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Due in November 2019 - Part 3

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Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in November 2019 - Part 2 peeps, as the earlier thread has hit the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

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  • @Bluehawaii90 @Larat84 I have the soft cotton/Jersey type, I got it in my baby box and my daughter loved it :)

    I'm debating whether I should give my midwife a call. My GTT came back clear but for the last few days I've been having dizzy spells and been a little unsteady on my feet. I've tried sugary drinks and eating more but it's making no difference. Am I just being a major drama queen? 
  • I don't reckon so, could it be this cold that's going around? It's messed me up completely, ears are full, nasty cough, sore throat etc. It could be that your blood pressure is up or down for some reason or another, but won't hurt to get it checked out. Well. It might. If your midwife is anything like mine... This is the blood  test I had at my 28 week appointment from last Wednesday! I swear she came after me with a rusty nail 😂 she said my veins were slow, I think she missed but what do I know lmao

  • I couldn't get through to the midwife but I had a massive nosebleed so I'm thinking it's blood pressure related. 

    @Bluehawaii90 I hate when they just stab away like you're a pin cushion. I refuse to let them near my arms for blood. They have to use a butterfly clip in the back of my hand or I'm black and blue. 
  • @Bluehawaii90 thanks, I’ll have a look! I’m not great with sewing so think I’ll buy a ready made one 😂 
  • Ladies - raspberry leaf tea? I’ve read somewhere to start drinking it from about 32 weeks to start softening the cervix??
  • @Witmore26 not sure if it actually works but I tried last time as I heard it made contractions more efficient. I've no idea if it did anything but I did have a good labour. I also took evening primrose oil from 37 weeks. 

    I'm terms of softening the cervix I think only medical induction can actually help speed it up x
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 ok, thanks. I’ve still got some evening primrose oil from when we were trying!
  • Did you get through to midwife Evelyn’s mummy? Hope your ok x
  • @Loz27 I didn't, she's on holiday and her cover wasn't around. Felt much better today though and baby has been moving LOADS. I got dizzy quite a bit before anyway because I had labyrinthitis when Evelyn was 3 weeks old and apparently the damage can last up to 2 years which may explain it.

    I did speak to the wee ones Health Visitor about her 1 year check though, and apparently she needs to see me too as I'm close enough to 8 weeks to go by the appointment. I'm worried for the wee ones check more than mine because she was such a big baby but lately everyone keeps commenting on how 'dainty' she is. Maybe they're suggesting she doesn't eat me out of house and home 😂🙄.

    I don't know if this antenatal meeting is a new thing as I never met the last HV until she was 10 days old? She didn't seem concerned about my symptoms as they had gone away and there's loads of movement but if it comes back says I should try calling triage.

    @Witmore26 I read online that you can insert the EPO vaginally overnight but I personally stuck to swallowing them. Imagine they didn't dissolve properly and when you push baby out they're all stuck to its wee head 😂. I'd probably pass out! 
  • @EvelynsMummy6390 oh lordy, I dont think I want to be inserted anything up there 😂 I’ll stick to swallowing them 😜
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    Sorry forgot to tag the peeps from the last few pages of this thread to come on over. 
    @HealthyGenes1986 @EvelynsMummy6390 @Bluehawaii90 @MrsG101 @LadyF-B  @Neenaricci @Witmore26 @Loz27 @Nikkinarno @LivyLouby @Lpop @Sigsauer @Larat84 @Hopefulolderlass @emmaa19
  • First time I’ve felt baby have hiccups this morning. It’s so strange!
  • I love it when baby get the hiccups 😂 I’ve just been for my growth scan and they say I’m measuring 5 weeks in front he is off the scale size wise, so want to re scan in 2 weeks instead of 4 with a hope to getting an induced date( they told me all the same with my last baby and induced me at 36 weeks, yet he weighed a normal 7lb odd) I carnt drive anymore due to the amount of pain in my pelvis hips and thighs it is agonising and the doctor just said sorry we carnt help 😡 I was so mad I just came home and cried, a dog wouldn’t suffer like I am. I’ve had to buy my own support belt and crutches it’s a joke!! Sorry for the vent but it’s ridiculous 
  • I'm going through a similar thing at the minute @Nikkinarno . Doctor said I have an upper respiratory tract infection. With that, I have a sore throat, chesty cough, ear infections and my left ear is completely blocked, it feels like I walking around with an ear plug in. If I wasn't pregnant he said he would put me on antibiotics, but said I'm to just rest and take paracetamol. 2 weeks I've had it for, and he said nothing is safe to take in pregnancy, even though the NHS website says penicillin is fine. 

    Have you got a self referral place at your hospital for spd? I keep meaning to give them a call but there are times where it's not bothering me and other times where I can't move. 

    I'm back at the midwife on Wednesday as I was measuring big, hopefully he was just in a funny position or something. 

    Just got back from hospital, they've hooked me up to a heart monitor for the next week to see if they can catch these heart palpitations, I doubt they will but for now I'm hoping little one doesn't find the cables under my top and yank since they're stuck on pretty well 🤣
  • Hope you ladies are all doing well and feeling ok :-). Has anyone started to get stretch marks yet? I’ve got a huge one in the middle of my belly under my belly button (that I could see). I looked in the mirror and I’ve got quite a few underneath my bump! I’ve been applying stretch mark cream religiously. I’m kinda wondering if it’s just down to your skin, rather than what you use?! X
  • I have the start of 3 stretch marks also been using cream religiously since very early on think there a load of rubbish lol x
  • I've got stretch marks now, although they're quite faint so far. I don't think the creams help with the appearance at all but I do keep bump moisturised because they start to get itchy if my skins pulled too tight. 

    Having a nightmare week. My wee girl is still teething, she's taken a reaction to her jags so is spotty and miserable and none of us are getting much sleep. Better now than once there's a newborn in the mix though I suppose 
  • It's weird because I got ALL the stretch marks when carrying my daughter, but I've only got the starts of 2 or 3 up around my belly button. I've still got loads of white lines 2 and a half years on, but they got worse after delivery. I've been pasting Palmer's cream on since 9-10 weeks so I can't say it's working, but I know I didn't use it last time and have the scars to prove it. 
  • Morning ladies, we start our NHS Ante-natal classes tonight - has anyone started theirs yet? Have any tips? 
  • @MrsG101 I don’t have any stretch marks yet and my mum and auntie said they never got any. So it must be to do with your skin type.

    @Witmore26 our class is just a 3 hour long one on 5th Oct! Then another breastfeeding one on 9th Nov.

    I had to call triage again this morning with spotting again :( basically given same advice as last time to monitor it and wear a pad, then call back if it continues. I think it’s due to exertion because both times it has been the morning after I have had a busy day. Baby was pushing and kicking quite hard yesterday and I was stood up and bending a fair bit for work. My back was killing and bump really tight by last night. Taking it easy this morning before work this afternoon for a couple of hours. Both times it has been the day before my midwife appointment too :/
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