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Due in November 2020 - Part 2

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in November part 1, as the first part of the thread has topped the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

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  • @Rainbows01 thinking of you,  hope everything is going well. 

    @Nabeela265 I do hope your OH is feeling better and his recovery is speedy. I also hope lots that you don't have it 😔 

    @First-time-mommy can't help with the breakouts I'm afraid 😬 these hormones are running riot!! 

    I hope everyone had a good weekend, I was going to attempt to tag everyone to make sure you all come over to the new thread but my memory failed me epically! 

    I've just been out for the covid test, it was horrible, I gagged, coughed, had tears streaming, and at the end said to the nurse 'I thought you were just going to prick my finger!!!' 🤣 
    Never again. 
  • @Nabeela265 sounds so stressful! Last thing you need, but glad he is on the mend. Fingers crossed you can be reunited soon 😊 I hope your in laws are looking after you! 

    @SunshineB wishful thinking, my scan isn't until Wednesday! 😬😅

    @First-time-mommy sorry no help either, I've got the breakouts too. Mine passed after the 1st trimester last time so fingers crossed yours go soon too!

    @hannah9000 ooh that doesn't sound pleasant. At least it's done now though and you know they're testing everyone, so it will be safe you when you go in 
  • Awww no @hannah9000 that sounds awful 😫

    Aww @rainbows01 I'm sorry I had it in my head that it was a Monday 😫🤦🏼‍♀️
  • I'm sure someone has a scan today?! 
  • @WLJ had a possible EPAU scan yesterday I think, but decided not to attend. Is that what you're thinking of? 

    Then there's me on Wednesday and @WLJ Friday this week. Is there anyone else? Or who's next after that? 
  • @SunshineB don't worry, I honestly wokr up this morning and thought if was today too 😂 then I thought it was tomorrow, then finally realised it was in two days 😂 the days are all blending into one!
  • @Nabeela265 I hope
    your other half is on the mend. What a stressful time for you. 

    @hannah9000 urgh. Horrid. I can imagine the pain is like having one of those cameras down your throat. Burns like hell. 

    @rainbows01 you’ve got such a good memory haha 

    can’t help on the break front either. I think just time for hormones to settle down and not touching them. 


  • Awwh @Nabeela265 what a stressful time for you both, sending you lots of love and prayers 💗

    A lovely baby bump @First-time-mommy☺️ I also feel for you! My skin is the same, feel like a teenager again! I have no miracle cure though  I’m looking into different cleansers etc  

    Awwh @hannah9000 sending you lots of love, can’t  imagine going through that :( 

  • LauraLouke- Hello everyone! I’m a teacher from South Yorkshire currently pregnant with my second baby, my little girl is 2, with a EDD of 01.11.20 💛

    SunshineB - Hey guys. I'm a Sales Coordinator from West Yorkshire and my partner and I are expecting our first baby 01.11.20 🌈

    SU91 - Hi I'm 30, I work for the NHS. I already have a 1 year old with my husband and our EDD is 1st Of November

    Hannah9000 - I'll add that I'm 35, due date of 5th November (although will be induced 2-3 weeks early due to lungs) and my partner and I run a plumbing company in Somerset. 

    Rainbows01 - Hi guys! 🙋‍♀️ I'm 27 and a Registered Vet Nurse from Gloucestershire. My husband and I already have a son who is almost 21months and we are expecting number two with an EDD of 5.11.20 🥰

    WLJ - Hi I’m Jennie and I’m 34 from Near Blackpool. This is my second baby with my husband, Grace is now 2 1/2. I’m a Business Development Manager for a diabetes devices company. We are due 7th November 😀 xx

    LaurenR15 - Hello 👋 I'm 23, from Newcastle. I'm a logistics manager and I'm expecting my first baby with my husband. Estimated due date 14th of November 

    teeteee hey ladies I’m a stay at home mum atm im suppose to start my PT training this year ☺️ This is my 5th baby I have 4 girls one of my beautifuls passed away in 2016.
    my EDD is 15.11.2020 💛

    Cataliya84 - Hi! I’m 35, working as a compliance manager in London. Expecting our first baby with EDD of 16th November xxx

    Nabeela265 - Hi lovely ladies! I'm Nabeela, just turned 30 and I'm a primary school teacher living in Swansea. I actually moved to the UK last year and originally grew up in a small, idyllic country called Malawi in Africa. I'm expecting my first baby and I'm super nervous and excited at the same time! EDD is 19.11.20 fingers crossed! 

    Hancorn8 - EDD 26.11.2020

    Pouup8 -  26.11.2020

    Hippiemama4 - EDD 27.11.2020

    Kbalan - Hi everyone I’m 36.  I’m a social worker and I’m from New York. My due date is 11/28. I have two daughters aged 8 and 9. This will be my first with current husband. My first appointment will be On 4/18

    anyone new, just copy and paste and add your details to the bottom of this 
  • @First-time-mommy @Lauralouke I've been using a witch hazel stick which has actually been working!!
  • Wow, I can't believe we've hit over 1 thousand posts already! 😁

    @Nabeela265 that's rubbish, I hope your other half has a speedy recovery and you can be back together again very soon.

    Fab bump pic @First-time-mommy! Sorry about your skin though, I don't have any words of wisdom I'm afraid.

    Wow, on those scan pics you can definitely see a difference in the nubs. I always thought that was a knee or something haha! 🙈

    Here is my 9 week bump pic. The spotting stopped and the epau said that as there's no pain or red blood it's likely just my womb stretching and pushing out some old blood. X
  • @HippieMama4 glad you've been reassured. Not long now for your scan? Have you had a date yet? 

    I've pleaded with my GP today for something to help me go ☹ I'm active, and eat loads of fruit and veg yet I'm utterly blocked up and uncomfortable to the point I don't want to eat tonight. Urgh. 

    On a happier note I felt the baby!!! He rolled and it was so very obvious! I'm 13 weeks tomorrow 😁 I felt my son at 16 weeks so I don't think it's completely nuts!! 
  • @hannah9000 bless you! I’m sure you can have lactolose? Or something similar. That’s amaZing that’s you’ve felt baby move :) I felt my little girl around 18 weeks so I think I may be a bit later :) xx
  • @HippieMama4 ah great to hear all is ok. Great bump pic too. 
    @Nabeela265 also a lovely bump pic. 
    @hannah9000 I was the same over the weekend. I found a decaf coffee and 3 prunes helped me no end. I went about an hour after. Worth a try. Yey to feeling the baby move. I love the little feelings at this stage. It makes it feel real. 

    In the last group I was in for when I have my daughter, I never thought about meeting up after the babies were born. 
    I totally think we should try and meet up once the babies are here. Somewhere central haha it would be so nice. Or maybe that’s me being all soppy and hormonal today 😋🤣🤣

  • I’m soppy and hormonal too @WLJ  but think that sounds fab haha 🙈☺️ 

  • But you're all up North!!! I'd be up for a meet,  I met the IVF ladies I 'forumed' with after I had my boy and we're still friends on Facebook now 🙂
  • Looking at it I think we are all over the place haha from Somerset, to London, Swansea, Gloucester, bkackpool, west and South Yorkshire, Newcastle. New York, Africa lol. 😂 I’m pretty good with geography being a sale rep in the road al day. I’m sure we can figure something out 😅 xx
  • Hey ladies wow 1k already! It’s all this extra time we have at home atm 😂 sorry I’ve been quiet I’ve been snoozing most afternoons when the littlest terror naps 😂 hope everyone’s well! My scan is next Monday I’m pooping it 😣 honestly having extra time on your hands isn’t always a bonus worried about literally everything that can go wrong..

    I was thinking about doing the sneak peak gender blood test after my scan all being well. I’m still seeing mixed reviews as to how accurate it is.. has anyone done it before? 🙊 xx
  • Hello Ladies,

    Been reading all your posts but have not been in the right frame of mind at all recently. 

    Work has been unbareable and I've just been working 7 days a week, it's been never ending. Mixed with hormones, I've had to give myself a big talking to and try to switch off a 5pm instead of working constantly.

    I'm so glad to see everyone is doing well and keeping positive throughout this awful time. Can't wait to see more babies on the screen ❤️ 

    Ours is 1 week today, will this week drag?!

    Lots of love Lauren xx
  • Oh @LaurenR15 so sorry to hear you’re feeling like this. I can empathise. It’s such a difficult time and it’s exhausting. So much more stress then we should have to deal with. Don’t give yourself any expectations as it’s a very different time. I’ve been feeling mentally awful and had a full melt down last night. So just know you’re not alone in feeling how you do. I don’t cry, but I’ve cried 3 times this week. Big hugs lovely. 

    @teeteee same again. You’re bound to feel anxious. Try some positive meditation which could help. I’m joining a webinar on Thursday night to help my mindset etc. 

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