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Due in November 2017 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in November 2017 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Great stuff thanks Danielle x

  • Thank you ♡ I hope that hasn't been a trouble for anyone.

  • Hello!

    Im going to order mine probably the first week of October, it only takes a few days to arrive so im not in a rush... getting the Chameleon in grey. Also same for car seat, will probably get that sorted at the same time. I'm getting the Doona as it's on wheels and looks like my life will be much easier with it! 

    Going for a big shop next weekend to get all the essentials... then can spend the rest of the time preparing my hospital bag and washing little baby clothes :)


  • I'm 31 weeks on Monday. My first was born at 32 weeks. Major paranoia right now...x 

  • Ah Karen I'm sure it must be a very anxious time, am thinking of you. Just remember this pregnancy is not like your last xx

  • How do you get your husband to understand that you need a hospital bag? 😅 He's so stubborn sometimes I swear. He's convinced that I won't be needing to clean myself after our son is born. Boy, he's in for a surprise.

  • Thank you jade. You are right, it is a completely different pregnancy. But I have been showing small signs of developing pre eclampsia. Hoping it's nothing. X 

  • I'm sure you'll be fine but you know sometimes they like making grand entrances! Please don't stress yourself if you don't need to hun. Just relax and have faith your little one won't pull any surprises 😊 I don't think it's likely to happen a second time.

  • ill be keeping my fingers crossed for you, will you be seeing the midwife this week?

    Mochi I've never heard of that before! Maybe sit down with him and show him a baby and mum hospital check list and go through each item with him and explain what everyrhing is for. It might sound tedious but could help him understand? It's a pretty basic ask though! 

    Im still here in Tunisia itching to get back. I'm supposed to be having my 31 week midwife today but it's been pushed back to next fri when I'm back. I keep feeling anxious that baby is small or something? I'm sure everything's normal but missing the reassurance of my lovely midwife. I have a doctor appointment on Monday here as I need a Tunisian doctor to examine me 48 hours before the flight, maybe he will be able to check the bump.


  • Thanks Danielle! We've got our pram but it's at my mum's house as she is superstitious, but we have the car seat at ours ready to be fitted :) We went for the britax affinity 2, tried it at a baby show and loved it!

    Does anyone else keep getting paranoid movements have slowed down? Every few days I have a minor panic for about five minutes, lay down on my side and it immediately starts wriggling away - I think I just don't notice the movements sometimes now because I am used to them!

    Had the GTT on Monday, wasn't too bad just boring and came back clear, and 28 week checkup all good! Just counting down until I can leave work now... 6 weeks to go :D

  • Stylish! Omg yes me! Every few days I work myself up, have I felt him, he's been quiet, then I poke and he pokes back but I'm still not satisfied lol.

    Thats why I can't wait to get home, its been nice spending time with my husband but I am missing the security of the health care Xx

  • Ah Jade what a nightmare for you. At least you are getting some time together though. 

    Stylish I found the GTT fine too. I just read a magazine and chilled feeling the little blob swish around in there. My movements are pretty regular and always from 8.30pm for a few hours, so when I felt not much for 12 hours it was noticeable. Glad I got checked. Yesterday's movements were different, like little hand tickles all day. I think the bigger they get the less they kick out and it is more wobbles and nudges etc. 

    Our pram is in the shop ready for us, gone for the silver cross surf 3, but they said we can just collect when ever. 

    ive bought the non bio washing powder ready for a sunny weekend to get the clothes out on the line. Hubby still got to  the wardrobes yet and chest of draws is on order. 

    Eek I just can't wait. I had my 12 months off work confirmed too and I've recruited cover for my job, so I know it's in good hands. 

    Karen fingers crossed you will be totally fine this time. It is a worry though. 


  • Hi all,

    We got our pram a few months ago but it's at my grandparents house at the moment.  It's the only thing we have got sorted need to get everything else now baby's room is almost finished. 

    I don't have much of a pattern with movements it often gives me a scare  :-/ 

  • I read that sometimes mother's don't notice a pattern and some notice it between 28-30 weeks 😊 its possibke you're like me and just don't notice a pattern but as long as your little one is moving then all is fine.

  • Yes I  trying to relax a bit more and not get so paranoid the last few days movements have been a lot stronger and often painful suppose baby is starting to run out of room in There! 

    Just wondered what carseats people were going for? We are considering the joie spin 360 which is for birth-4 years thinking this one because I don't want one that fits on the pram and this one will work out cheaper on the long run as we won't be spending 150+ on one now and then same again in a year's time reviews are really good aswell. Only downside is it stays in the car x

  • Laura I'm getting the Doona car seat, it has extendable wheels so easy for moving baby without having to hold the heavy seat and good for quick stops when out in the car, as saves me having to get the full pram out of the boot. X

  • We've got the pram ordered and it's in the shop waitig we've got the silvercross pioneer and cocoon bassenet for the first few months.  Got most of the furniture for the babies room but hardly nothing in the way of clothes, nappies, and feeding stuff ect. Although we Was waiting to till we move to get anything and have only been here less than 2 week But I'm starting to worry now. :/ 

    anyone else feel unorganised? 

  • In a bid to feel more organised we wrote a list last night. Its the first time I'd say we had a proper conversation about impending parenthood! Ha! 😂

  • I wrote a list too the other day! Haha. Now I feel clear minded as to what I need to go and get. 

    i had a surprise scan today. As I'm in tunisia I need a new fit to fly note for my flight home on weds, so came to visit an obstetrician who as part of the antenatal check, scanned me. It was the most thorough check ive ever had! He checked my cervix and said I had discharge (which i was aware of) but gave me a prescription as i seem to have quite a lot. Saying that I did notice quite an increase in the amount I was having over the last week. Then he did an internal scan to check the length of my cervix, which is still long and no signs of labor (thank you lol) and finally proceeded to do a normal abdominal scan!! Baby is fine still good position and measuring on track, weighs in at about 3lbs10 at 31+3 which is good he said. Also he weighed me and I am 79.5kg 😱.. so that's 16kg gained so far which is more than average but i feel fine no doctor or midwife has ever commented on it being too high.. will have to just keep an eye on it I guess!!

    i have arranged a private hypnobirthing course finally, first session on Sunday at home so very much looking forward to that. 

  • Ah jade that's really good. Don't worry about the weight though. I've done for 65kg to 85kg lOl. 

    All sounds good your end. 

    Ive also made a list and found a bouncer that is a 3 in 1 so it's versatile. Just need to buy it all now but going to wait until October when the nurs is painted and I have space x

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