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  • I found out on my 3D scan at 26 weeks she was breech we have cancelled 3 times since as they want her head down! Saturday is last chance as they don’t like to scan after 34! 

    I feel like I’m crushing her head. Not sure kicked would be better! 
  • I remember what that head under your ribcage feels like. Well... it feels like you've got a head stuck in your ribcage to be honest 😂

    How are you all feeling anyway? I'm absolutely exhausted again this week. I've just come up to bed actually. I also keep going hot and a bit woozy, not faint, but I feel like I need to sit down often. Hoping it's not just me? 

    I said to hubby that I've had enough now. During my last pregnancy I felt absolutely fine, but this one I've felt exhausted from day 1 which is why I ended up taking the test as I couldn't figure out why I felt like I'd been hit by a train. I think it's also sending my anxiety crazy as well as I just can't think straight at the minute, I can function obviously but I just feel on edge and I can't talk myself round that I will most likely be ok during labour etc. Feels like a bit of a vicious circle at the minute. 
  • I find baby only moves out of my ribs if I'm lying in the bath. Then I get about a hours reprieve before he/she moves back up.

    @Bluehawaii90 I'm much the same. I've been taking nosebleeds and feeling a bit dizzy the last few days. No swelling though so I'm thinking it's probably just my blood pressure going up and down a bit.

    Everyone keeps telling me I'm much neater this time round but I feel the size of a house. I have a growth scan again next Wednesday so will see if I actually am, or if this baby is just squashed. At 28 weeks this baby was 6 or 7oz less by their guesses but obviously that's not overly accurate.

    Hope everyone else is well x
  • I’m just back from being monitored. Little lady wasnt playing ball today. She took a while but eventually met the criteria but they didnt really explain too much to me, just that someone is going to call me for an ultrasound scan in the next couple of days - is that because its my second time being assessed?? 
  • @Witmore26 is it reduced movement you're being monitored for? 

    If so they're more than likely just being careful but they'll want to scan you to make sure all is good with blood flow through the cord etc I'd imagine. I hope she's just been having a lazy day and all back to normal tomorrow for you! 
  • Good morning all I’ve not been on here in such a long time. I’ve been signed off work due to being in so much pain in my back and pelvis. I’ll be 34 weeks on Monday. I was disappointed to be signed off so early as I was hoping to work up until I was 38 weeks. But it is what it is I guess. As I’ve not been on for a while I’m Ruth, 38. I’m due 11th November with my 4th baby. 3 children to a previous partner who are 14,12 & 10 all very excited about their little sisters arrival and now counting down the days!! 
    Hope everyone is feeling ok hope you don’t mind that I’ve jumped back in. 
    Its 2:40 in the morning and i can’t sleep if it’s not my back that’s killing me it’s my sides or little madam is doing somersaults 😂 
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 yes, she just wasnt her usual active self yesterday. I went in at 27+5 when she wasnt so active too. I’m shattered this morning, hope shes back to herself today! Feel like its just me and I’m over-reacting 🙄 @Newbeginnings2 welcome back, glad you are well albeit in pain 😕
  • Oooo a bath I’ll try that! 

    I had another growth scan this week and she’s now measuring over4lbs and up to tenth percentile. Consultant today  Hopefully I’ll actually see my consultant (seen three different ones so far) 
  • @Larat84 was that a 32 or 36 week growth scan? So I know what to expect next week 😂
  • That was 33 and 4 days! 
  • Hello everyone. We're putting together a project about Rainbow Babies, and we wanted to ask, if you have a Rainbow Baby, would you be happy to share your stories with us? If so, please do come and post them on this special Rainbow Babies thread - we would so appreciate your help. :blush: 🌈👶
  • Had my scan this afternoon. They said everything looks ok and is growing lovely at 5lb3oz!! Have got an appt with the consultant next week for them to decide whether I’m now high risk or can continue with the midwife! Pregnancy is such a blessing but so tough! 
  • Bluehawaii90Bluehawaii90 Regular
    edited Sep 27, 2019 4:54PM
    Is everyone else getting kicked so hard that you actually shift sideways slightly? I was sat on my spinny chair at work and I swear he almost sent me flying across the room 😂 

    I managed to sort out the mess with hr today. They've agreed to give me the bank holidays on top of my 29 days holiday allowance. Not only that but she suggested that instead of having to take 36 days when I get back, why didn't I borrow some days and take them in November 😂 I feel like she gave in and basically said "here's your holidays, now get out of my sight sooner" lmao either way, I finish on 1st November 😆
  • @Witmore26 glad all is well with bub ❤️
    @Bluehawaii90 I think my kicks are definitely stronger this time, or maybe bump is just more compact so I'm feeling it more... Who knows. All I can say for certain is I'm one well-placed kick away from peeing my pants and it's giving me the fear. I've got a bag with spare leggings and pants under my desk at work incase it actually happens 😂. 
  • Hello :-) Have any of you ladies had the whooping cough jab? I’ve not been offered it but I think I should have been by now?! I think I’ll follow it up as I read online they usually do it between 16-32 weeks? They can do it later though? I’m 33 weeks on Wed ? Xxx
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 thank you. 

    @MrsG101 yes I’ve had both the whooping cough and flu jab now! You can definitely still have it.

    @Bluehawaii90 yea sounds like she had a bollocking for not getting it right in the first place🙊 My xmas bank hols for this year are having to be carried over to next year 🤷🏻‍♀️ 
  • @MrsG101 yup, I had it at about 28w but I wasn't offered it, I had to book myself in at the doctor's for it. I didn't have the flu jab though, I decided against it. 

    I'm off to town with little miss today since she's decided to grow out of everything, including shoes in the last two weeks. It's probably the last time before baby comes that I'll be able to get into Primark since it's in the middle of town so I'm just going to buy everything 3-4 since 2-3 no longer fits.... She's not 3 until May! 
  • Thanks ladies :-) I’ll call on Monday and get it booked in. I think I’m going through a pre nesting phase today, the house is driving me bananas, I feel like I want to undertake a nice deep clean... starting now at 8.38pm, it’s going to be a longgggg night! 
  • Does anyone (particularly 2nd+ timers) remember what it was like to just get into bed and go to sleep? Now it's like put my cream on, have a wee, take my contact lenses out, brush teeth, ease slowly into bed, realised I haven't got my pillow between my knees, sit back up get pillow, lay back down again, realise you need another wee......fed up. As if didn't need anything else, I've now started with piles and the chemist won't give me anything. I got some Anusol from another shop but it's not really doing a whole lot. Is anyone else having problems? 😟
  • I’m really struggling to sleep and I went to the doctors yesterday to see if they can prescribe something herbal but no 😔 I’m going to try that pillow spray that’s supposed to be soothing and just going to bed only when I’m REALLY tired. 
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