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The Due in November 2017 Big Birth Announcement Thread!

Hello everyone!

Well, November 2017 is around the corner, and we know we're expecting some babies soon from the Due in November 2017 birth club, so we thought we'd get this special thread underway for all your birth announcements.

Please use it to tell us all about your labour and birth, and your first moments with your newborn – and we'll come and shower you with congratulations! (And if you fancy posting a picture too, we'd love that!)

Good luck everyone! We can't wait to hear all about your baby's first few moments!




  • My ideal birth: local birth centre, waterbirth, relaxed and peaceful.

    My actual birth story: Waters broke at 3.30am at exactly 37 weeks (Sunday).  Rang the midwife and went in at about 9am to check it was waters and do usual checks blood pressure etc. At this stage not having contractions, so booked in for an induction Monday if nothing has progressed.

    Head back to birth centre at 7.30pm for another check. Not much has changed some contractions but not overly regular.

    Head back into birth centre at 1am as contractions were stronger and longer. Only to be told that they cannot feel my cervix at all. Aka still high and so nowhere near having a baby.

    Ring main hospital at 4am where induction is booked for as pain is getting a bit much and all in my back. Get told contractions aren't regular enough to come in, and to take a paracetamol and have a bath. Which I do.

    Contractions got stronger after the bath. But I assume that they are still not enough for going to the birth centre so Head in to hospital arriving at 10am ish. By arrival Contractions are now thick and fast. Get shoved straight into delivery room and checked to find out i am 9cm dilated with just a small cervical lip keft 

    From here the contractions slow a lot, I get a little dehydrated so have a bag of fluid attached. They also add a hormone drip to up my contractions as they had slowed to 2 sometimes 3 in 10.

    Pushing started at 2.30pm. From here we didn't progress much even though apparently I was pushing like a goddess. And baby's heartbeat started to suffer as she got squashed in the birth canal. So decision was made for forceps. Not my quiet birth centre waterbirth I had planned on.

    Baby girl was born at 4.08 with 2 pushes once forceps were on. Delivered Straight onto me (had quite a short cord) and had delayed cord clamping. 

    Overall not my ideal as had a cut, some internal tearing, what seemed like several hundred stitches, and I lost 1litre of blood. However me and baby are fine and honestly I had forgotten what it was all like the moment it was over! 

    Stayed in hospital for 24hour obs due to risk of infection from water breaking so early into labour. 

  • Thank you so much for sharing your birth story Joojoo, and we're sorry it didn't go as planned, but thankfully you're both ok and your baby girl is here! We'd love to know her name, if you fancy sharing it. 

  • Sorry you didn't get the birth you were hoping for. But great to hear you are both healthy and well :) Does she have a name yet? Did you know you were expecting a girl? X 

  • Joojoo am sorry you didn’t get the experience you planned, but never mind as overall the plan was to have a baby right? And you did that amazingly well!! 

    Congrats again, can’t wait to know her name and see what she looks like!

    How amazing that we have a birth announcment thread X

  • I agree with Jade!

    Also, we'd all love to know what you've named your little girl and maybe a picture or two?

  • Thanks guys. Although not my ideal birth I was very open-minded about what could/would happen so I am not upset that I didn't get what I wanted as it's better that we were just both safe. And I really did forget everything the moment she was out so that's good! 

    I would like to introduce baby Ivy.image

  • Congratulations joojoo. She’s gawjus. 

    Cant believe we are all going to meetour little ones on the next month or so. It’s excitingly daunting. Lol 

  • Joojoo - look at your beautiful Ivy - we are so thrilled for you! Wonder who will be next? 

  • Hi all, if you have posted your birth story here, please do PM your name and address so we can send your baby gift. 

  • So, my first was born by emergency section. Which meant that the entire pregnancy this time I was weighing up elective section or VBAC. I kept changing my mind. Eventually I thought I had decided on an elective section - it would lower the chances of an emergency section. Whereas the success rate of vbacs for people with my risks wasn't great. But when I spoke to my consultant, she could sense I was hesitant. We made the agreement that I would have weekly appointments, and then decide a latest date we would give me to go in to natural labour...

    I had an incident of reduced movement on halloween. Babe was monitored, but his heart rate appeared rather fast and wasn't coming down particularly well. I was also contracting (despite not being able to feel it). Eventually that all settled down and I was allowed home. 

    On the evening of 2nd november, I said to my partner that I didn't feel very well and was going to bed. He was concerned, and phoned work to say he wouldn't be in the following day. Which was lucky, as the next morning I felt awful! Dizzy, sick, my BP was up and down to the extreme. And I noticed I was having reduced movements. I phoned the hospital and they asked me to come in. Once there, they hooked us up to the monitor. His heart rate was, again, very rapid. And my obs weren't great. The consultant was paged and came to speak to us. After a long chat, we decided together that it was safer for baby to be born asap. I had already had steroids, so they were happy for the section to happen that day. I expressed my concerns about another emergency section. We came to the agreement that, if everyone was happy and me and him remained stable but under observation, I could be admitted to the ward, and an elective section would take place that afternoon. Which I agreed to. But any signs of his or my health deteriorating, I would be taken straight down for an emergency. 

    The section itself was so calm and relaxed, nothing like my first. Everyone was chatty and happy, the room itself was light and airy, with the radio playing. My partner was sat by my side.He came out crying, then started sucking his thumb. And then attempted to latch on to EVERYTHING that went near his mouth haha.

    Due to the side effects of the spinal, I requested that he wasn't put on me in theatre, but I was given the opportunity to breastfeed as soon as I stopped shaking in recovery. Which we did :) and he latched like a pro!! Fortunately my daughter hasn't been put off, so I am happily tandem feeding ♡imageimageimageimage 

    💙 Fletcher Louis Page 💙 03/11/17 💙 15.23 💙 7lb 2oz 💙

  • (I have no idea why that picture posted 5 times - sorry haha!) 

  • He is gorgeous Karen and great news that your doctor was good to be flexible in approach to keep you both safe but try to get you a better birth. X

  • I know I posted on the other post about Iris's birth but thought would share on here aswell.

    Induction was booked for 30th October when I was 37+2 due to me having type 1 diabetes. We arrived on the Labour ward at 12 and was examined at 2pm by the doctor who said my cervix was still quite high so it wasn't possible to break my waters so they inserted the pessary. It was quite uncomfortable but we managed to go for a walk and get a coffee by 5pm I was starting to feel some discomfort but was managing fine. At 7pm I was more uncomfortable so had a soak in the bath which helped the midwife then brought me a birthing ball but by this point I was really uncomfortable and in pain I had already had 2 paracetamol earlier on but they hadn't touched it. At 9pm the midwife out me back on the monitor which showed I was having at least 7 contractions every 10 minutes which the midwife said was too many she examined me though and said that she was struggling to get to my cervix so she fetched the Dr to examine me who found my cervix and confirmed I was in Labour: -) because of the intensity of thr contractions I decided to have some dia morphine which was amazing it didn't take the pain away completely but I felt so relaxed even managed to doze! At 3.30am I was examined again and the dr was able to break my waters as soon as she had done that the contractions intensified I asked for more pain relief they were reluctant to give me more dia morphine as the first lot had made baby sleepyso I asked for an epidural but the anaethetist was held up in intensive care so I used the gas and air. By 8am I was fully dilated and the anaethetist was around but the midwife said she didn't see the point in me having epidural as by time it was in I could well have a baby. They left me till almost 9 to recover before starting to push however it soon came clear that not much was happening with the pushing. After half hour of pushing the consultant came in and said he thought it was best to take me to theatre to have a spinal anaesthetic and try forceps or ventouse. It all went a bit mad from there I had to sign a consent form and had the anaethetist talking to me as well as still having contractions and still having to push to try ans move baby. Once im theatre the spinal was done i was examined and the Dr decided it wasn't safe to deliver vaginally even with assistance so the decision was made to do a c section. Again at that point everything went crazy there were lots of people in the room and I was scared although relieved that the end was in sight. Baby was born at 1041 my husband was brave enough to watch them lift her out they took her into the room next door and dried her off then brought her straight back and she was put skin to skin with me. I hadn't done a birth plan as I dont think you can plan these things in an ideal world I would have had a completely natural birth but that wasn't to be but we are both healthy and happy and that's all that matters. 

  • image hi Danielle and thank you x

    My birth story is pretty straight forward this time. 

    (Due to previous problems with my first baby I opted to have a c-section for my 2nd and) for my 3rd little girl who arrived on mon 13th at 2.45pm weighing a tiny 7lb 13oz (my 2 other children were 9lb 11oz)

    We got to hospital at 12pm and was first on the list.. we had an amazing surgical team who took great care of us... one of the baby doctors took my phone to take pictures of Frankie arriving into the world as daddy couldn't stomach it 😂 we then got to have cuddles and pictures while I had my sterilisation and stitched up... last time I had a section my blood pressure dropped and I was violently sick etc but our anethetist was on the ball and did an amazing job to make sure I didn't miss any of the important bits x

    I got home on Tuesday after a bit of a rubbish experience with a midwife and am recovering well xx

  • I can't get over how beautiful all of your babies are! Makes me so anxious for my son's arrival 😍 You'll all make the greatest parents! 

    Hoping you all send us more pictures ♡♡♡

  • Aww mochi you will be grand I promise... the pain n hard things are quickly forgotten once they are placed in your arms xxx

  • Wow Laurah22, that is intense! We really hope you're healing now and Iris is well? We'd love to see a picture if you fancied sharing one too. 

  • Well my birth story for this time was fairly quick compared to my first and we’re home resting.

    So it all started with a bit of a show Sunday morning with no contractions just little aches all day long. My contractions started around half 5 yesterday morning every 5 minutes lasting between 30 seconds to 1 minute and by 9:15am they were every 2-3 minutes.

    Called triage and they advised to go into the Birth Centre to be examined. At 9:45am midwife examined me and said I was 4cm dilated, after 2 hours of active labour waters broke and after 20 minutes of pushing Mathan was delivered. For pain relief I only used gas and air as I had 2 friends who gave birth recently had epidurals and both had really bad side effects from it which put me off completely.

  • Advanced TMI warning 😁

    It started with a bit of a show last Tuesday which I didn’t really think much of, it was sort of clear and not bloody at all (I was expecting the ‘bloody show’). 

    I then had my consultant appointment later that day where she gave me a sweep, I had a favorable cervix and was 1cm dilated, and she could feel the baby’s head. Following the sweep I started having bloody mucus which she told me to expect, so I didn’t get too excited since I thought it was just a result of the sweep. 

    The next day (Weds), I had a bit of period type cramping in the morning but I didn’t think much of it, now thinking back I’m sure I had a few contractions. I went about my day as normal and went shopping, I ended up in Ikea where I noticed I was feeling quite wet. Since I was having the mucus I assumed it was still that, but when I went to the bathroom it wasn’t the mucus at all but instead a yellow stain was on my pad. I called triage who told me to come in, as soon as I did she asked to see my pad and immediately said that’s Meconium, don’t go anywhere your going straight to labour ward. Upon arriving at labour ward I was examined and still 1cm same as day before, so they gave me some gel to help bring things along, was told they need to leave it for 6 hours and they would come and check on me at 3am. No one came until 5am and basically the gel had no affect, so they started the syntocin drip at 530am. I had the drip which started off contractions, they were coming thick and fast and by 930am without pain relief I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore, well I more felt like I didn’t want to tire myself out completely as it was exhausting with no break between contraction, so asked for an epidural to be put in place. Before they did they wanted to examine me and found I hadn’t dilated at all, no change completely so they said due to the meconium they wanted baby delivered within 24 hours of waters breaking (2pm), and didn’t feel confident that I would be able to deliver within that time since after 4 hours I hadn’t done anything.  So they recommended an emergency c section which we went with. We went down to theatre which was hell on earth being pushed through the hospital in a gown having contractions feeling every single bump. When we arrived they did the spinal which failed so had to repeat it. Things went fast from there after the initial delay and Nasr Cillian Elhadi was born on Thursday 16th November at 11:28am weighing 3.695 Kg. 

    Although my birth plan went out of the window I am overjoyed to have my little boy here safe and sound 💙💙💙




  • Beautiful Jade.

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