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The Due in November 15 Big Birth Announcement thread!

Hello everyone!

No, it's not even November, but we do have a fair few November Birth Club babies already. Congratulations all! 

So we've created this special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations – and one of these completely gorgeous little baby bobble hats from Blade & Rose!

Note: This thread is not meant as a replacement thread for the wonderful, long-running Due in November Birth Club. We just thought it would be nice to have an extra thread running alongside, with all the birth news on it – and to have all the birth announcements all in one place to look back on in Nov and beyond.



  • Baby Oliver Graham Carman was born 22/10/15 weighing 7lb 13!

    he had a tough birth but is doing brilliantly now! 

    We are all besotted! 


  • CONGRATULATIONS, lolalove! Oliver looks adorable! Well done, you!

    Sorry to hear the birth was a tough one. Poor you. But, if you can find a few mins to post about it on this thread, we'll have that bobble hat in the post to you pronto! 

  • imageimageimageimage

    Hello lovely ladies and the wonderful team so we made it! Baby number 3 💚

    Please meet Cameron James Saddler born 17th of October 2015 at 8pm via a emergency c section (for the second time in under a year!)

    Caneron was due on the 1/11/2015 via a planned section which got moved to the 26th of October due to pregnancy diabetes but on the 16th of October as my partner left for a night at darts my waters went! I not worried with out really thinking told him not to rush back...we made our way upto the hospital 7am Saturday morning still waters going but no 7pm still no contractions so it was off for a section with me! 

    I was back home Sunday the 18th at 8pm with my baby boy and his 2 big brother Harry and Lennon.

    this first 11 days have been very testing, Cameron lost a fair bit of weight went from 9lb 11oz to 8lb 14oz but yesterday he was back to 9lb 2oz! 

    We celebrated Harry's 1st birthday on the 22nd of October and to be fair neither me or my partner have seen much sleep in these 11 days but when we stop and look at the 3 stunners we have in our life well sleep can just wait...

    my scar has heeled well and I write with a heavy heart this will be the last time I ever do a baby announcement on your site as we took the decision to be sterilised at this section....

    with all my love to the team,

    sarah, Lennon, Harry and baby Cameron...

    proud mum of 3 and proud mum to 2 angels 


  • Aw, thanks so much for your birth story, sarah rowland2. And what beautiful pictures!

    I may have something in my eye (pretends not to cry).

    We'll sort you out with a bobble hat for Cameron lickety split - could you please just check for us that the address in your account settings is still correct?

    And sob at this being your last birth announcement on here - but (stern) we're very much expecting you still to stick around with us. We'll be starting a Nov 15 Babies thread soon - when we've given the other Due in Nov ladies a chance to catch up - and we're counting on you being well and truly a regular poster in there!

  • Thanks Helen yes all is right with my address il post a pic of Cameron in his new hat 😍 I know it was a big desision we had calling this our last but it's the right one for us, I will miss that feeling of growing a baby and feeling those first few movements and the kicks but it's the right time to start enjoying what we have and what we have achieved is 3 very cute boys 😉imageFelt guilty for not popping a pic of Harry up! Can't believe he is now 1!! Seems like only yesterday I was posting his birth pic up to you hahaha, I won't be going any where I promise your stuck with me for the next well 18 years until the boys move out 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Haha sarah rowland2! And lovely to see a pic of Harry, too. My, how he's grown!

  • Lol tell me about it 😭 The last 2 weeks I swear his doubled in size! I left for the hospital on the Saturday and went and kissed both of them as they lay sleeping and Harry seemed so small and baby like then on the Sunday when Stuart came to collect me and cameron he bought up both boys and Harry just seemed so big and grown up! His a cracking little man everyday he has me in fits of giggles and yet again his another one just like Lennon full of so much love xxxx I'm a very lucky lady indeed xxx

  • Hi Sarah!

    I remember you from when we were on Baby Expert. You was pregnant with your second and I was pregnant with my daughter Sienna :)

    congratulations on your third baby boy!! 

    I remember you posting an announcement of Harry, it's gone far to fast. I'm due baby 2 in July. So excited to give Sienna a little brother or sister. Hope your ok as well, have you seen any of the others from when we was pregnant last time on this? X

  • imageimage











    Hi ladies, 

    from 32 weeks onwards I fell unexplainably ill.. My alresdy planned section due to hip trauma was brought forward to 37 weeks I had emer steriods for baby. 

    on 28th October at 11.13am my son Hugo-Blaze was born weighing a shocking 5.15lb. Myself and my partner immediately new something was wrong. My baby didn't cry he was grunting and foaming at the mouth, he was whipped into scbu without us really know what was wrong, he was dangled infront of us and we were told he would Probebly need 2-3 hours of help with his breathing. 

    As I went back to the ward without my baby on a ward full of mums with there babies I wasn't allowed to see him untill 4 hours later. just write this is breaking my heart. I couldn't really feel any pain myself, it became clear very soon Hugo was unwell 15oz were fluid on his lungs which were not inflated. They then said another 2 days in special care, on thursday night in hospital I was woken by a consultant who told me at 3am that he had taken a turn for the worst and needs to be intubated as his heart was working to hard for his lungs and they needed my permission to give him a £1000 a tube drug called sefactent to help him. By the morning he was  transported by neonatal ambulance to another specialist hospital and I was told to call his dad and prepare for the worst. I then myself went to his hospital and started to feel very unwell. 

    I couldn't hold my head I was paradoxes from the shoulder up I had a headache which I will never find the words to explain. To cut a long story short I had a 1 in 300 side effect from the spinal which caused pressure  the brain this then required me to have a second operation in the form of a blood patch to release the pressure and I'm pleased to say when I woke my pain was gone. 

    hugo was born on Wednesday this is now Friday and I had not seen him minus a few mins in scbu after birth, I was in a strange hospital High on morphine and it was a very low point for me. 

    hugo still wasnt doing well but after 48 hours on support he came off and I was able to hold him for the first time - pics to follow. 

    We then had to go back to our origonal  where they are very strict with Hugo due to his rough start in order for us  allow him home due to him loosing 15oz in 1 week he has to be feeding from a bottle with the full amount of 150ml every 4 hour within 20 mins- tough ah! 

    I could go on forever but  don't have my boy home :( we are looking at Wednesday which will make him 2 weeks coming home everynight without him is hell on earth and it's breaking my heart!!! In a bad place 

    here is Hugo's journey .. image

  • Oh Alba B, so heartbreaking, but thankfully it sounds like Hugo is improving - and hopefully you are too? We really hope he's home with you this week so you can catch up on all those cuddles and love. He's just gorgeous too Alba. Please do keep us posted, and thank you so much for sharing your story.

  • imageimageimageimage

    Eliott firth born on 29th October 3weeks and 1day early, weighing 6lbs 1oz at 1.43am.

    I was induced at 10am in the 28th with the gel, started with mild cotnractions almost straight away, I was already 1-2cm.

    They waited 6 hours (3 o'clock) to try break my waters which was successful, still 1-2 cm.

    Another 4 hour wait for a examination as I was contracting every 3-4 min but was telling the midwife they didn't feel progressive enough to do anything (7pm) still 1-2cm and had a 'lip' blocking baby's head to my cervix, decided to give me till 10pm if my contractions didn't pick up she would start the citocin drip.

    10pm started citocin drip which was upped every 15 min to force contractions, they were intense and soo strong so started with gas and air.

    midnight, monitor showed baby's heartbeat dipping so she attached a clip to his head, by this point my contractions were 1-2 min apart lasting over a minute and so painful. If spent the whole time stood up so said I needed to rest on the bed as my legs were cramping up also had a shot of pethidine. After a hour of feeling off my face I stood to strech my legs 45 min later the pains changed and instinct took over, I climbed onto the bed on my hands and knees and started to push, 5 pushes later and he was born and passed between my legs. Absolutely wonderful, got the delivery I wanted :D 

    in my notes the midwife has put my established labour at 1 hours 43 min, so again I dilated 6 cm in super fast time! She had checked when she put the clip on baby's head at midnight

    ive included the awful photo of me just after he was born lol I still look high as a kite! But still one for the album...

  • Hi haleigh 

    long time no see babes welcome back!!!! And huge congrates xx

    i replied to your post huni and iv also sent you a message huni xx 

    All is good here, all 3 boys are doing fab! Harry is so cheeky huni it's unreal!! There are a few of us from BE on here but sadly a lot did leave, but I still keep in contact with a load of them lovely ladies xxx

  • Oh supersquish, have to say I think you look rather beautiful in that pic of your and Eliott, ESPECIALLY having just given birth. And thank you for sharing your story - that pethidine is some crazy stuff - I was wasted on it too! So glad you had the birth you wanted too.

  • image

    Annmarie came to meet us on Oct. 23 4pm she was 37weeks and 2 days weighing in at 6lbs 15oz.

    I had high blood pressure during this pregnancy and it was being managed well with medication up until I hit 35 weeks. Each week I went to the doc my bp kept going up and they had to change my medication twice. On my 37 week I had gone to the doc and it was really high and I has protein in my urine so they kept me in labor and delivery but my bp came down and there was no protein in my urine second check. So they discharged me only to cone back in 2 days for another bp check with the nurse. So Friday October 23 I go in for a bp check and again it was high and there was even more protein in my urine so they sent me down to labor and delivery to monitor me and baby. My bp was still high and only kept getting higher so they made a safe decision to have the baby that day an emergency csection. I had to call family to pick up my son from school and my partner to get down to the hospital as fast as he could. Even though I had a csection planned for Oct 28 I was scared and worried for my health and baby's health. So 3hrs later I was being wheeled to the OR and they began to numb me and gave me magnesium to lower my bp because it was high enough to me to go into shock and start to cesure. 

    The doc told me they started the insision and 15 mins later my baby girl was out and we heard her first cry. It is the most amazing sound in the world. The nurse came to show her to us and then they went to check her and my partner went to see her and cut the cord. They did the test and cleaned her up she was fine and ready to meet us. I gave her a quick kiss and spoke with her for a few seconds before they took her to the nursery and my partner had to leave as well. 

    It took them about 30-40 mins to close me back up and then I was sent to the recovery room for an hr until the numbness started easing off. My partner came in the room 20 mins later and my baby came in 25 mins later.

    I spent 3 days in the hospital and me and baby got to go home. 

    This was my second csection and I must say this emergency one was better than my first. I did take the pain medication as much as I felt pain which helped ease it and me to recover faster than my first.

    Its been a little over two weeks with my beautiful Annmarie and we are feeling so blessed and thankful. 

    May God bless you all in your journeys to bringing your children into this world!! 

    Can't wait for the pink hat for her to wear it in the winter :)

  • Oh tryingfor2, Annemarie looks just precious here! She's beautiful - congratulations! And thank you for posting your birth story - those 40mins while they were stitching you up must have been the longest ever - you must just have wanted to hold your little girl so much. Can we just check you still have the PO Box address to send your hat to?

  • Yes longest wait ever! Lol All is well now healing great and enjoying my bundle of joy.

    Yes Danielle the POBox is the one but I'm in the United States and I keep changing my country but every time I go back to look it says United Kingdom and it won't change. So I'm in the US ok. :)

  • Absolutely got it - USA all the way!

  • My 2 1/2 day journey to meet our Lorelei began when I started contractions throughout the day on Thursday while at work. They were just a few every hour or so, and I knew I had a doctors appointment later in the afternoon. When I arrived to my doctors office, she stated that I was dilated to 1, so we decided to do a membrane sweep. 

    Shortly after the sweep, contractions continued on average of 7-10 minutes apart. These continued throughout the night with me waking every few minutes crying out in pain. We decided to head to the hospital when my contractions were about 5 minutes apart at about 9am. However when I arrived, the contractions seemed to subside to 10 minutes apart. The hospital had us walk around for 2 hours and they checked me again and said I was dilated to 1 still and sent me home at 3:30. 

    I came home went to take a nap and shortly after awoke to contractions once again about every 7 minutes apart at about 5pm. We took a walk and tried to encourage labor, but decided to try to get some sleep. By the time it was 10pm I couldn't take the pain as I was contracting every 3-5 minutes. I once again had my husband take me to the hospital. 

    This time they admitted me right away. I was dilated to 3 and 100 % emphasized. They shortly after gave me some pain meds and an epidural. The pain finally had subsided and I was feeling better. Yet, it turned out I was actually only dilated to 2 and 70% emphasized. 

    So at about 7am, they decided to break my water to encourage labor. Labor began to progress for us once again. However, it seemed to slow at around 1pm we decided I was only dilated to 4-5. So we were asked to consider a c-section. I asked to be given another hour and when the doctor returned at 3pm I had dilated to 5-6! 

    However, after this I no longer made any progress in dilation. And the baby's heart rate began to drop every contraction if I was not on my right side. However when laying my right side,my left side would not be numb due to the epidural dripping to the right side only. We decided to proceed with a c-section at 5pm. Unfortunately, due to 2 emergency c-sections and another delivery I was forced to wait for surgery until 10pm! 

    As we waited, my epidural became more and more apparent that it was wearing off. Unfortunately, the anesthesiologist was busy in surgery and unable to reach me. My contractions were coming every 3 minutes and lasting for a duration of 90-120 seconds! 

    After laboring with no pain meds for 30 minutes the anesthesiologist finally arrived. My doctor offered to check and see if I had any changes in dilation and thankfully for my own peace of mind I had not. It was clear a c-section was my only option. 

    Once in the OR I was draped and shortly after my beautiful baby was born at 10:28pm on Saturday night. Which was her due date. Poor little thing had such a big cone head from attempted to descend, that she measured an entire inch shorter a few days later. 

    I still wonder what if I had bounced on my ball more or walked more or wiggled my hips more to help her descend if I might have had her naturally. But, I'm so happy she is here with me. 
  • Alba my heart breaks for all you have been through. We had to have Lorelei under the phototherapy lights and it broke my heart. I can't imagine. Hang in there. it sounds like Hugo is making progress. I can't worst to hear about when he comes home. 

    Supersquish, your Elliot is beautiful. I wish I would have taken more pics of Lorelei in the hospital but I was so drugged. :( almost feel sad without them. 

    Annmarie is a little baby model! You're inspiring me to try to take some cute photos of Lorelei.  Tryingfor2 I'm in the USA too. Where about a are you? 

  • Finally getting round to writing my birth story! 

    I woke at 3:15am on 21/10 to go to the toilet for a wee, while I was in the toilet I felt something was happening, so I waited on the toilet for 5 minutes and when I stood up my waters broke! All very exciting! Woke my husband and I had a quick shower before setting off for the hospital as I was high risk so they told me to come straight in! Contractions started in the car on the way to the hospital and were less than 2 minutes apart from the start! This continued to the delivery!

    Once we arrived we went to the assessment unit, where we stayed until 1pm as I was only dilated 1cm! As we were on the assessment unit I just had paracetamol for pain relief!

    Finally at 3cm at 1pm I was moved to the labour ward where I started on gas and air, this really helped and I was convinced I would deliver using just this! 

    After another 8 hours I was only 5 cm dilated and they suggested stronger pain relief! I had an injection of diamorphine which helped with the pain of the contractions! But still no sleep as they were so close together! 

    Then they reexamined a me at 1am 22/10 and I was still 5cm, so I decided to have an epidural to help with the pain! This was the best decision as my husband and I finally got some sleep! 

    At 5am I was 7cm so things were progressing but just very slowly!! Then for the 9 o'clock exam I had finally reached 10cm! 30 hours after my waters breaking!

    We started pushing and he was descending but had turned so was back to back! (This baby had been engaged and in position since 28 weeks!!) my pulse rate rocketed as did Oliver's, and my temperature was dangerously high, because of this the Dr decided to stop pushing and prep me for a section, but they would try a ventouse and forceps first to turn him but if no luck they wanted him out quickly! 

    Husband was rushed off to get gowned up and I was given a spinal, there was 14 people in theatre with us which was scary in itself! 

    I pushed for 4 contractions -at least I tired, the spinal made it very hard to tell if I was doing it right! First 2 they tried the ventouse which didn't work, then they tried forceps and finally got him out at 9:40am 22/10 on the last attempt before going for a section! 

    He was placed on my chest for 5 seconds then weighed and My husband cut the cord. He was then whisked off to neonatal for tests as he was battered and had a concerning rash so he was given a lumber puncture and lots of blood tests! Poor babs! 

    I went into recovery and was finally able to go and see him at 3:15pm! 

    He was so battered and cut and bruised it was a shock and I think I was a bit overwhelmed for the rest of the day! He was brought up to my ward later in the afternoon and was doing great until he had to go on a lightbox for 2 days too! We were finally allowed home on 25/10!

    So it was a very long and quite stressful time, he's settled brilliantly at home though!! Sorry for the really detailed story! Just didn't want to miss anything out! 

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