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  • Does anyone use a Doppler please? Any recommendations or negatives, I have got one online but it’s only cheap, just for my own reassurance would never use it instead of any appointments or if I couldn’t feel anything just for myself really 
  • @riamushk the lady to ask @BethO she uses one xx
  • I wish I would start to feel baby moving....I'm 16+2 today and still don't feel moves:((( 
  • @Benka96 im 16 weeks tomorrow and feel absolutely nothing yet im so eager to feel him or her but ive accepted as its my first it will be a while. @BethO im feeling exactly the same for Saturday excited or anxious all at the same time, just want to see baby wriggling around then ill be able to relax 💕
  • @Mary58 eeek congrats on being team blue!!!! How wonderful 😍😍😍 must feel lovely to know now abs start to envision things more!  

    @BethO yep me! I use the sonoline B one which wasn’t the cheapest, however, I used the angelsounds one which was cheaper throughout my sons pregnancy. I watched a lot of YouTube videos beforehand to distinguish the noises. You will hear you own hear beat, especially down the sides, sort of below belly button but to left or right, that’s because you normally have arteries near there! That will be a whoosh whoosh sort of heart beat sound. The swooshing sound is placenta and then baby is the very fast tukatukatukatuka sound, think train tracks or horses galloping lollll 
    hard to explain through writing! 
    Let me know if you want any more info x

  • @Benka96 I’m the same dates as @emi90 and I feel absolutely nothing at all! This week is an exciting week for us.

    @RiaMushk I went to buy angelsounds but I went for a cheap one of £30 today, over 900 of them were sold so I’m hoping it’s ok! This one says the beat per minute on the screen so it should be like 145 or something shouldn’t it? I’ve heard it’s a very fast train on tracks sound so I think i know what I’m looking for which is good! Do you need to use gel with a Doppler please? It should arrive by the end of the week I just think it’ll be nice to use at home with my partner or on a day I want that reassurance 
  • @emi90 this is my second so was totally expecting something sooner ...that's why I'm.kinda worried haha. And @BethO that's great!! I can't remember when I felt something with my first 6 years ago , around 24 weeks I think as I was really small and didn't even have a bump till 6 months into pregnancy. But this is my second so was expecting something sooner :( maybe a week or two and I will start to fell her /him :) 
  • @BethO ooo exciting! So it might come with a gel?
    if not, the one I used was just from boots. It was called adult lubricant gel 😂😂😂 i remember being quite embarrassed buying it hahaha but ah well who cares! You defo need a gel for easy gliding and better sound quality. 
    I absolutely love listening in to my baby at this stage. The funny in between stage where you can’t feel them constantly etc 

    @Benka96 I wouldn’t worry too much, it is still so early. This is my second and I’m 14+4 but really when I feel flutters it is when I am very very still and it’s not very often. I could easily mistake it for gas!! 
  • Morning all, @BethO how are you feeling about tomorrow? Im excited for sat but super anxious. Oh think if i got myself a doppler id be super stressed if i could find heartbeat, but i know some of my friends have had them and they really helped with their nerves. @Mary58 yayy team boy thats amazing Congratulations hun i seemed to not of read your message so sorry for late reply.💙
  • @emi90 excited for tomorrow, had my 16w appointment today and heard the heartbeat so when my Doppler arrived I know what I’m looking out for! It was 150bmp which she said was fine. I’m adamant tomorrow I’m going to be team boy also!
  • Please don't worry about movements. With my first I didn't feel anything until 20 weeks. One of my friends was pregnant at the same time and she could feel them from around 16 weeks so I was worried sick but my baby was small, that is all. There are many other factors that can affect how you feel movement too (placenta, baby size and position...) but you will. 

    @BethO I had a gender scan at 16+2 weeks with my first and there was no doubt about the gender either :D . I think they are quite accurate and it's quite rare for them to get it wrong. Good luck for tomorrow!

    This time I started to feel bubble/flutters last week, so around 17 weeks but it's very subtle. Mainly when I eat something very sweet to be honest and feel really relaxed. 
  • @BethO oh im praying they listen to babies heartbeat on Friday at my 16 week appointment then ill be so excited although think ill be nervous about her also find it. Did you have to ask or was it just routine? Oh i bet that was such a relief you will be able to just get super excited for tomorrow now!  Xxx
  • @betho what a relief that will be for you.. Can't wait to find out if your right regards team blue!!

    Ill be 16+2 when i see midwife and go for my gender scan. I doubt she'll try hear the heartbeat but if she does ill tell her not to bother as i have a scan late . I'd rather not stress all afternoon till the scan.  I felt little movements yesterday and day before nothing today but I've been really stressed and yes it seems to only happen when really relaxed. Try not to worry when the midwifes say you should be feeling movements and are not that's when to worry xx
  • @emi90 it’s routine, it’s all pretty quick I asked some questions she reassured me told me not to overthink as nothing I think can change anything and the heartbeat was over and done with in 30 seconds but it definitely is fast and is like a train so with a Doppler I know what to hear now.
    @Bubz2018 I personally would love a girl just have this team blue feeling! 
    I got told it will be flutters around 24 weeks and more proper movement at 28 that’s what she said today but she said never to panic about it.
    @Mary58 hopefully they get this gender correct then, I have bought some scratch cards but because I wanted to tell the family the same day I bought 5 boy and 5 girl so I’ve got to rely on the seller that she’s separated them correctly so I’m not giving my family the wrong gender 😂😂😂
  • @betho oh really  can't wait to see what your having,  love the scratch cards xx
  • @BethO oh that maked me feel better as i think they will do it on friday then. Hopefully they find hesrtbeat as quick you they did for you the sense of relief i know ill feel will be absolutely huge going into Saturday! Cant wait to hear tomorrow what team your on 💕💙
  • @betho good luck for today lovely. Xx
  • @BethO good luck for your gender scan 💕💙 xx
  • Thanks guys I have just left, we made it by the minute no lie it took us 1 hour and 5 minutes to drive two miles there were traffic lights I drove 90mph, no parking ticket and just ran, we made it! Will let you all know later when we know 
  • Ive woke up this morning with lower back ache, im 16 weeks and 1 day will this be due to ligaments stretching do you think? X
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