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The Due in November 2016 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

Well, it's officially November, and we know we have had two births already and some babies on the way very soon, so we've created this special thread for your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations!

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!


* Note: This thread is not meant as a replacement thread for the wonderful, long-running Due in November 2016 thread. We just thought it would be nice to have an extra thread running alongside, with all the birth news on it – and to have all the birth announcements altogether in one place to look back on in 2016 and beyond.



  • Hey everyone, 

    Hope you are all well.

    My little girl is now 7 days old. She arrived on 02/11/2016 after me being induced & hospitalised for two days...  I was in labour for 16 hour but unfortunately she did not turn enough to come down the birth canal, after trying to get her down for 2 hours, the midwives & consultants decided that it was time for an emergency c-section, so in I went... 

    Got to be honest I was devastated that I wouldn't be able to do it myself but it was the safest option for both of us as it had been a while since my waters had broke & baby had pooped inside of me (apologies for too much info lol) 

    She was 5 days early and perfect! It was amazing when we first saw her & when daddy brought her to me in theatre.. amazing feeling! 

    I'm still feeling a little overwhelmed by it all but I'm sure I will feel normal in time. 

    Hope all went well for everyone else!!

  • I gave birth right on my due date at 8.23pm after a 14.5 hour labour.....heres my birth story:

    I knew I was going to go into labour the night before as I was extremley uncomfortable, unsettled and I just had a feeling. 

    6am 06.11.16 I went to the toilet and when I wiped I had a bloody show (I had been randomly losing my mucus plug in bits over the week) and started the beginning of labour (mild period pains). 

    I started timing my contractions and by 8.30 they were 6 mins apart so i called my mum who was coming to the hospital too along with my other half. My sister arrived shortly after as she was looking after the kids. 

    The contractions were managable so I wasnt in a rush but in the back of my mind I was worried as i delivered my other 2 children quite quickly. Then things started to slow down and my contractions became irregular - ranging from 12 mins apart to 4 mins apart. I sent everyone home as i was starting to think it was false labour. 

    At around 3pm my contractions - even though irregular were getting quite strong so i called the hospital and they told me to go to triage to get checked out. So my mum and sister came back. 

    We arrived at hospital around 4pm where i was examined and to my joy i was 4cm and ready for some gas and air.

    We got settled into the room, got into my nightie and had gas and air. My contractions got stronger and longer and very regular. I was feeling immense pressure then my hips clicked, then my waters popped and i started to push. It took a few pushes to get her head out then a massive push for the rest of her body to come out. 

    It was a massive relief for her to be born as it had been the longest, hardest and most painful of all 3 but she is absolutley beautiful and well worth the pain!

    I was overjoyed too that my placenta came away as with my son it retained and I had to have surgery for manual extraction. 

    i was enjoying holding Esmé, looking at her, taking in her features, everything was calm and quiet when suddenly there were doctors, nurses etc in the room all around me. I had lost over a litre of blood as my womb wasnt contracting. I was quickly laid flat, adreneline injected into my womb, drugs shoved up my back passage, bloods taken, catheta inserted and a cannula put in my hand for a drug put through to help to stop the bleeding and to help my womb to contract back. That was a shock to say the least. 

    Its all a bit fuzzy after as the drugs made my feel extremely sick so i was sick quite a few times, i was very weak and totally exhausted.  

    i kind of managed to get some sleep but at around 4am i felt like i needed a wee which i thought was strange as i had a catheta but all of a sudden i felt like i has a massive wee and then i felt warm - i realised that my catheta bag had got too full and popped open and leaked all over my bed. The midwife came in and quickly sorted it out. 

    I couldnt take anymore of feeling and being sick so i had anti sickness put through my cannula which was a dream and i managed to get some real rest then

    In the morning the midwife came and did my bloods to see if i needed a transfusion - i didnt thank god!!

    I had breakfast and a cuppa which was delicious as i couldnt and hadnt eaten since sunday lunch time. 

    The midwife wanted to move me down to the ward so all morning they tried to get me up and showered but each time i was so so weak and i nearly fainted. Eventually i managed to get into a wheelchair and she took me into the shower where i sat down and my other half showered me

    All freshened up I was then taken d

  • continued as it decided to post....

    i was taken down to the ward where i spent a few hours and then let home around 4.30pm monday afternoon

    Although I was very sore and weak I am now feeling loads better (I still cant walk properly so i cant leave the house just yet) i am getting stronger day by day and Esmé is a dream and all i went through was totally worth it!! 


  • congrats to you both  you had a tough time Jim jam glad your starting to feel better now 

  • Thank you so much for sharing BabyTree, but please don't feel bad about having had to have had the section, it was the safest option for you guys all round, and your darling girl is here safe and sound. It can be totally overwhelming those early days, I remember them well. But please do post/ask if you need any advice, won't you? 

    Wow JimJam, you really went through the ringer didn't you? But wow, Esmé is perfection. How have your kids taken to her? And we hope you have lots of people running around taking care of you. 

  • imagebaby kaden born today at 1651 by c section. both are doing well weighing 7lb  1oz 

  • Gosh Jimjamjen83 you look so well in your pic that you wouldn't believe you went through all of that, I'm sure it will soon be a distant memory, she's gorgeous 💖

  • Congratulations again baby tree and mother mucka on your bundles of joy, hope your both recovering from your c-sections xXx 

  • Awwww wow 2 more gorgeous babas! Congrats Babytree and Mothermuka, hope you are resting well xx

    oh no i looked awful after id had her so i put make up on cos my other 2 were coming to hospital so i didnt wanna scare them haha xx

  • Oh congratulations Mothermucka, Kaden is beautiful! Please do tell us about your birth when you get a moment won't you? 

  • imageI almost feel like an imposter jumping in here from the due in December thread.

    My twins Matthew & Amelia were born on Tuesday morning via emergency section. I had had diarrhoea & tightenings overnight so went to triage for monitoring. About 30 minutes after arriving I was violently sick enough to fill 2.5 bowls, I was instantly treated as though it was norovirus & placed on drip for antibiotics. Contractions started to subside but just as I was thinking that I would be going home the consultant piped up that Matthew had some peaks & troughs in his heart rate & they were concerned. 

    Well from there it all seems very surreal. I had consultant suggest that a section may be wise in case I had passed any infection across the placentas to twins, seconds later I had anaesthetist talking through the procedure & literally 5 minutes later at 09 : 41 Matthew was out with Amelia close behind at 09 : 42. I got a quick look before they were whisked off to NNU to start their own antibiotics & I was placed in isolation on the ward. 

    I had to spend a full 24hrs clear before I could hold my babies for the first time & only yesterday at 48hrs clear could I start expressing my milk for them. Today is the first day I have actually managed to breastfeed them now that all of us are off drips. 

    I am sore (challenge to use stairs rather than lift today has caught up with me along with the after pains now I'm breastfeeding), my girls at home have been facetiming me as they have been sick so unable to come in (Hubby's turn today 😢). Life certainly throws some spanners in the works.

    Lovely to see the other November babies doing well. Matthew & Amelia arrived at 35wks exactly, he was 6lbs & she 5lbs 8 

  • Oh KazzieM, we are SO glad you posted here as we were wondering about your birth story, and wow, you're family have certainly been through the mill. But huge congratulations on those beautiful babies. We really hope you're all on the mend and home soon. 

    And please do feel free to jump into the Due in November thread, they're a lovely bunch. 

  • Awwww Kazzie they are beautiful! I hope you are feeling better now? 

    when did they say you can all go home? 

    it must be hard not being able to see your family but technology now a days is amazing - i love facetime! 

    Massive congratulations xx

  • Gorgeous babies kazzie M, gosh I couldn't imagine not being able to hold my babies for 24 hrs, I'm glad your feeling better and hope girls and hubby make a speedy recovery X

  • Well, hormones are kicking in & am feeling the emotional tug at this point. 

    Family came to see me today but as twins are still not fully feeding I am still stuck in neonatal with them while the others are waiting at home. To add to the torment, Matthew has plummeted in weight so we are facing the very real possibility that Amelia may be discharged without her brother unless drastic change occurs in the next couple of days. 

  • Hey everyone I hadn't my baby boy on Tuesday weighing 7ibs 4oz.  had a 5 day labour whcih then involved me having an emergency c section but I'm pleased to annouce my baby we called him Ocean and he's amazing.

    i was in hospital for a long time but we r home now. love being a mum and my son is amazing. 

    How is everyone xxxxx


  • happy to hear you're alright Viks and Ocean looks really lovely. Congratulations!! :-) we were all wondering what had happened after your last message. This super long labour must have been an absolute nightmare!!! I'm glad everything ended up well and you're both ok. Enjoy your little boy now! All the best x 

  • Hey everyone!

    Congratulations on the new arrivals!

    Thought id share my birth story on here at last...

    My little girl Nancy was born at 37+2 on 19th October. She is my 5th baby.

    Due to having 4 previous caesareans, this borth was an elective caesarean also, planned early so that I didnt go into labour and also so we could be prepared as there was a high possibility of complications.

    Despite doing it so many times before, it was still nerve - wracking and the wait ti go into theatre felt like forever!

    We then had a testing point when it took 5 attempts to site the spinal and for a moment it looked like I might have to have a general anaesthetic instead :-/. However, they got there in the end and shortly after the operation began! 

    I was incredibly lucky in that I got to have the consultant perform the operation and as I was delivered at the maternity unit where I work, I knew everyone well.

    Nancy was delivered smoothly and cried straight away. As all was well, we were able to have delayed cord clamping before she was taken to be checked over. Daddy then got to trim the cord and to skin to skin under his scrubs!!!

    The operation went really well and there were none of the complications we feared!

    Once into recovery, I did skin to skin and tried to breastfeed (although she didnt end up.feeding till later). My OH and I then had a lovely hour to ourselves with baby before she was weighed and measured and Daddy dressed her :-). Then, the other children came up to see us with the grandparents and we were able to enjoy some quality family time while I was still on the Delivery Suite on a drip to reduce the risk of bleeding.

    I was up 8 hours post op, feeling pretty fantastic to be honest and my recovery has been really straight forward. I was even home the following day!

    I have to say this has been the best birth experience of them all. We are all so in love with the little addition to our family, to the point where my OH has suggested we go for no. 6 in a couple of years, lol!!

    I am so grateful to all the people involved- especially my lovely work colleagues- and I feel so blessed that after all the heartbreak of last year weve been blessed with our stunning little rainbow baby!! xx


  • Congratulations new mums, what beautiful babies, and vicks a boy 💙 sorry to hear you had a rough time. really good to hear from you, wishing u a speedy recovery x

    Apricot what a lovely birth story, I'm one of 6 lol and I love being from a large family, I'm. defo stopping at 3 though.

    As u can see ladies im still sat here waiting and my insomnia is well and truly kicking in lol x

  • Viks1980, we are so glad to hear from you and we really hope you're all ok? You son Ocean is utterly perfect! 

    Apricot0904, you sound on top of the World and Nancy is peaches and cream gorgeous! How have your other kids taken to her? 

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