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  • jade how do you go about booking a early scan? 

    thank you i will try haha! oo enjoy! does he work away?x

  • When I had my MC the nurse said, next time you become pregnant you will be anxious, so come in from 7 weeks and we will scan you to make sure all is well. So there is that option, however I am not sure how straight forward it will be to just turn up at the EPU and say hey I want a scan because I'm anxious.. I will probably just pay to have one done privately as it will be a nice positive experience for me hopefully, EPUs aren't nice places.

    I'll probably actually try and wait until 8 weeks because last time I had a scan at 7 weeks and still miscarried, so maybe I'll try and scan a bit further along.

    Are you thinking of having one? X

  • oh that sounds ok then, 

    yeah i asked the midwife women on the phone but she said i carnt just have one without bleeding or pain, but said if i spoke to my doctor and said i am feeling anxious due to 2 mc then they will refer me,  but like you i might pay private, she also said until 6 weeka there is no point, so i might do 8 weeks x

  • Okay thats exciting. I wonder if our due dates will change along the way or if they will stick to the 8th 😍

  • they will probably change on our 12 week scans haha, my grandads birthday is on the 11th he has told me to be 3 days late haha!

  • Hey girls.

    Bonnie, enjoy your night out and the yummy food without feeling calorie guilt he he :-)

    Jadeelx, lucky you heading off on holidays, enjoy every moment and plenty of rest :-)

    Danizoe & Erica, are you both doing ok today?

    Hope I'm not missing anyone, ny apolgies if I am.

    I had what I thought was a bit of morning sickness this am.. Feel fine again now. only 4+3 so still v v early.. Home now and v anxious again. Testing daily, test bwcame positive quicker but not necessarily darker.. Cancelled a night out 2 night with my 2 best friends as they would guess in a milisecond.. They are not impressed but I want to get a few weeks on and tell my mam and dad first.. scared of that lol..

    Have a nice Friday all x

  • Thanks Mummy2! Yeah I've had touches of morning sickness over the last few days, but nothing too serve yet. I think it will gradually increase over this next week lol. 

    I actually did another test this morning and its come up strongest line yet, so yay I'm still pregnanttt.. Last week though I had the same thing, they didn't get darker everyday but still showing up quickly. I left it for a few days and now have noticed the difference x

  • Thank you mummy i will try! no pudding thought aa i gave up chocolate and pudding for lent!!

    thankfully i havent had morning sickness yet i dread it to come! 

  • I have been eating small gherkins wrapped in Emmental cheese everyday for the last 3 days. I think this is my first craving lol

  • Ooooo Jade, that sounds a bit yum! Some tomato salsa to dip the gherkin into and I think you'd be onto a winner there :)

    I'm on a hen weekend at the mo in a beautiful 6 bed cottage in Ilkley, it's absolutely gorgeous. It's my oh's sisters hen so she knows I'm pregnant but I'd planned to keep it from the others by saying I'm on antibiotics so no booze but that lasted about half an hour as one of em guessed! Was nice to be able to talk about it though so no harm done.  Having a facial today which will be nice followed by afternoon tea and a nice meal out.

    Jade, I hope you have a lovely time in Turkey and I hope the rest of you lovely ladies have fab weekends  :)

  • Oh Danizoe, sounds wonderful. What I wouldn't do for a couple of nights away :0) Enjoy every moment... Oh and lovely to be able to share your great news.. I think as soon as antibiotics are ever mentioned anymore he first thing people will say is "oh shes pregnant"

    I woke up absolutely wrecked this morning and I've felt great the past week in am.. Think the symptoms are going to pick up a gear, I've always had sickness bad in pregnancy, I hate it (but then worry when I'm not sick, im never happy ha)

    Hope you all have a great day, I'm waiting on furniture delivery. Got new floors down this week and stairs were redone. Going out to buy paint today and a few bits for my new sitting room.. Excited to see it all finished, if it ever gets finished.. we are in house 12 years  and built a bit extension a few years ago but now we are doing it up again.. It'll keep me occupied. 

  • Hi Everyone!

    Congratulations to you all! I'm a Smiley Mum of 2 (the scan profile pic is my first born!) and expecting our third! Super happy!

    According to my LMP dates, I'm 5 weeks due on the 8th BUT I know I ovulate late so I think I'm actually 4 weeks today so due on the 18th Nov!

    So far only my Husband and Mum know. I think I'll wait another week before making a doctor's appointment - don't want to leave it too late as it gets busy here and I'd like to secure a scan date.

    So far my sense of smell is incredibly sensitive, i'm feeling nauseous (eating a lot of dry crackers) and getting headaches. It's funny - you're never so happy to feel like crap eh! During the moments when I feel completely normal, it's hard to imagine and believe the magic happening inside. Incredibly cheesy but true!

    Wishing everyone luck, sticky baby dust and good health! xxx

  • congratulations Smiley!! 

    so my night out was terrible! only my boss knows out of my work friends i was the designated driver so thats my excuse haha! everyone was drinking having a laugh and i was sat on my own! so i shal not be going out before my 12 weeks again! 

    i woke up this morning with a cramp/stich pain in my stomach which made me worry but am ok now! 

    has anyone thought about getting a doppler? how early can you use them?

  • Bonnie, did you need to use the toilet badly? I had a stitch cramp earlier and of course was worried but as soon as I went to the toilet it eased right off.  Sorry it wasnt a good night for you, I ahte going out when pregnant. I cancelled a night out tonight, mostly because people would know if I wasnt drinking but also because I just dont enjoy it.. I like to have a few drinks when I go out, thats my whole point in getting out ha.. Appently dopplers can scre the libing daylights out of mothers because as babies are so small thy move a lot and it can be hard to detect a heartbeat. Of course there are loads of women who get them but I don't think I could deal with the panic..

    Welcome Smiley Mum and a huge congratulations :-) you sound very like me, willing the symptoms on.. I hope you get sme relief from the nausea and at least can eat..

    Hope everyone is enjoyinh their saturdays.

    Im exhausted today.. not too bad now but was so wrecked earlier.. Heading out for a coffee or hot choc with my friend in a little while and looking forward to it :-)

  • Congrats Smiley! 

    Bonnie I wouldn't worry too much, its probably as Mummy2 said. There is so much going on down there so I think its normal to have a few aches and pains along the way.

    Today I had an insane (TMI warning) amount of CM! I was standing in the kitchen and all of a sudden, I felt a woosh as if I just started my period. Obviously due to my spotting escapades I was worried so I rushed to the toilet and I found all this CM. I had a look online, it seems to be normal but it was shocking lol

    I'm also exhausted today, went shopping but cut the trip short in favour of coming home to have a quick nap. Really cant be bothered packing for tomorrow!

  • i carnt go to the toilet, i feel i need it but carnt go any help haha? 

    hope you have fun mummy! 

    has it cleared up now jade? i keep having lots of cm to! but not that bad 

    hope you have lots of fun!

  • Hi All, 

    Congratulations on your BFPs.  I got mine on Wednesday.  Hubby is refusing to believe it until 12weeks! I'm 6 weeks Monday according to my dates.

    I have a hen do next weekend and hubby's 30th party to get through before we can announce though....I too was going to use the antibiotics trick! 

    Feels odd not talking about it! 

    Been feeling fine really, just a bit queasy but keeping it at bay by eating and drinking little bits almost constantly. 

    Reading in to all these feelings is quite stressful not knowing if everything is going well or not! 

  • Maybe its a water infection Bonnie? Might be worth seeing a GP if it continues.

    Its not been too bad before today, just had a surge today I guess lol... seems to have gone back to normal now. I just thought how strange!

    Congrats and welcome Joojoo!

  • Hi Smiley Mum, welcome back to the forum (we can see you were around a while ago!) and huge congratulations - so lovely to have you back here. 

    Hello Joojoo, welcome to you too and congratulations! It's great to have you here.

    We hope everyone is having a good weekend so far?

  • congratulations and welcome jojo! 

    yeah al see how i go this week and possibly go, might just be nothing! i have had a busy day always moving need to calm down haha! 

    haha well am glad its gone now! 

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