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  • Honestly I've never experienced anything like it before i had some tears when she couldn't find the heartbeat in Doppler but the scan when she actually looked at me and said "there's no movement I've checked all the chambers of the heart and there's no beat" 😭 the tears just came flooding, then she checked again as she sent for her superior and it was there!! Omg such an emotional rollercoaster!! My infection markers are a bit high but not too much. They've told me to keep an eye and let them know every time i bleed. I skipped waiting for the Dr I've been there too long and im hungry too xx
    @emi90 @Bethan_xo thanks lovelies xx
  • Oh @Bubz2018 that sounds absolutely awful, so sorry you've had such a terrible day. At least you've been able to go home with some reassurance xxx
  • @sw123. Really was the worst part is not been allowed to have anyone with you!!  I know i wish I'd have asked her if i could see the screen coz its im the back of my mind that she was tripping!! I don't know ill find out on the 1st when i go for my scan xx
  • @Bubz2018 I seriously got scared when was reading the beginning...oh gosh. I can't imagine the feeling you been feeling....:/ so sorry. I hope it will all be good. Did they tell you what can be causing the bleeding in second trimester ??? 
  • @Benka96 no they didn't i didn't wait for the Dr either they were really busy but im to tell them when its happened, it has just done now but that's after I've had a bowel movement wonder if something is pressing on something, that's triggering it,  my placenta is at the front not laying low like i thought. Its just not normal to bleed at this stage. Xx
  • Oh my goodness @Bubz2018 I too was reading thinking no no no no! 
    You poor thing, that must have been absolutely horrible for you, just everyone’s nightmare. 
    I’m so glad baby is fine 🙏🏻 But bloody hell, the lady scanning I net was kicking herself after finding the heartbeat! 🤦🏻‍♀️

    You need a good rest and magnesium salt bath to recover that stress!!! 

    Sending positive energy your way, fingers crossed no more bleeding xx
  • @Bubz2018 I see , I know some women get bleeds throughout their whole pregnancies,  but its really scary specially if you didn't have a clue about it and its never happened before !!! Glad you and the baby is okay xxx  
  • @RiaMushk i know she had a nervous laugh when she found it xx  thanks lovely im worn out with it all tbh. Got my bath run. Then bed for me. Hope your OK xx

    @Benka96 yeah my best friend bled through her first pregnancy so much so she didn't know she was pregnant till 5 month!! Im not convinced totally till gender scan when ill see myself i should've asked to see the screen xx 
  • @Bubz2018 to be honest ypu hear so much about miscarriages nowa days , plus been through one ,  stil kerry anxious hoping the baby will he OK till the very end of pregnancy:( I think its normal for us to worry. Especially it will be much easier to tell the baby is ok when we start to feel the moves . As now we are unable to tell whats going on inside. Xx 
  • Hi ladies

    Oh my goodness, what a lot I've missed!

    @Benka96 that's great news that your scan went well and baby is ok. Fab photo! 😊

    @Bubz2018 oh my goodness, what a rollercoaster you've been on! I can't believe what happened when you went into the hospital, how scary! But I'm glad to hear that baby is in fact ok. 🙏💖 You must make sure you let the hospital know every single time you have any sort of bleeding. Try and rest as much as you possibly can.

    At my end there hasn't been a great deal going on. I've started to feel baby moving now, especially when I'm sat perfectly still and relaxed. Twice when I've been laid doing my hypnotherapy it's given some quite big movements that made me gasp as I wasn't expecting it at this stage. 

    My husband has got Covid. He had a test on Saturday and got a positive result on Sunday. I had a test Sunday and got a negative result this morning. I've no idea how he's got it if not from myself or my two girls, as he hasn't been anywhere apart from fishing on his own! I reckon one of us have passed it to him but we haven't had any more symptoms than a normal cold. To be fair that's all he's had, apart from a slight change in his smell and taste. He's not ill, so that's good.

    I've told work and everyone now, everyone was pleased for us. My friend replied the day after I messaged her with a quick "I'm pleased for you both." Then whenever I've seen her at work we've just spoken about normal things, not mentioned my pregnancy at all. I know time will help her get used to it. X
  • @benka96 yes i totally agree hun everytime iv bled its never been OK so this pregnancy is a first for me. The fact my placenta is at the front too doesn't help as I've felt tiny flutters but nothing like i should be feeling now with my son i was feeling him by now. Just have to be positive and try keep calm.

    @hippiemama4. I was thinking about you wondering if your OK was got to mention you if didn't hear anything in next couple days. Glad your starting to feel movements hun just as i wrote that i felt a little roll think bubz knows how anxious i am. Wasnt expecting to feel that after been told placenta is anterior It really does help take away any anxiety. Ill be waiting for the next one now. Just when their quiet we start wondering why. Its a never ending worry. 
    Sorry your hubbys got covid glad he hasn't got any bad symptoms though.

    I still haven't told everyone yet I'm just going to do it after gender scan now let them all know a boy/girl is coming in May hopefully. That's nice of your friend and she will get used to it bless her. Least your not stressing about it now. Xx 

  • @HippieMama4 sorry to hear your partner has covid but glad he feels ok with it. @Bubz2018 when i do pregnancy massage lots of my clients say their placenta is at the front and when i massage their tummy its rare i feel baby move, its almost like there's a matress between you and baby so unless its a full on kick they dont feel baby much. I have had ladies say their placenta has moved as the pregnancy progresses. Cant wait till i can feel baby but with it being my first successful pregnancy i think it will be a few more weeks yet. Counting down to Saturday now! Going to try and keep myself busy this week to keep nerves at bay. Hope all the other ladies are well. Xx
  • @emi90. Yes i was reading lots about yesterday. I hope mine moves or at least i hope i start feeling more of these little rolls it was a little reassuring tbh. Hopefully yours isn't anterior and you can feel yours earlier than first time mums with anterior, Saturday will fly by hopefully its exciting, i was tempted to being mine forward for reassurance but ill leave it coz wont be able to get a gender then.  
    Ooooooo i think i could do with a massage for sure. Xx
  • @Bubz2018 Most of my friends with their first baby didnt feel little one till around 20 weeks so im trying not to overthink movement atm as ill convince myself im imaging it all. Ive no reason to be worried for my scan on sat as all been feeling totally normal no cramps but i always get anxious before scans. Ill be 16 weeks on Wednesday. Yeah the pregnancy massages are lovely...hopefully we can open the salons back up soon 🤞🤞if your placenta doesnt stay at front you should get scans every 2 weeks atleast thats what my friends or clients have been entitled to for reassurance 💕💕
  • @emi90 yeah that sounds about right i think that's how far i was with my first. Scans are quite a mixture of emotions leading up to them then having them and the relief afterwards!? I've never had a scan like yesterday though ever and iv had lots of scans!!  Have you got any inkling of what you think your having? 
    Id see if i can get a mobile one come into my home while i have one.  That's good to know thanks for that xx
  • @Bubz2018 few more week to go then i guess till i may feel little one.. i don't even have a slight bump i go to bed all bloated and wake up with nothing so deff cant say i have anything that resembles a baby bump yet. Yeah such a rollercoaster of emotions scans, especially after yours yesterday so stressful xx
  • @emi90 i remember being pregnant with my daughter and my grandma bless her i was staying at hers during my pregnancy and i got you 25 weeks she just came back from holiday, she was like, you can definitely see your baby bump now its lovely!! Watch give it a few more weeks you'll be feeling properly pregnant. then you'll get to that point where their kicking your ribs 😂 enjoy it while it lasts xx

  • Benka96Benka96 Regular
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    @Bubz2018 i dont have a bump yet so i dont feel nothing really.  im exaclty 16 weeks today and i do not feel baby moving yet. Sometimes when I lay on my back i feel something  that i think is baby moves , but it also feels like gas. Sooo not sure lol. 
  • Is anyone still suffering with sickness ? I’m 14 weeks Wednesday and it’s still going strong . Seems to get worse as the day goes on and I’m usually sick in the evenings. Will it ever end 😅 started to feel better around week 12 but it came back with a vengeance xx 
  • @Benka96 its so weird when your there thinking is it or isn't it but once you've felt it you'll know for sure, i can't exactly remember when i felt my daughter around 20 weeks, one thing i wish is that i wrote a journal. Maybe an idea for you lovelies so that you can compare, if you have more, really wish i did do that. Wont be no more for me after this one. Xx
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