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  • Ooooo that's nice, I do like a good cat nap around midday :)

    Mine have been very painful from about 4 weeks onwards really but I don't think it helped that they'd grown quite quickly and I'd been squeezing into my normal bras...I've borrowed some of my mum's now though and I'm defo feeling the benefits already. 

    Sorry to hear about your mc loss, must make everything that bit more worrying for you this time around but I'm sure we'll both be fine. I'm starting as I mean to go on  today with a positive mental attitude.....🙂

    Can't say I've had dizzy spells but could be water...I'm rubbish at drinking normally and I'm making a big effort right now! Hope they're not too unsettling.

    Whereabouts do you live and what were your first signs?  

  • Yeah it drives me mad because I've got the same old spotting 😰 Just trying to be positive... only time will tell which is the most annoying part of pregnancy sometimes.

    I first noticed my temps were really high when usually they would drop, so I did an Internet cheapie and got a faint line at 9DPO. I'm feeling slightly sick today and really really tired, so maybe it's the start of the morning sickness (all day long last time)!

    Have you got a booking in appointment yet? 

  • Oh and I'm from London! What about you?

  • Awww I can imagine....I had a tiny bit of spotting yesterday but nothing  since so I'm trying not to think anything of it. Has the spotting got worse at all or is it staying pretty samey?

    I've just come off the phone to my best friend who is a mum of 3 and she had spotting with her 1st and 3rd, she said it was so bad with her 3rd she thought she'd come on her period but her beautiful little 11 month old suggests otherwise. That helped to reassure me and hope it does same for you 🙂

     Haha, totally agree re the time thing I've got post its on my fridge counting down the weeks until I reach the magic 12... 

    Well if it is the start of morning sickness hope it's not too bad for you ...I've not been physically sick since I was about 11 so I'm hoping that it won't affect me!

    Ive got a booking appt on 17th March, have you got one yet? I won't be with the midwife I'm seeing though cos after 12 weeks the specialist perinatal mental health team that I'll be under take over. Me and my other half had a pre conception counselling session with them and it seems like it will be really good for support.

    I'm up North in Leeds :)

  • Aww thanks hun! Yes that's reassuring to hear. Well the spotting is very minimal and hasn't got any worse so I am just trying to forget about it. 

    Ive just woken up from my second nap of the day with a pounding head and feeling slightly nauseous but also hungry? Lol last time I felt like eating helping ease sickness, oh and sleeping. 😏

    I haven't referred myself yet for maternity because I was so terrified about said spotting, I am off to turkey next week so I will probably do it just before I go if all is still going well!

    I think I will totally be booking a private reassurance scan at some point, no chance I'll ever made it to 12 weeks without having a look.. the EPU said during my last MC to come back when I'm next pregnant at 7 weeks if I'm feeling anxious, maybe I will but also it had bad memories so not sure if I want to go back in there.

  • Sounds like a plan :)

    Haha, that's good (apart from the nausea bit)! I'm enjoying not worrying about what I'm eating for the first time in a long time too, nice feeling.

    I can understand that and that's nice re Turkey, it's good to have a break to look forward to and all being well, it will make time pass a bit more quickly too. How long are you going for?

    I was googling early scans and they do them at my local Mothercare for £90 from 7 weeks onwards and given your history I can totally understand why you would want one. I think I'm going to try wait but it's good to know the option is there of I change my mind. Tricky one re the EPU memories though, I guess you'll have to see how you feel. 

  • Haha yes it is nice to relax a little about what/how much we eat.

    Im off to Turkey for 10 days, so excited as my OH is there working away for a while and I haven't seen him since we found out we are expecting. He is very happy but I feel sorry for him already with me moaning about the spotting lol. But so looking forward to the food and just chilling out there and spending precious time with him.

    About EPU I will just take it easy go with the flow, and see how I feel nearer the time. No point worrying about it just yet aye ;-)


  • Morning Jadeelx I hope you're feeling OK this morning.

     I'm not unfortunately had a bit of bleeding last night and carrying on thus morning so I'm going to docs at 10.10am.  I'm trying to stay positive but I've got a bad feeling as I'm a bit crampy too. 🙁 x 

  • Morning hun, oh no I hope you're feeling okay? Is the bleeding heavy? Cramps could be normal as theres a lot going on at the moment down there!

    Fingers crossed for you, please let me know how you get on xx

  • Hi guys, 

    so i took mt test this morning and it was pregnant! ir says i am around 4-5 weeks, going to the doctors tomorrow to talk, i am so nervous due to previous mc but keeping mt fingers crossed. 

    my oh carnt believe it untill we have been to the doctors to get it confirmed! 

    congratulations to all!xxx

  • Thank you and I will do.  The bleeding isn't heavy but it's noticeable and I'm really scared, I don't think my boobs feel as sore either but it's hard to know what is your imagination in the circs and what is real.

    I don't feel bad, had cramps mainly in early hours but no blood on pad overnight. I really hope it's nothing OH is on standby in case I get sent to our EPU and I'll definitely let you know.  Xx 

  • Welcome bonnie312 - congratulations again and sorry to hear of your loss - wishing you a super sticky bean. 

    Sorry to read about your spotting Danizoe, please do keep us posted. We have everything crossed for you. 

  • okay Danizoe, thinking of you. X

    welcome Bonnie! Congrats on your bfp!

    I'm officially 5 weeks today! praying I make it for many more weeks to come.X

  • thank you danielle!. 

    thank you jade! i am not sure on dates yet! how long was you trying?x

  • Do you know when you ovulated/ last day of your first period? Mine LMP was 1st March so thats 5 weeks from today.

    We've been trying since last July, although I did get pregnant in October which ended in miscarriage at the end of Nov, and another early (chemical) MC in January. So I am hoping this is my third time lucky!! 

    How long were you trying? x

  • i have all the information on my ipad but i believe it was around the same time, 

    sorry to hear! i hope thos bean is very sticky and keeps for you! 

    we have been trying since March 2015, i had a mc in december 2015 and been trying since x

  • Hi ladies...good news, doc said what I'd described didn't sound like anything to worry about and she had a feel of my stomach and said all seems well. She said to go back if I get severe bleeding/cramps and she'll try put me through for an early scan but she tested me again and still positive so hopefully everything will be fine.

    She said to stay off work for the rest of the week and see how I feel next week. I was meant to be going on a hen weekend this weekend but I think I'm going to leave it, I feel like chilling out at home with my OH.

    Best of luck to us all and thank you for your kind thoughts xx 

  • Pleased for you Danizoe. Try and take it easy now, relax and put your feet up as much as possible! 

    Everything crossed for all of us to have sticky beans x

  • glad everhthing is ok danizoe, how far are you? x

  • Thanks Jadeelx and Bonnie, my feet are well and truly up I'm going to have a nap in a little while :)

    I'm 6 weeks today, first pregnancy so everything is making me extra nervous...what about you Bonnie?  Xx 

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