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Due in November 16

Hello - and congratulations on your pregnancy!

I'm DanielleMFM and it's really lovely to see you looking in on us.

If you'd like to join this group and meet others who are due in November 2016, like you, please do post a reply and introduce yourself.

And if you have any questions or suggestions for me or the rest of the MFM team, please do shout.



  • Hello, I have just got my bfp....although I still cant quite believe it.  Going by my calculations I am due on the 7th November, will be a brilliant birthday present for my oh as his birthday is at the end of November.  Im still in shock, I am a bit nervous as my little girl is 7 (8 this year) so will be strange as everything has changed now.  Fingers crossed its a sticky bean :) xxx

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  • Hi I got my bfp yesterday still in a bit of shock but so happy im due on 6th November :) this   is my 3rd  baby my girls  are nearly 9 and 7  xx 

  • Hi Hayleyb1187 - so glad you found us over here, and we are so pleased to see such a long time MadeForMums member get her BFP too!

    We're over the moon you joined us too Sj83 - do let us know what your girls say when you tell them the big news won't you?

  • Thank you Danielle, I feel like ive been on here forever waiting for my bfp....have seen so many people get theres now its my turn lol xxx

  • It absolutely is your turn Hayley! image

  • I def will danielle were going to wait till  I've had my first scan to tell them )

  • image getting more excited now ive got a darker line this morning xxx

  • That's a good positive for a cheap one mine was a bit fainter then that on the pound shop one 

  • That's what I was thinking that's the darkest line ive had on a cheap one.  I got a clearblue test yesterday but im waiting til the end of the week before I do it.  I got the one that tells you how many weeks xxx

  • imageThis was my first one I took then did first responseone is worth paying that bit extra sometimes 

  • Yeah definitely worth paying the bit extra.  They didn't have first response in the shop I went to yesterday otherwise I would of got that instead of the clearblue.

    My first one wasn't that dark, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me as I could barely see it xxx

  • Me too I kept looking at diff angles lol went shops after as couldn't wait till the next day lol how you feeling today I felt a bit nauseous today but other then that good 

  • ive felt a bit nauseous the last couple of days, feel a bit bloated today, my work trouser feel a a bit tight but I think that's because I seem to feel constantly hungry lol

    I kept doing that lol looking at it every way I could thinking nah it cant be a line xxx

  • Me too always Hungary dont normally eat breakfast but been making sure I do   Long time to wait till lunch times otherwise for baby 😊 My belly seems to be constantly rumbling lol 

  • I thought it was just me lol I never eat breakfast but been having too. I even woke up in the night last night feeling hungry but just ignored the rumblings lol Im sitting at my desk munching Jaffa cakes atm haha xxx

  • I remember with my second getting up during the night to eat lol but that was much later on can't remember this early lol Mmm Jaffa cakes sound good 👍 Xx 

  • Nah see im the same I don't remember feeling this hungry with my first....although shes 8 this year so I feel like its all new to me lol all I can really remember is the sickness from the day I found out right through til the end.  I really hope its not the same this time xxx

  • With both mine I didn't even feel nausous till I was 3 months I had good pregnancys with my girls i guess we're older aswell now been a long time our body's getting used to having a baby again 

  • Yeah definitely older lol I was 20 when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, 21 when I had her.  I turned 29 in January, will be due 2 months before my 30th.  I think im more scared now than I was with her lol but I think that's just an age thing too as back then I was a lot different to what I am now.

    Im hoping I don't feel half as bad with the morning sickness as last time.  Ive heard boys and girls make you feel different aswell during pregnancy xxx

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