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  • @Bethan_xo yeah definitely   even all over england things seem to be done quite differently. It gets quite confusing/ worrying. For us, women that talk. Everything just seems so different xx
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  • @emi90 its really bizarre isn't it. This pandemic has turned it all on its head. You don't know weather your coming or going. These days xx
  • Hi girls so I didn't find the gender today , have to wait till 21st of December but I guess that will be  a nice Christmas present ☺ I'm so happy becasue the doctor said there IS NO SIGN of the cyst it has disappeared. My prayers have been answered 🙏 ❤❤ 
  • @Benka96 amazing that the cyst has gone!! Hoping mine will be the same on my next scan🤞xx
  • @Benka96 oh thats brilliant news hun, was today an nhs scan? X
  • @Benka96. Great news lovely! Xx
  • @emi90 yes hun it was at the hospital ,  just an appointment scan  . The doctor said its not really  about scan only a cyst and ovary scan , but he was nice enough to go over the bany too for few minutes and get me some pictures.  So I'm really glad. I'll just wait for fender scan which will be a nice Christmas present on the 21st of December:) 😃 
  • Aww thats good of him.. they must appreciate how stressful it is being pregnant at this early stage when we dont habe much reassurance xx
  • @benka96 i was going to ask did you get some pics?  21st isn't too long plus like you said christmas present, my 20 weeks scan is on the 23rd dec.  Xx
  • @emi90 yes , that's true , its nice that he did show us the baby plus get us pictures although the scan was actually about the ovary ! @Bubz2018 i did get a nice picture with a nice profile of the face today :)) and you will have a nice present for Christmas 🎄 too x how exciting 😁😁
  • @Bethanyjean I hope it goes away for you too x please do let us know :) 
  • Hi girls, sorry have been quiet for a while, been busy with birthdays etc. 
    @Benka96 so glad to hear your cyst has gone that's great news!!
    Just reading back through your posts, I've definitely got a bit of a bump but could easily be mistaken for eating too many pies still. Looking forward to a proper baby bump soon! Like others I don't really feel pregnant either, particularly as 90% of my symptoms have subsided. Although I am getting a few dizzy spells here and there.
    @RiaMushk I have my 20 week scan and find out the gender on 17th Dec 😊
    I'm starting to think about work longer term now- my job has always been so important to me and such a huge part of my identity, and now my priorities are changing its feeling a bit strange. Those of you with children already, was it a big adjustment going from being career-driven to being a mum? I feel like with my sort of job one or the other role has to come first, I'm not sure I can successfully do both without compromising one.
    Glad to hear you're all doing well 🙂xxx
  • @sw123once i had children my little girl was a surprise 7 years ago, career went out the window i do think a lot of that has to do with my upbringing though (my mum left us with our dad) I've never wanted to be a half time mum and regret it my kids resent me for it, then i found a new hobby at home and turned it into a business so im winning both ways! I know some women miss that been out and a little break from kids, i don't mind though.  Its got to be what your happy with and enjoy doing, whatever is best for you! Xx

    @benka96 lovely pic you'll have a nice little collection now!! Xx
    Iv booked a gender scan now for the 1st dec. Iv started feeling quite anxious these past few days since getting some bad news, hoping it'll reassure me till the 20 week scan. I've got midwife on the 1st in the morning then scan early evening so be about baby on that day 😊 xx

    Have a lovely day ladies xx
  • @SW123 oh glad you have also said that about your symptoms its definitely seems to be similar for all of us which is reassuring. Oh cant wait to find out all the genders not long really for any of us now. @Bubz2018 yeah thats why ive booked one in between otherwise its another ling wait till 20 weeks... after next weeks scan ill have 4 weeks but hoping xmas will keep my mind busy so anxiety stays away🤞🤞
  • @emi90 it really is I've not done so bad with my anxiety this time but started creeping up now! I don't do xmas but iv got lots of bdays including my own over that period so lots to concentrate on. One thing that's a bit crazy is that my best friends sons bday is the same as mine and now this little bubz is due in May she's hoping this one will be born on her bday. How nice that would be, I'll be having a section due to 2previous emergencies so could be as there's only 8 days between her bday and due date!!

    It really is a long wait between 12 and 20 scans at least after 20 weeks movement still be felt often so no need to have another scan, movements would reassure then, although if these restrictions come off on the kids allowed in scans ill definitely book the 4d one its fun and the deal they have is really good. We got it with our son huge saving compared to £110 xx
    Whens your scan again? Its exciting xx

  • @Bubz2018 hope you are okay after your bad news, i know how you feel i got some really upsetting news last week and its set my anxiety off xx
  • @Bethanyjean its just hard not to reflect others news on yourself at times, sorry your anxiety has been set off too xx
  • Yeah thats it once you can feel little one moving i can imagine its daily reassurance. Aww one of my friends is due on the 1st of may so literally 11 days between us and obviously one or both could go over so may end up being much closer in due date. Its very exciting... roll on next Saturday xx
  • @emi90 not far to go then i think this month started really slow and now its going fast,   wow are you and your friend close?  it'll be nice to have babies so close to each other xx
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