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    Post withdrawn by MFM HQ at poster’s request

  • @Bubz2018 that made me feel really positive! 
    @Mary58 I was on the edge of my seat reading that, I’m so happy everything was ok for you! Waiting on finding out the gender is so exciting but I’m also extremely impatient! 
    @emi90 I feel like I need a scan every 2 weeks to have something to look forward to and put my mind at ease, it’s terrible, I guess some people do actually do that though, I have been thinking of it! I am not aware of what the risks really are at the moment, I know they drop but wasn’t sure how much but you’ve also reassured me there too
  • @Mary58 oh im so sorry to hear you have had a stressful day. I was hoping they would use the doppler on me next week when u have my 16 week appointment, but then the worry is if they dont hear it you stress even relieved all is well for you and baby though. Gosh hope you feel much calmer now hun xx

  • @mary58 oh bless you hun, so glad things are OK!!  💗 I'm guessing that's why my trust doesn't do heartbeat at 16 weeks The anxiety would be so intense!! Bless you. Xx
  • @Mary58 bless you, that must have been so so scary!! Baby really can curl up and hide in a corner though at this stage! If I can’t find baby on Doppler, although this hasn’t happened to me in a while, I just wait till the evening or until my bladder is full and try again. Completely understand you must have been beside yourself! 

    I keep waking up on my back which really isn’t like me, I’m a major side sleeper. When I sleep on my side eventually my hips start to ache. Already!? This isn’t fair lol 
    my god I am not looking forward to the third trimester, those last few weeks were so little sleep, and then you have a baby and again, no sleep! 🙈

    im still feeling a bit meh after my scan - not about the gender though! Just how it went in general, I guess with my son he was in the perfect position nice and still and we just got to stare at him in awe - this baby literally was just like avoiding us 😂🙈 
    i kind of wish they had said just come back in a couple of days! And annoyed I didn’t ask for more photos, as I know she took a few more with more detail, but I think we had been in there so long I felt bad holding her up even more.
    I guess just different experience to when you go privately isn’t it! 

    Now I’m thinking... is a gender scan nicer than the 20 week scan- I’m aware at the 20 weeks they sometimes don’t even tell you? 
    I just wouldn’t want to do it too early as don’t want any sort of uncertainty. 
  • @RiaMushk yeah i think you have to ask at the 20 week scan now as there main concern is checking everything is ok with the baby ive heard some ladies say the midwifes can get abit annoyed that most people associate the 20 week scan as just a gender scan rather than making sure everything is ok. So yeah i guess a private one is probs more personal and probs take abit more time, maybe if you went around 18 weeks im pretty sure it would be accurate gender wise then? Xx
  • Thank you @emi90, I agree, the private gender scan will definitely be more personal etc I guess maybe I’m scared lol 
    The scenographer said I should get a letter in the post with my 20 week scan so I’m going to see what date they give me and if I feel it’s too far then I may need to book one! 
    Or I’m thinking if they aren’t able to tell me at the 20 week scan or don’t want to then I could always book a gender one for after the nhs one. That’s what my SIL had to do because they were so not bothered about telling her that she felt like it wasn’t a nice experience overall. 
    I do understand though, and with my son I never saw it as a gender scan, I guess cause we weren’t finding out, we were just focused on the scan going well as it’s such a big one for anomalies etc ! 

    I think just the scan overall wasn’t as fun as my others. Not sure I can spend £80 right now to rectify that as much as I want to haha! 
  • There is always that little worry that the early scan can be wrong , but I had them on my boys and it was right both times , I’m going to the same place this time so I trust them to get it right! I’m excited and nervous about it . I feel like time will drag until then ! @RiaMushk wow £80! I don’t think I could stretch to that much either mine is only £50 and it’s £1 each for gender scratch cards so we are going to buy them for the family to reveal . A friend of mine found out at 12 weeks via a NIPT test and she paid £400 🙈 I couldn’t believe it xx 
  • @riamushk who do you go to for your scans?  Window you the womb charge 50 i think their really good, plus if you don't get to find out gender they'll rescan for free,  both my 20 weeks scans they never told me but i didn't ask either, i think you have to ask before they start so if theyb come across gender they'll tell you, also they wont write it down its on their policy. Where as a gender scan they'll write it or even arrange gender reveal items.  X 
  • @RiaMushk mines also £50 you can choose more expensive options but a general wellbeing scan and gender is £50 the packages that are £80/£90 include a video a usb stick will all images the balloons, a teddy with heartbeat in etc x
  • Ok so I’ve gone for it 🙈🙈 you were right! 
    Window to the womb, it’s the early scans I’ve been getting which were £80, the gender one is £59 so I’ve just gone and booked it, for the 18th of December, where I will be 18 weeks. Just gives me a bit more leeway as would be nervous if 16 weeks and they said girl, I’d be like hmmm is it going to appear suddenly at the 20 weeks haha! 

    So just over 4 weeks to wait 🙈 I’m laughing at myself because I’ve done a complete 360 on this, going from now finding out to getting a bloody gender scan 😂

    im not doing to tell anyone that we are doing it though, so it’s just you guys! I just don’t want any pressure of people wanting to know etc plus we will take the envelope home and just find out us two maybe with our son. 
    I’ve told people we might find out at 20 weeks so this will catch them off guard as they won’t be expecting it! 
    Also my 20 week scan came through, 5th of January!! Nahhhh I was like that’s too long, get me a gender scan! 🤣

    thank you so much ladies 🙏🏻 It will be lovely to see baby again. And knowing me, I’ll bloody see it on the scan anyway, I really hope they are careful when it comes to the parts 
  • Aww im glad you have decided to book one hun. How exciting you have something to count down to now, im trying to keep busy to stop my nerves creeping back up but its hard theres hardly anywhere to go with lockdown happening 😫
  • @BethO @emi90 yeah !! Its really weird haha , some people have a bump already but I don't so I really do not feel pregnant. Jist a little nausea at times and a little tired but in general I think I lost weight rather that putting on because of the vomiting lol. 
    I've got the scan tomorrow   hope everything will be fine with the baby  , and hopefully the cyst will dissappear. Also I want to ask them if they can tell me the sex but if I get someone mean I probably have to wait till December 😁🙄🙄
  • @RiaMushk. Glad you've booked it hun lot more personal that way, plus the idea of finding out with your loved ones in private is better too!!

    @emi90 its frustrating isn't it really getting to me. Even to just go out and enjoy a meal.

    @benka96 good luck for tomorrow, how far are you now? Xx
  • @Benka96 yeah i just look bloated haha.  Oh fingers crossed for you tomorrow hun, i know time will go so slowly between now and the 28th November i just wish i could speed time up and see baba asap. @Beni96 yeah i really hope come the 2nd December things do ease xx
  • @Bubz2018 I'm 15 + 3 today hun , @emi90 me too ! I don't look pregnant i just look like my belly has gone fat 🤣🤣🤣
  • @Benka96 worth a shot to see if they can see if seen one scan place that does gender scans from 15 weeks xx
  • Yeah the place im having my scan she does gender reveal from 14 weeks, so fingers crossed xx
  • Oh wow I didn’t know they can tell from that early, mines booked for 16+1 and I was worrying if I was measuring a few days behind they couldn’t tell.
    @Benka96 really hope you get to find out the gender!
  • Ladies any remedies to help with feeling faint, dizzy and light headed constantly? I feel like a complete zombie all the time xx
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