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Due in November 2017



  • No this is my first, last pregnancy ended with MC just shy of 10 weeks. Still got to experience all the lovely (or no so) symptoms lol x

  • oh sorry to hear that, lets hope this bean sticks! 

  • Me too! 😍

  • just want today to hurry and go to the doctors lol 

  • Haha you'll be there before you know it!

  • Hi everyone,
    Sorry to butt in your chat, but we were hoping you might be able to help us out if you have a moment? We would love to have your feedback on what you think about the MadeForMums chat forum - we would dearly love to hear from as many of you as possible, and if you could pop over to this thread to give us some feedback, that would be wonderful. 
    Thank you so much! 

  • only 4 hours to go haha! 

  • just finnished at my appointment, its all been confirmed and i have a midwife appointment on the 29th march! 😁😁

  • Awww lovely Bonnie, bet you can't wait :) it will be here before you knowill it then it's scan countdown ....yay! 

  • so exciting! you have your appointment next week, you looking forward to it? you will have to let us know how it goes x

  • Great news Bonnie!

    How are you feeling today danizoe x

  • Hi all, Can I join? I was due af last Thurs, didn't arrive but I did have some (tmi) old blood.. Presumed it was af starting but nope.. Took test Sat morning and thought there was a very feint line.. Took another Sunday and Monday,cb digi was negative tues but positive yesterday and digi conception test said 2-3 for me today. This was a surprise for us but most welcome. I have had 5 mc in the past and am a nervous wreck.. I have another 3 tests in the press. A digi to keep until Monday to see if it changes to 3+ and two tesco tests to see if lines get darker.

    I am only 4_+ 2 and now due until 14th November. No symptoms at all and wish I had some. No sore boobs or taste or headaches.. Hope all is going ok. Have booked early scan with gp for 28th March.. No one at all knows yet, afraid to tell people as this will be no5.. We were having only 4. I know we are extremely lucky and I am v v grateful. I just hope this is a sticky bean.

    Congratulations to you all and I hope that we will all have all the months of the year to share ahead. Roll on some symptoms x

  • Can't wait until my appt Bonnie, I know it's all already real but it will make everything seem very real which Im looking forward to :) 

    I've been good today thanks Jade, felt full of energy earlier so did loadsa bits n bats but I've had a mega slump this afternoon, v tired.

    How are you both feeling? Have you got any weekend plans? 

    Have you got the Emma's diary and bounty apps? I picked up my bounty gift box and emmas mum to be freebie packs today...They've got some decent bits and bats in there. 

    Welcome Mummy2 and I bet this is a worrying yet exciting time for you. Congratulations and I'm sure you'll be experiencing symptoms anytime :)

  • Welcome and Congrats Mummy2! I'm sure your symptoms will be here before you know it.

    Thats great Danizoe! Hows the bleeding situation, has it calmed down? Oh no, I didn't know about Emmas Diary, I will have a look at that :)

    Well I've done the self referral now, so I'm sure I'll get my scan date in the post pretty soon. Last time (MC) they sent the scan date out within a week, took the midwife 2 weeks more to get in touch lol. I hope I don't have the same midwife, that one was quite scatty and during the booking in appointment she asked me if I ever suffer from domestic violence/abuse- in front of my husband! She's supposed to ask him to leave the room for those questions. Not that I am obviously but she was so scatty skipping through the questions.

    I started on my progesterone cream until I can get the pessaries next week. I haven't had any spotting now for 2 days, yay! 

  • Hi everyone and welcome new mums to be! Today we went to choose our wedding venue! we are going for march next year as the bean put all this years plans on hold! But nervous about having a five month old baby at the ceremony but it has to be done sometime right!? X

  • Hi Mummy2bagain, welcome to MFM and congratulations! We're so sorry to hear of your miscarriages: we'd like to wish you the stickiest of beans. 

  • The bleeding has almost stopped so I'm very glad about that , I know what the doc said but it's still a bit scary...sooo glad that your spotting has stopped too Jade we don't need the worry! 

    I was reading about the booking appt and like you said the mw is meant to ask you things like that alone just in case....hope you get a different one too, I'll want to feel like I'm in safe hands! My ex mother in law is a retired mw and she lives v near to me plus we get on v well do might be visiting her for advice if I'm not impressed with mine ;)

    I'd not heard about progesterone supplements before coming on here...hope they help. Let us know when you've got a scan date too :)

    Wow Erica, that will be nice your little boy or girl will be able to look back at the pics and know they were there to celebrate your big day! 

  • thank you danizoe! your appointment will be here before you know it! 

    i am out tomorrow night my work girls was ment to be meal and drinks but just meal for me now! haha 

    oo no i will have a look!! 

    congratulations mummy we arw all here together so dont worry! 

    aw erica that sounds lovely!!x

  • Thank you girls.. It's already busy here which is great. I hope all your appts come around quickly..

    Danizoe its great that tyour mil was a mw, I'd def be chatting to her, she will only be too delighted to help :-) Glad to hear the bleeding has almost stopped too, that's a relief :-)

    Ericas, yay to booking your wedding, having it only 5 months after this little one will keep you all the more focused and like has been said, how lovely to share your day with your little one. Also you will have plenty of help on hand I'm sure. You'll have to have a babysitter so as you can have a great night :-)

    Jadelex, I was on cylogest on my last pregnancy as had 4 of the 5 mc's in the year before that.. Took the suppositoies until 13 weeks, was exp but worth it :-) Havent thought about it much this time, wonder should I ask my gp about it. I hope you get a better mw this time, when will you find out?

    Well I feel absolutely fine, it's the forst evening in about 2 weeks that I'm not froxen with the cold..

    Have a good night all :-) 

  • Oh wow congrats Ericas! Its going to be amazing with a little 5 month old :)

    Yay to that Danizoe, its so reassuring to have the spotting stop isn't it.

    Enjoy your night out/meal Bonnie :) I can't wait to see my husband on Sunday... so looking forward to eating all the lovely turkish food hehe.

    Thanks for the info Mummy2. Yeah I'll be starting the suppositories on Sunday so just praying it all works out. I'm only 5+1 at the moment, so I think i'll book an early scan for around 2 weeks time to see whats going on in there. 

    Can I just say the weather today in London was so warm! I had 18 degrees on my phone at one point, took the dog for a walk and came home sweating lol

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