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  • Wrong in a good way or a bad way? They've got me going back in 4 weeks as they are saying he is measuring big. I'm scared they will say "no it's fine you will be able to do it naturally" and then I end up emergency section because he's too big or something silly. 

    I went for my GTT today, had to drink some weird flat raspberry flavoured stuff, it didn't seem so bad at first, but the further down the bottom I got the worse it got, sickly sweet. She said my finger prick test was 5.6 before the test, I'm now worried that it was too high! Did you ladies hear back either way about your results? She said it would be "no news is good news" which is going to drive me mad. 
  • I didn’t hear anything from mine the midwife just told me at the next appointment it was ok, a mixture really, one friend was told she was having a big baby and she had him 9 days early at 5lb10 an another had growth scans cos she was measuring small an baby was 8lb5 2 days late x
  • @Bluehawaii90 last time they told me 8lb14 at 40 weeks, she was 9lb7 at 41 weeks which to be fair wasn't too far off, I just don't think I'm carrying that little (albeit actually average sized) of a baby.

    I asked the consultant when I was in and she said they would look at starting me early/section if growth scans showed baby tracking to be near the 4.5kg mark at 40 weeks which is 9lb14, but that because we've successfully given birth vaginally previously there would be a smaller risk of shoulder distocia etc. An emergency section is my worst fear, I'm not keen on the thought of any section but I'd at least like warning! 
  • Also I never heard back from my GTT either but it wasn't brought up at my last appointment or this one so I must be fine! 
  • Yeah I'm the same @EvelynsMummy6390 it scares me so much. My daughter was 8lb 10 and I guess you could called forceps and episiotomy normal, apparently it was because she got stuck in her cord though, not physically stuck. That was 41 weeks. Im really worried about having to go through the same or worse this time. I hate the idea of being completely helpless to it, especially when I already have one little one to look after. 

    They didn't do too bad with the blood tests, thankfully the nurse knew what she was doing and got the vein first time for both tests in my right arm despite me saying she would be better in the left. Slight mark still but nothing near what it was like when the midwife butchered me. 

    I've been in agony with these horrible piles the last 48 hours, hardly able to walk, sit down etc. It's hard enough to shift over in bed as it is let alone feeling like your bum is falling out! It seems to have eases slightly in the last hour, so maybe I'm over the worst of it. 
  • Anyone have much experience with hand foot and mouth? My daughters friend has picked it up (Dr says it's non contagious once the spots show but NHS website seems to dispute this). Am I right in saying there's no risk to pregnancy unless you're early on or about to pop? We're due to be with them all weekend

    I'm also choked with the cold and everything hurts. On the bright side I've had 2 puke free days after about 28 weeks of it daily 🎉
  • Sorry I’m not sure, glad the sickness has stopped hopefully it’s the last of it,  
    Iv been feeling very achey the last couple of days and had like menstrual type cramps does anyone know if this is normal? X
  • @Loz27 it could be lightening pains as baby starts to move down? Totally normal but can last weeks. The ache could also be a wee bruise on the inside where you've been kicked lots in the same spot. 
  • My midwife told me to call triage with only being 35+4 so I did they said take paracetamol have a bath an call back in 2 hours if it’s not eased x
  • The wonders a warm bath can do though, and a Chinese lol 36 weeks isn't so bad, not ideal of course, but I know a lot of people who have been induced at 34 weeks with pre-eclampsia and little ones have been fine. 

    I'm still waddling around and limping. Hubby has taken to calling me "dingleberry" and I won't post what I've started calling him. I had a very amusing conversation with my Dr about my bum, apparently I have a thrombosed hemerrhoid 🤐 he prescribed codiene and laxatives...he said and I quote "better to have a cow pat coming out of your arse than concrete". Needless to say I haven't taken either yet, I've soldiered on to the 5th day on paracetamol and various creams. 

    Regarding hand,foot and mouth, we've thankfully never had it. My cousin's daughter did though and my cousin never caught it, she was just told excessive hand washing wouldn't be a bad thing. At least she has it now and not around your due date! 

    Meanwhile, I'm convinced baby has dropped. The back of my pelvis feels very strange, loose like. Not the same SPD pain, just feels different. Also the painful bum (lol), heartburn and I'm getting A LOT of kicks under my ribs while wriggles right under my pubic bone. My bump also seems lower down. I'm only 32w tomorrow...

  • Starting to think about packing hospital bags and washing baby stuff next week (I’ll be 33 weeks) as I’m doing my birth class tomorrow and baby shower on Sunday! 
    Couple of questions. Will 1 pack of maternity pads be enough or should I pack 2? Also, do I need to wash muslins and blankets etc, or just clothing?
  • Bluehawaii90Bluehawaii90 Regular
    edited Oct 4, 2019 12:01PM
    1 will probably be more than enough as when I went in the midwives said "there's loads of pads in the toilets" so I don't think I even used mine. Not like your partner couldn't bring some more if you stay in longer and start to run out. Same with nappies and the premixed little bottles of milk actually, they said there's plenty in the stores so use them along with the cotton wool pads for cleaning babies bum etc. One thing I couldn't do without was wet wipes for me. The showers and toilets are horrible in the hospital, even after a shower I didn't feel clean so I just had a quick face, pits and hands wash every morning after the shower lmao 

    As far as washing stuff goes it's up to you really. I'll be washing bedding and sleeping bags but I've knitted him a blanket which I don't want to chance putting it through the wash and ruining it lol
  • I’ve washed all the bedding and blankets too. Just to give them a little refresh :) 
  • Iv washed everything, although I now have loads more to wash after all the gifts from my baby shower on Sunday x 

  • #pregnancyblessed 😂
  • Bluehawaii you do seem low cute bump though looks just like you have a ball up your top 😂 
    this is me at my baby shower on Sunday 😊
  • @Bluehawaii90 thanks. I’ll ask at the birth class today, what is available at the hospital so I don’t pack too much! I think I’ll just was everything to be on the safe side! 😂
  • @Loz27 aw you look lovely! 
  • @Loz27 you look lovely!! Mine is on 20th October.

    I’m currently knackered sat on the kitchen floor whilst the house is being packed up around me, we move a week on Tuesday!! 
  • I'd watch sitting on a hard floor @Witmore26 I was sat on the floor on Monday night playing with the little one and woke up on Tuesday with the hemorrhoid from hell!

    I got out the bath last night, went in to read a bedtime story to my daughter and thought it would be ok to sit on her beanbag. It was only when I went for a wee I noticed the toilet full of fresh red blood. I wiped and thankfully it was coming from the back. Well I full on panicked, burst into tears while hubby called 111 and we ended up in a&e until almost midnight. Thankfully my grandparents were able to get here in 20 minutes so we didn't have to drag little one out at that time of night. I honestly thought I was going to die, in reality it was probably a couple of spoons of blood. But they checked me over, apparently this thing has burst which is nothing to worry about. It's still bleeding a bit but it's just a case of keeping it clean and not putting pressure on it which is easier said than done. It's not as painful as it was the last few days but I'm properly struggling to walk. Not just because of this but my SPD kicked in while trying to get on the hospital bed last night and the back of my pelvis feels like it's floating around. 

    Fed up, bunged up with a cold, bum hurts and I've still got 8 weeks to go. I am done with being pregnant 😆 never again. 
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