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  • @EvelynsMummy6390 thanks. Its a big adjustment this baby malarkey 😂 The pressure of making sure to do the right thing 🙈
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    edited Nov 25, 2019 4:54PM
    @Witmore26 my baby is on 4 ounces every four hours, we actually reduced day feeds to 3 ounces every three hours as she kept being sick after four.

    we were told to wake her to feed but we stopped that now as we were wrestling her to take her bottle when she clearly didn’t want it. I now lie to the health visitor as they got quite annoyed with me when I said she’s feeding every four hours! 

    Mam guilt is massive I gave up expressing this week which was a hard decision but for the best! If baby is putting on weight do what works for u! You’re doing great! Xx

    anyone going to any baby groups yet? Wondering when to start them 
  • Evening all, just wanted to introduce Evan Walter Jack to you all. Born at 15:30 exactly this afternoon after an hour's labour and weighing 8lb 13oz. 

    I'm exhausted as that propess finally kicked in at 9pm last night just after hubby went home, we were up all night but they didn't break my waters until I was 3cm dilated at 14:20, then out he popped on gas and air, causing a few stitches but I think we are good now! 
  • @Bluehawaii90 congratulations! Love his name. How is your daughter loving her new brother? 

    This threads going to be quiet if my baby is the only lazy one not ready to make an appearance! Or is there still someone lurking in the same situ? 
  • Thanks, they haven't met yet! We are staying in tonight and after stitches, moving wards etc. I managed to squeeze in a phone call to her before bed 😭 feel like we've just abandoned her with my gran since hubby didn't even make it back for bedtime last night. He's going to bring her up in the morning hopefully. 

    Just changed the first poo at 2am, can't get more than an hour sleep so far, but not because he is up really, everyone is up on the ward for some reason or another😩 just about to take some more paracetamol and codiene as I'm struggling with period type pain and stitches etc. Also a weird feeling like everything is moving back down into place, even my stomach like I'm constantly hungry but it's actually burps stuck.
  • Ahhhh congratulations @Bluehawaii90 - he’s beautiful!!
  • Hello everyone, we've just been catching up on this thread, and all of a sudden there are 3 new babies! Amazing, and huge congratulations to you @Lpop @LivyLouby @Bluehawaii90
    Is there any news from @Babe 1to4 and @Newbeginnings2
    @EvelynsMummy6390 How you doing lovely? 

    We would love to ask everyone to come over to the November 2019 Babies thread (including those of you whose babies are due). We'll close this thread eventually, but we want to make sure you guys are all hooked up to the new thread first.  
  • Congratulations to all new mummies 🥰 these babies are all bloody good weights. I thought it was just going to be me with a mini sumo 🤣 to be fair on my little man he did have a very swollen face, which the heath visitor said was due to the cord around his neck, but all seems to have gone down now and I think he looks little 🥰
  • @DanielleMFM I got to day 11 and they still couldn’t find the infection but started talking about blood transfusions, at that point I packed all my bags and sat at the midwife station the whole day till they discharged me with a big green bag full of antibiotics. Kiyomi was with me the whole time, I think she got a bit fed up as well.

    Congrats @MrsG101, @Loz27, @Witmore26, @Lpop, @Bluehawaii90 all the babies are soooo Gorgeous 😻🥰

    Kimmi is 3 weeks old today! 🙀 can’t believe it, time is going so fast. The health visitor came today to weigh her and she’s 5.5 pounds now so they are really happy with her weight gain. She’s done all of this weight gain on only breast milk. 

    My breast milk is flowing so fast it’s squirting everywhere and it keeps choking her sometimes wondering if anyone knew how to control the flow. 
  • Any sign for those still waiting? I realised last night that i was missing a whole load of posts on the announcement page. 
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 How are you doing? Xxx
  • Hi @MrsG101!

    Still here and still pregnant! I'm now 8 days overdue with zero signs of labour. My sweep on Sunday showed no change since the first one I got so I'm a tad demented. Hopefully I get to join in the baby chat soon - I'll be induced this Sunday if still nothing.{

    Evie has become an actual terror, won't listen to me and runs away giggling. I'm probably much shorter with her than I should be. MIL is upset because she will miss baby if I need an induction, but she was told not to come until later in the month anyway! Hubby says I'm being rude about it but I feel so under pressure to have baby as it is. 

    How is Sophia getting on? ❤️ X
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 ffs it's not like you're choosing to keep the baby inside 😂 MIL seemingly has been through labor at least once and understands that babies have their own agenda. If it's any consolation, I was in established labour within 24 hours of them putting the propess tampon-y thing in. It definitely worked and when it worked, there was no stopping him! 

    Toddler burnout here too. We've sent her to nursery today as I was really upset last night because we just spent the day in the living room telling her not to wake the baby up and to be careful of his basket. I've sorted that my mum will watch little one on Friday while hubby and I take her out to see santa and the to "whipe spaghetti resront" (or Bella Italia as it is better known) so she can have her time with us. 
  • @Bluehawaii90 I took her xmas shopping today just to get out of the house and I can now barely walk. If I go into labour before Sunday I'm not sure ill cope 😂😂😂😂.

    So exciting going to see Santa. We had planned to go and take baby along but everything is so up in the air. It'll be nice for you to get out and have some one on one time though - and also eat copious amounts of pasta. I'm desparate on a big bowl of carbonara 😂
  • You're brave overdue and going Christmas shopping lol we finally left the house today! I'm with you on the being unable walk thing, stitches have stopped stinging but I'd forgotten about the muscle ache afterwards 😵 I'm getting up and about but jebus I know about it in the evening. 
  • @Bluehawaii90 it was a mistake. I'm in a stinking mood and can barely walk. Hubby is being an asshole and I'm left to make dinner for his mum. I'm considering ordering pizza and going to my bed. I'm just a barrel of laughs right now.

    Also am I being unreasonable to be annoyed that he's planning on going on his Xmas night out with work tomorrow knowing ill be 9 days over? 
  • Two for Tuesday at dominos until 11pm I think 😂

    I don't think you're being unreasonable, since assuming he's supposed to be taking you? Surely his mum is of the same thought as you? That he should be there for you just incase? 
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 Hello! Aww bless you, if you do have to be induced, I was induced and I found it fine, I had the pessary thing as well my waters broke at 8.30pm, I was induced around 2.00pm and I had her at 7.45pm the next day.

    I don’t think you are being unreasonable at all, your beyond heavily pregnant! Maybe just have a chat with hubby? I think sometimes they forget what’s going on around them? 😂😬 Don’t worry about MIL, she needs to give you space and not put you under pressure, she should know the score. I wouldn’t even be cooking 😬 xxx
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