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  • Hi all just found out yesterday that I am pregnant lol. My period was 4 days late it is never late usually very early just felt funny while breastfeeding my 11 months old, lightheaded. I thought was due to sleep exhaustion but when I checked my calendar was surprised after much deliberation did the test. 

    Our ideal gap would have been 24 months but I am still very grateful to God.I have friends that have been trying for years and still waiting.

    I also just gone back to work from maternity leave, it wasn't easy at work as they had two key staff off on maternity leave and on my return I was asked what my plans were I said we needed a gap...............

    Anyways if you have been pregnant and breastfeed would love to hear from you.We had some tears today as I tried to give formula via sippy cup. He hates bottles just won't suck once he realises it is milk will take water from the bottle, cup etc.

    This forum was fab during my first pregnancy journey and looking forward to sharing this second experience as well.

  • Bonnie, do you mean  you cant pass water or you are constipated? If it is the feeling you need to wee then it could be a kidney infection or uti which would explain the stitch feeling.. If it is the other than I swear by 2 kiwi and 1 pear every morning chopped up together.. It most def works :-) Have to go and read all the rest of the posts as just wanted to answer that in case I forgot.

  • Oh welcome to our new ladies, congratulations, I hope you are all well and happy pregnancies x

  • Hi fludu! We're so glad to see you here and huge congratulations!!! A little brother or sister for Tim! We are so happy for you. 

  • Thanks, @DanielleMFM we haven't broken the news yet. Just hubby and my mum. 

  • Congrats and welcome Fludu! 

  • Im emily im not really even sure if i am pregnant but i would be due in November.. i just took 6 pregnancy test all blue dye in the last 2 day but there faint postive maybe yall could help on your tthoughtsimage

  • Hi Emily yeah can see the faint line. Congrats,  you should repeat it again in 1-2 weeks it can be tough to wait. the hormone level is low because it is too early. Some kits won't pick it up this early. 

  • Hi all! I'm currently 6w3d and hopefully due Nov 2nd. I'm hoping I have a little fighter in there and it makes it! 

  • Hi Emily, I can see a faint line too. Take another test in a few days to check for sure.

    Welcome Katie, congratulations xx postitive vives x

  • Good morning ladies.. How is everyone today? I had no tests in house this am, only a cb digi conception indicator.. As I'm not due to see a 3+ for another couple of days I refused to use it and worry myself over it.. so up I got and drove to tesco (yes I am this paranoid after 5mc) The "pregnant" line is darker than the test line today which I am so delighted about.. And my boobs are a little sore.. It's all reassuring.

    How has everyones weekend been? Have any symptoms kicked in for anyone at all yet and what are they?

    We are headed to my mil for dinner and then she is minding kids for dh and I to go get some groceries and bits for the house.. Looking forwrad to the hour out with him as it doesnt happen very often.. Also he plays in a band so he is playing tonight and working 12 hours tomorrow and Tuesday..

    Congrats to all our new ladies again, this page seems to be getting loads of posts which is great :-)

    Have a good day all.. 4+5 today.. 16 days until scan, I cannot wait :-)

  • Hi Katie1490, welcome to MadeForMums and congratulations! Will this be your first? 

  • No this will be my 4th.. Does the test look positive to you?

  • Hi Jwl1462, we're sorry we can't comment on your test, but if you wanted to start a new thread on the forum, you'll likely reach lots moe people who might be able to advise you. Just click on the pink Start a Thread button and post away. 

  • Hi  thanks Danielle. Yes it will. We lost our baby last year at 13weeks so hopefully this one stays put :)

  • Oh Katie1490, wishing you a super sticky bean x

  • Hi everyone, welcome to the new ladies and I hope you're all having a good weekend. 

    I'm back from the hen weekend I went to but I've just been to the toilet and I'm bleeding again. Not loads and not clots but it's red and I'm really scared. I'm not having any cramps but I'm worried. I know I can't really do anything apart from resting and seeing how things go but its making me scared... X 

  • congratulations and welcome newbies! wishing you all sticky beans!! 

    feel like am going to go crazy every time am at the toilet am thinking am going to be bleeding and its not going to stick! this 12 weeks scan needs to hurry so ino everyrhing is okay!

    oh danizoe try to keep positive! some women have periods all through there pregnancies! if you feel its bad just go back to the doctors and get checked! 

  • Danizoe hun try and calm down, please don't panic. My advice would be to take yourself up to EPU first thing in the morning, dont waste your time at the GP. 

    I was told by midwife that bleeding in pregnancy is very common (more common than you know), however it is not normal so you best get it checked out. It could still even be IB coming down.

    Sending you hugs my dear x

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