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  • @Bethan_xo mines creeped back up today I've vomited a few times its horrid i thought it was gone for good xx
  • @Bubz2018 I’ve really had enough of it now it’s hard to enjoy the pregnancy when you feel so rough all the time . Really hope it goes soon 🙏🏻 Xx 
  • @Bethan_xo its really awful isn't it impacts your whole day, 🤞🏼 it goes soon hun i feel your frustration xx
  • @Bubz2018 yeah then ill be uncomfortable haha i guess we cant win. What a great idea i may just do a little diary! @benka96 im the same i think was that something but im never sure so im trying not to overthink. @Bethan_xo thankfully no but ive not had much sickness all the way through. Guess im lucky even though i wanted it for reassurance mad i know! Only thing ive had he last few days is my nipples are really tender but boobs are fine. friend who is due on the 1st may is still really bad with sickness and shes 17 weeks with a baby boy so i guess its not just girls who make you so sick. Really hope it eases for you soon hun. Xx
  • @emi90. My sickness was so much worse with my boy really bad!! Yeah i strongly suggest jotting things down really wish i did xx
  • @Bubz2018 fingers crossed for us !
    @emi90 I know how you feel with the reassurance, when I first found out I didn’t feel sick for weeks and was hoping for abit of sickness to put my mind at rest and now I can’t wait to be rid of it ! I just think every pregnancy is different regardless of what gender it is . I was more sick on my 2nd than my first and they are both boys. This is the worst I’ve been though. My nipples are soo sensitive but my boobs arnt hurting any more xx 
  • Hey ladies! 

    Sorry I’ve been a bit dipping in and out here, I had been feeling a little low still with the whole gender thing. 
    The 18 week scan feels so so far away, I keep playing with the idea to change it to 17 weeks instead lol but then I read the odd story of someone being told girl and 16 weeks and then boy at 20 and it freaks me out! 

    I did send my 13 week photo to a nub specialist and she said that she could actually see the nub. I was highly recommended to them by another nub company 🤷🏻‍♀️ But still not believe them as we all know, it could just be a load of crap! So got in my head still that’s it’s a boy. 

    I too am feeling little fluttery movements here and there. Especially when doing relaxation poses in yoga. I’m 14+4 - however, I did not feel it this early with my first !!! 
    So those who haven’t felt anything  yet, please don’t worry, I didn’t feel anything concrete until like 19/20 weeks with my son. I also had anterior placenta with him so always had muffled movements throughout the whole pregnancy, which used to stress me out. I didn’t get extra scans though... not sure who said that? Maybe if you have a low anterior placenta, nearing the cervix or scar perhaps. 

    Time seems to be going extra slow now I’m waiting for this gender scan lol and I’m finding I dream about, waking up thinking I’ve already found out. Just obsessed! 😭
  • @RiaMushk ohh hun bless you its really hard for you bless you. Why not do it for 17 weeks, both mines were bang on 16 and 17 and were both right.   Maybe just bring a little forward.
    @emI90 said if you have an anterior and it moves you should get extra scans Xx

  • The girl said she was 98% confident 🙈 
    I’ll attach scan without drawing too

    @[email protected]  hmm ok, I do think I might just move it to 17 weeks.... that way it’s only like 2 weeks and 3 days to wait and that feels so much better than 3 weeks and 3 days 😂😂
    I’ll call window to the womb today and see if I can change.
    we plan on telling our family on Christmas Day, so I guess that gives me longer to come to terms with it, if it is a boy and maybe get a bit more excited. Instead of announce it whilst crying 😂😂

  • @riamushk i wanted to say girl last time by the nub.  Yes hopefully they'll change it then your not waiting as long. Bless you. Its hard im really hoping for a girl i know ill be gutted if its a boy but the time to adapt does help xx
  • I guess every hospital do things differently but yeah i have a few clients who past 20 weekd if the placenta was at the front they got regular scans on the nhs. @RiaMushk id definitely bring it forward hun. I agree it would give you longer to absorb the information you get regardless of the outcome. Sending pink dust over xx 
  • Thank you @Bubz2018 and @emi90
    ive just changed it to the 11th of December, so I’ll be 17 weeks 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
    I kept asking my husband should I change it and by this point he was like WHATEVER. 😂😂😂 he’s so sick of hearing me go on about that I think hahahah 
    although he’s been very understanding of me feeling a little off so it’s ok !

    @emi90 perhaps they were people with low lying placenta or yes as you say one that moves. As far as I’m aware mine was never close enough to the cervix but just annoying for me! 
    I’m aware this time round they also want to check it’s not near my c section scar. 

    Wishing you all a lovely day xx thank you for the pink dust xxx
  • 🤞🏼 my love that week makes it that easier to wait for!! Bless ya. Really hoping you get your little girl 💗😘

  • @Bubz2018 thank you lovely and I hope you do too!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 We will be truly blessed either way, I know it! Xxx
  • @riamushk of course we will be blessed xx
  • @Bubz2018 thank you. Scrolling makes me feel more sick, so I'm still not going on my phone much at all which means I have lots to catch up on when I do go online.

    How many weeks are you now? I was told at my 10 week scan that my placenta is at the back so I would feel movements more. I felt my last baby at 12 weeks and this one was 13 weeks. It's not all the time, but it is a couple of movements every day now, usually in the evening when I'm sat still and chilling/meditating.

    @emi90 thank you. He has bad anxiety so he's worrying constantly now. I've left him in bed today while I'm working from home downstairs.

    Re the journal, I started doing a basic one just before I got pregnant with our angel baby, and I've continued in the same book with this one, so it follows on and shows our journey. I don't write in it every day, but when something big happens or I have a particularly emotional day (positive or negative) I write it down. Just a few lines each time usually, but I think it will be nice to look back on, especially with it more than likely being my last pregnancy.

    @RiaMushk now you've attached the drawn on scan I can see the nub, but I have no idea normally where it is. When did you send the photo away?

    I'm glad you've changed the date for your next one, it will stop you stressing for longer and will give you more time with the knowledge of baby's gender either way before you share it with family won't it 😊 Sending lots of girl vibes your way!! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 

    Re sickness, mine is still coming and going. I can now go a few days without actually being sick, but still feeling it if I don't eat every 90-120 minutes. Then it will hit me randomly and I'll throw up - it can be in a morning before breakfast, late morning before lunch or in the middle of the night at 1.30-3am. I really hoped it would have gone by now, but I was still throwing up every day until 28 weeks with my youngest. 🤢🤮 x
  • @HippieMama4 bless ya That's not good scrolling makes your nausea worse, i had a bad sickness day yesterday but seems to be getting much better. None today!!
    Im 15 weeks hun and im definitely feeling little bumps which really is reassuring after the weekend, i was getting worried thinking ill be waiting for ages with them telling me Anterior. I felt my last one from 11 weeks, only vibrations though so i guess this is still a bit late considering my last Pregnancy.

    Reality good regarding the journal really wish I'd have done it.

    Eeeeeek 28 weeks i really hope it stops before then xx 
  • Hello there,

    Like many I dip in and out of here :) But I did catch up on all your posts.

    @Bubz2018 : What a rollercoaster! I too was in a state when they couldn't find the heartbeat. It's awful, isn't it? I'm sorry you had to go through this. 

    Right, big news I'm team BLUE !! I kinda knew it would be the boy and I'm really happy about it. Gender scan went well although baby was determined not to show his front today. Had to jump and dance to try to make him move haha. 

    Also I checked the note and it says anterior placenta which I guess explains why they struggled to pick up the heartbeat at the midwife appointment. I wish I had known tbh. I feel flutters here and there but I guess I need to get used to the fact it won't be the same experience as with my son.

    My 20 weeks scan is on the 10th so maybe they'll tell me then? I've read it can cause complications if you have a C-section but I don't wanna google it as I'm sure to find scary stories. I guess it's one of these things...

    Have you all started to think about baby names or do you wait for a further scan (or the birth)? 

  • @Mary58 exciting being team blue, can I ask at how many weeks you had your gender scan, mine is Thursday 16+1 I’m adamant it’s a boy but I’m so worried something is wrong too! 
  • @Mary58. Yes its awful!! I did read that anterior could be the reason why they couldn't find heartbeat also read it can make it difficult to see. That's why she probably initially thought there was none!! 
    Congratulations on your little boy 💙!!
    We'll most likely pick a name after our gender scan we'll see. Not sure about it causing problems for section i know i have to have one this time coz of my two previous emergencies so im sure they'll tell me when i have my 20 week scan or after. Xx

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