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Due in November 2018 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in November 2018 peeps, as the original thread has become huge and now has so many pages, it's getting a bit hard to load.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.




  • Katiematey12 - I know that many girls are not getting scans, it just depends on the situation about your baby.. as our girl has smaller head + I have low placenta I have more frequent scans

    LoveElmo - they haven’t measured mine yet, as there is still a lot of time, so they will wait for later on but it is moving away, but at the moment I have no clue at how much has it moved..

    CristinaNov18 - my bump is so small 😃 nobody would guess that I am 8 months along 😃 but they don’t measure my bump here so I am safe 😃 no problems 😃 they do ultrasound to measure baby and that is important 😊 and she is growing as she should.. with regards to heartburn I am getting it too, but it seems to be better if I have yoghurt in the evening so I am sticking with that, however I heard about and old homemade remedy to drink water from grated potatoes on empty stomach, I heard about it from friends whom it helped a lot, I am not counting the kicks though, I know I am getting a lot so I am not bothered to count them 😃

    Gillush - welcome 😊 how is your pregnancy so far? 😊

    GH29 - I have 49 days until due date and it feels so close, I still need to do so much 😃 I haven’t prepared stuff for her, nor my hospital bag, and we are still working on her crib as hubby is making it and only bought wood for it last week 😃

    Sky123 - I am sorry to hear about your problem with bleeding, our little girl’s head is smaller than her belly/femur but it is growing week by week so we are not that bothered as I also have smaller head, but have they checked if your placenta is working well? maybe it is just the shape of the head.. and you know smaller head less to push out 😃

    How is everyone doing? I am so glad we all stayed 2 in 1 until this late so there is high chance we will be getting a lot of healthy babies yaaaay :) I am personally starting to struggle with pains under ribs and then quite low as well. I am sure our little lady is having many parties, as she is switching positions so often. I had her head down 3 weeks ago, then she again flipped butt down, then 2 days ago I was feeling her hiccups quite low and I was like yay she is head down probably, and this morning hiccups to the ribs :D so changed again, but now she is moving so low that she probably switched again, but no hiccups to even give me a chance to guess where is she (I am not sure what movement is what at this point, only when I get hard movements I am sure that is kick from leg, but apart from that no clue, but you should feel hiccups where the back is so I am trying to use that as a guide combined with the strong movements). 

  • Hi everyone, we hope you’re doing well. Can you help with any of these threads? 

    We wondered, do any of you know anything about being pregnant with a short cervix? If so, one member would love some advice over here. 

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    And finally, we have a new member who is pregnant and has had really bad pain in her upper body at night - any ideas

    Thank you ☺️ 

  • Packed the majority of the hospital bags this evening. Its getting scarily close now. 

    Im hoping the time goes quickly between now and then as im very impatient. My boyfriend would disagree though as he is decorating the whole of the upstairs of our house at the minute. I think its his way of nesting 😂

    How is everyone else doing? Anyone ekse of maternity leave yet?

  • I really need to pack my hospital bag but keep forgetting, maybe a task for this weekend. I just keep thinking I've got until at least my due date with him being my first baby but I've spoken to a few people recently that were early with their first so I need to get organised!

    I start maternity leave next Thursday and can't wait, I'm exhausted! We're having a work leaving lunch for me today and I've started clearing my desk so it definitely feels like it's happening now!

  • Sky123 - I still haven’t packed mine 😃 but I really hope to do it all this week and thus be ready for our little girl’s arrival no matter what 😊 do you have everything for the baby as well?

    GH29 - how is the bag packing going? 😃 I was away for the weekend so I won’t be able to do it just yet 😃 I also heard about first babies being both late and early, so we can’t really tell.. but 85%+ of babies are born in 39th week of pregnancy so that is mostly probable 😃 we will see

    How is everyone feeling with regards to pains of all sorts? :D my ribs hurt to much every day :/ even without kicks they just hurt, but just a little to go yaaay

  • Guys, just thought i should post this on the new thread so you all know dates: 

    Catj21 – 30 Oct - 💛
    CristinaNov18 – 2 Nov – girl
    Grd3 – 3 Nov - girl
    GH29 – 8 Nov -  boy
    Sky123 – 8 Nov- boy
    Kaya1312 – 9 Nov - Pink!
    Katiematey12 - 10 Nov - girl
    LoveElmo – 13 Nov - Pink!
    zgab16 - 13 Nov - blue 
    Lmc88x – 17 Nov - girl
    Everness – 19 Nov -  girl
    Lauren3004 – 20 Nov - girl
    Erithiel – 24 Nov – boy
    Bex94 – ?? Nov – blue
    Gillush-  End Nov

  • I've managed to pack baby's bag so at least he'll be suitably clothed to come home. I need to get on with packing mine but so far I just have toiletries. I'm thinking worse case scenario we'll have to ask a family member to nip to our house to collect some bits.

    Does anybody have any idea about how many layers they're thinking to bring baby home in? I've packed 2 outfits, each with a long sleeved vest, a sleepsuit with inbuilt socks, a hat and soft zip up jacket. I've also got his blanket packed. I was wondering if he needs his snow suit too but thought it might be a bit of a faff seeing as he can't wear it in his car seat. 

    I'm just feeling really tired and keep getting random aches and pains but I guess our bodies are prepping for the big day now!

  • Not wrote on the November thread for month but I’m due 8th November with a little boy which I will be calling Arlo! I can’t wait to meeting and starting to get very impatient roll on November!!!

  • Lovely to see you back here CBurrows. That's three babies all due on the 8th! Less than a month for you! 

  • Hi everyone, how are you all doing? Have we had any early births? 

  • No baby but am having some strange pains this evening and constant back ache. I hope this isnt the start as were supposed to have carpet fitted on wednesday. Such bad timing if so 😂

  • 38 weeks today. Had another growth scan last week which showed good growth so no more scans or extra monitoring. Sweep on due date xx

  • No baby yet, but Fri&Sat had 4-5 hours of contractions, felt like period cramps plus tightenings of the abdomen, Sun nothing and yesterday just a bit. We panicked on Fri as the bag was just half-packed, so while having contractions packed the rest and cleaned the flat :)

    I'll be 38 weeks in a few days, have a new scan to see how's the baby growing, hopefully she's not fallen off the graph, don't want induction, but will see then.

    I switched from raspberry leaf tea to supplements about a week ago, think they are stronger, they have very good reviews on Amazon, lots of women with shorter labours.

    I've also taken the colostrum kit from my midwife, I tried several techniques yesterday (youtube) and managed to get a few drops but not enough to collect. Will try to get more but at least I know that my body is ready and in case there's a problem with breastfeeding it will be just a case of getting a good latch.

    I feel better since I've stopped working, I still wake up in the night but I make up for it in the morning, waking up at 10-11, I feel so much better and rested now.

    Hope everyone is doing well x

  • Hello everyone, how are we doing? No shows yet, that is quite good at this proportion of month before DD 😃

    GH29 - with regards to baby clothes, I heard that you should generally dress them with one more layer than you have. I live in quite cold area but our little girl will be having vest with long sleeved sleepsuit and a fluffy onesie and throw on top in the car seatt + hat 😊

    Catj21 - I am glad your growth is fine just now 😊 just week to go for you! 😊

    CristinaNov18 - how are you doing? 😊 still no baby? I remember that you were saying it should be rather October baby..

    For me, there has been a bit of trouble.. I have been in the hospital for a week because of a young doctor freak-out, but we are out of the hospital and no problems :) currently still working on the mode of delivery as last week my placenta was still quite low lying (15mm from internal os) but I also have that vein somewhere down there and if that does not move up I would have to have C-sec as the combination of that low lying vein + placenta always ends in emergency c-sec even when trying normal delivery.. hoping for the vein to be out of the way as I would prefer normal delivery, but in the last few days I finally got fine with C-sec as I was quite scared of it (that young doctor said to me that it is 100% CS and that I have no say in that and she just stressed me a lot). I have my bag ready for hospital (as when I had my first hospitalisation I had not had it at all ready :D) and everything is prepped for our little girl, we are only waiting for the cot to be finished :) I am currently 36+2 and I have started to have Braxton hicks a lot more often this week, but I am hoping she will stay put until at least November :D 

  • Hi Everness,

    No baby yet. Had my last scan on Fri and she was estimated at 2.95kg, just below the 50 percentile so all good, didn't have to talk about induction, two weeks previously she was 2.3 and in danger of falling off the graph. I put this down to having more sleep and rest, being off work, stopped coffee and had more protein and fat.

    I've been having contractions almost every day since week 37 but not so bad as the ones at w37, still they can go on for 5-10 hours sometimes, but most days less, they feel like mild period cramps and my belly tightens.

    She's due on the 2ND of Nov but my dates are for 7-11. Will see. I'm looking forward to meeting her.

    Hope you have your normal delivery but even if it's a C-section most important is you and baby are fine. Don't worry about contractions, your body is just having a workout :)

  • CristinaNov18 - sounds good 😊 I am glad your little one is doing fine 😊 I am also at point of being soo anxious about meeting our little girl. My friend who was due 8-10th gave birth last Sunday and I am happy for her but sort of jealous too 😃 but I know it is good for our girl to wait still.. but when I’ll be 38 weeks I will start all the labour inducing things 😃 sex on top of that as we are not having any fun these days and I miss it so much with hormones.. I am getting used to the contractions, they are yet not so strong, only sometimes they get me off guard, but mostly it is fine. I am now only at home, most of the things ready so I can relax a bit finally 😊 seeing a consultant tomorrow for measurements of baby and placenta :) 

  • Hi ladies! 

    Im enjoying reading your updates!

    i have major placenta previa (grade 4) and we have a date for our c section - 12 November! Due date should be 23 November. Can’t wait to meet our baby girl! I would have loved to experience a natural labour for my first baby but as long as she is safe I don’t care! I’m 35 weeks + 6 today and I am getting what feels like period pain. She is lying transverse which is normal for placenta previa but she is right In my ribs! Very uncomfortable. I have had a bit of brown discharge (sorry TMI!) as if I’m coming off my period, which I was worried about, but midwife just said to keep an eye. If it gets worse it turns red go in. Has anyone else had anything like that?

    I’m just praying we don’t have a bleed as consultant said it would be like turning on a tap and I need to get to the hospital straight away as will Potentially be life threatening to both! Luckily we live 5 mins from our hospital! Both mine and baby’s bags are packed - we are still in the process of renovating our house! Just praying it’s done before she arrives! Typical! 

    Good luck to you all! 


  • Charlieg13 - I know the pain from having baby just under ribs, our girl was like that when that young medic was trying to take measurements, which lead to my hospitalisation 🤦🏻‍♀️ Bit of brown discharge can be the mucus plug, as that can start to go even a month before DD and some time before birth, if it is not fresh blood you should be fine, but with placenta praevia you really have to run for it if you bleed... 

  • thanks Everness! Good to know about the mucus plug - my mum thought it could be that too! 

    the aches and pains are getting so much worse now As baby gets bigger! our last growth scan she was in the 97% centile! 5lbs 9 Oz and she should Have been 2.9! So she’s a big baby too! I’m just glad I’m not going full term as I dont know how I would manovoure around at that point! It’s a struggle now! Haha 


  • We've just been catching up on this thread, and we thought it was time to kick off your very own The Big Birth Announcement Thread.

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