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  • Hi girls how are all of you doing xx how old are your babies now ??? My baby girl will be 3 months on the 1st August already !!!! Lets see your cute not so little bubbas 🥰❤😍 this is my princess 🌸🌺🌷
  • Hi @Benka96 we just mentioned the other day if anyone had heard off anyone else off here as me and @HippieMama4 @Bethanyjean and @Bethan_xo have created a fb chat. If you wanted to be added let us know 🥰

    Were all good thanks Maxwell will be 3 months on the 6th its going soo fast. Aww shes absolutely beautiful.
  • Hey!! Beautiful babies. Nice to see those pics 😍 hope you’re all doing well?? 

    We seem to be getting a teeny bit of ‘normal’ back as both me and Daisy understand each other a bit better now! 

    Here’s my baby girl - she will be 10 weeks on Friday. She’s such a smiley, happy baby 🥰. Enjoying every second of motherhood! Xx

  • So lovely to see your updates 💕! Glad everyone is doing well. 
    Harris turned 3 months last Thursday. He’ll be 14 weeks this week! Don’t know where the time has gone. 
    I’m feeling a lot better than I did in the early days. Starting to get in a bit of a routine, and feel better now he’s getting bigger. It’s just taken a little bit longer to get my confidence this time round. 
    Harris has his first little cold just now which is rubbish 😢. That’s what happens when you have a big sister at nursery! xxx
  • Aww hello Daisy and Harris there both gorgeous. Glad your both feeling better and feel like you have some sort of routine. The heatwave threw any routine i had with Max out the window but hes settled back down now these last few days. We have his 2nd lot of jabs on Friday so hopefully he isn't too bad after them 🤞 @Milly:-) i hope Harris feels better soon.
    @Bess8619 i love Daisy's outfit! Xxx
  • Hello there, Milo will be 3 months tomorrow and doing well. He has mild hearing loss on both ears due to his cleft but should get better overtime (fluid not permanent) and he still eats little and often. He sleeps well at night which is a relief as my first was such a poor sleeper (and still is somehow at 2.5 😅). 

    We had a bad spell where Milo was crying a lot during the day (colic?) which did upset my first hence why I wasn’t around here so much. Things seem to be getting better, crying has pretty much stopped (minus the old fuss once in a while).

    Milo is on the 9th centile for weight, he was 5.3kg at 12 weeks. A small baby but my first is petite and my partner very slim so 💁🏻‍♀️ We met with cleft team and surgeon a month ago and will get a surgey date soon. Probably when he is 4/5 months. It might be short notice though so a bit anxious about it. I will sure miss his smile but sure I’ll fall in love with his new smile too 🥲

    I start to feel myself again which is nice. 

    Your little ones are so cute! It would be nice to have updates here from time to time as I’m not often onnFB these days. I do mainly Instagram (DM if you wanna know my handle and add me).

    I leave you with a pic of his cheeky smile. 

  • What gorgeous bubba’s!!! 
    Have pm you @Buttercupmummy
    here’s my babe 💞

  • @Mary58 oh wow what a  beautiful boy 😍 that smile is gorgeous get millions of photos before his surgery so you never have to miss that smile. Oh really i thought they would give you lots of notice hope its not too short notice for you. Glad your feeling  more like yourself aswell. @RiaMushk oh look at her shes sooo cute 😍😍
  • Sorry @RiaMushk HE'S adorable 😍😍
  • Aww, it's lovely to see these updates! 🥰 Your babies are all so cute!! 😍

    I can't believe they're all 2-3 months old already. The time really is flying by 😫

    Iris will be 10 weeks old this Thursday, she was 2 months on 27th July. She's a chunk, above the 91st centile, so I feel like I've lost the tiny baby stage with her already. My last baby was on the 9th centile so I'm not used to having a baby this size, but she's so content now her wind issues seem to be easing. She had a bubble palette and posterior tongue tie diagnosed at 6.5 weeks so her tongue was snipped, and she has been better with her wind since then.

    It would be lovely to see more of you in our FB group ☺️ x

  • @Buttercupmummy aww thank you amd yesssss sure I wanna be added xxx and all your babies are so beautiful and gorgeous 😍😊😊😊 can't believe they're all here now , and imagine how we all panicked about birth etc 🤣🤣🤣
  • @Mary58 have you heard anything about the date for Milo's surgery yet xxx
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