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Due in November 16 - Part 2

Hello everyone,

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in November 2016 Birth Club Part 1 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Hi everyone, we just wanted to let you know about a thread we're running - it's called Come and show us your nursery. So if you fancy snapping some pics of your babies nursery, please do come and check it out over here. We have a gorgeous gift up for grabs too! 

  • Though I'd be the first one to write on here's everyone doing? x

  • I'm all good 22+1 today has any one had the whopping cough yet my midwife mentioned it at first app but not sure if I have to book it my self at docs or wait till my nxt midwife app 

  • Hi everyone!

    I've just been plodding along relativley uneventful. I have an appointment on weds at hospital with the physio for spd but apart from that its all plain sailing (with just the usual pregnancy related issues)

    I had to book my own whooping cough after my 20 week scan so im going on monday.


  • Hi everyone! 

    20 week scan tomorrow - so excited! 

    My midwife told me to book my whooping cough after 20 weeks with my doctors so i guess I'll just do that this week. 

    Hope everyone is doing ok xx

  • Hi all. 

    Glad everyone is ok. My midwife told me at 28 weeks to book my whopping cough injection. I live in Wales so might be different. 

  • Ohh good luck for Tomoz willow 😊 I've good apart from just so hungry again 

  • I'm 21 weeks today can't believe how quick it's going....ive got another scan next week to finish measuring her..hopefully she will lay the correct way this's the shopping going x

  • Hi I had my whooping cough at 17 weeks x

  • I didn't even know about whooping cough, so thanks girls. I need to get more clued up. 

    I'm 23 weeks tomorrow and finally got a bump. I need to start buying stuff. 

    im useless 

  • I've got my steralizer and got some vests and sleep suits now stocked up on sone nappies and wipes not going to get buggy till after our Holiday nxt month 

  • Morning ladies,  I've been booked in for whooping cough at 28 weeks, same time as I get the anti-D jab. I have a suitcase under the bed full of clothing thanks to the mothercare sale, I've got my 20 week can next Wednesday at 20 wks +6 days and just hoping im still team blue lol or im gonna have a lot of returning to do! I still haven't decided on a car seat or pushchair/ pram yet, battling with im not going expensive to the only ones I like are expensive 🔫. 

    I've been feeling down about my whole housing situation, unfinished extention,  need new kitchen and bathroom, mother in law is basically refusing to move out 😂 (disscussed very nicely regarding space and concern with her coping with another little one in the house) she's 69 and works part time and doesn't need us for care. At the minute I haven't even got room for a chest of drawers for baby and I would love a little nursery 4 him. I've thrown my dummy out the pram anyway and said to hubby I've had enough let's just sell, clearly im still hormonal 😂 rant over ladies, thanks 4 listening xXx 

  • chezabelle  feel your pain, I'm in a one bedroom flat ATM, need to find a 3 bedroom for our new baby and now my partners 15 year old son. I'm trying to not let it stress me out!!! Which is difficult. I need to win the lottery. 

  • Chezabelle def blame it on the hormones but only right your growing family need there own space I have a two bed the girls share the biggest room and plan to have baby in my room for a test quite lucky I have two big rooms not going to be able to afford a three bed yet 

  • Lol Def hormones, I lived at home with 5 siblings and my hubby when we had our 1st son at 18 years and we managed.

    Baby will be in with us for 1st year, then if required would have to share with my daughter, only a single room,  but it's really a short term solution. It's just annoying me that she clearly resents the fact that we're having another baby and makes digs. We only had kane when we agreed for her to move in, and now with 2 extra children we just don't have the space. I think she won't move out for financial reasons, she lives with us for free but does save us money by helping to look after my daughter in the afternoons. I think the main issue is she thinks she's head of the house and is over stepping the line, plus I want her bedroom and en-suit 😂.

    Watch this space.'ll see me in a few months on Jeremy kyle xXx 

  • Good luck with your scan willow, what time is it? X

  • Lol I couldn't imagine living with my mil we do get on but living together we would clash she would try taking over the kids 

  • Hello ladies, 

    Chez sounds like you are having a nightmare - it's not what you need right now is it?

    Scan went well, baby is all fine and healthy and I am officially joining Team Blue!! 💙

  • Yay Congrars willow a lot of blue oh here glad all went well 💙

  • Loads of people I know are having boys, it must be a boy year! 

    Really chuffed though, it's so exciting to be able to call him a he rather than an it! Xx

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