflux xx
  • Im happy to also do fb 😊 please send me your names if your happy to also add me xx
  • @Bethanyjean and @Bethan_xo I've requested you both.

    @Bethanyjean oh no that you're going through allergies and reflux, that's hard. 😔

    @Buttercupmummy what's your profile picture please, are there are lots of people under your name so I don't know which one to add.

    @Mary58 so cute! My dh wanted to get Iris a little England top but hasn't so far lol. Seeing them struggle with wind is horrible isn't . Has your hv said anything after you've tried all the normal things?

    Do you want to dm me your Facebook name and I'll request you, as my account is super private so people can't add me. X
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