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Due in November 2020 - Part 3

Hello everyone, 

This is a new continuation thread for the Due in November Part 2, as the second part of the thread has topped the 1k post limit.

We've posted a link to this new thread on the old thread, so hopefully everyone will be able to find it easily enough.

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  • @teeteee worried about the same thing with the birthing ball!
  • I’m glad I’m not the only one 🤣 @Rainbows01 I have no idea how I’m going to use it 😫
  • @Rainbows01 @teeteee what's people's thoughts on a birthing ball? Any good? Xx
  • @LaurenR15 yes soooooo good. Good for labour prep, but also good for a variety of contraction positions
  • @Rainbows01 fab! I'll defo get it blown up and use it then if you recommend 👏👏
  • Rainbows01Rainbows01 Regular
    edited Sep 21, 2020 6:41PM
    @lauren15 and just really comfy to sit on - way better for you than a chair. I have a friend who used hers at her desk at work instead of a desk chair!
  • Evening everyone. Hope your Monday was ok. Sorry if I miss things as its confusing when we start a new thread 😂
    @LaurenR15 yeah I did go to work today but I've gone steady and baby girls movements have been back to normal today! However I've been feeling loads of pressure in my pelvis today when she's been in the move so I'm wondering if she's trying to engage 😬 I'm 34 plus 1 so a tad too early for her to come lol she can cook for a few more weeks please, as uncomfortable and in pain my ribs are, I would rather her have longer in there. Hope work was OK for you.

    @teeteee yeah I've been meaning to buy that first milk as our hospital doesn't provide anything, I just wasn't sure what the dated were like on them as its something I've never checked. I can get them on my Asda shop so I'll get some at the start of next month. Glad to hear you are feeling a bit better

    @First-time-mommy ohh gosh not you as well lol 😆 these babies are trying to terrify us! I've decided that I need to try take more regular baths as that seems to help with the tightenings.

    @rainbows01 I didn't realise realise I was getting them that often tbh. My tummy just feel so hard a lot of the afternoon and evenings. It just concerned them with how regular they are but I guess I'm just weird maybe 😂 oohh I would love to take my ball to work lol I've been dead uncomfortable today. 

    Hope you are ok @wlj
  • Sorry ladies. Had a manic day and only just sat to read up to date. 
    @teeteee sorry is missed all
    your stuff. Looks like
    you had an amazing time. Your tribe are adorable. 

    @SunshineB gosh so similar. I’m glad you are both ok. These cheeky girls. I was also having tightening picked up on the monitor too and mega sore pelvis today and pressure. How funny. Im 34 weeks on weds. 

    I’ve had normal movements today but I still feel really anxious. I think more so after last time. So I showed Dan where all my stuff is today and he was like Ah shits getting real. 

    I’ve not heard about the scan yet but im going to call tomorrow. 
    Seeing my midwife on weds too. 

    It was funny. I was in the same
    room that I delivered Grace. Had one of the midwifes I had with grace and the Dr who pulled my placenta out manually 😂 was like a right reunion 🤣

    @First-time-mommy I hope you are ok too. 

    Sorry i think I’ve forgotten loads to mention but thanks girls. It’s nice to have your support xx

  • Bumpie update. Stay put Bella x
  • @Rainbows01 oh my god no way 🤣 I can't imagine sitting bouncing away in the office. However, go her! Nothing more uncomfortable that an office chair.

    @SunshineB today was okay! I'm glad baby girls movements are back to normal, do you feel more relaxed? I know what you mean, I would love Oliver to come but I would rather him cook till 37 so I knew he was full term. These babies are stressful before they come! 🥴 In terms of Braxton Hicks, what is it like? I am unsure if I am experiencing or not, but have zero idea what they are to be honest?! 

    @teeteee I can't remember who told me or where I read it. I better get some just to be safe!

    @WLJ I'm glad you are home, but really hope you hear about your scan tomorrow. It's no good waiting! Are you just seeing midwife for 34 week check, not been booked in specifically? Stay put baby Bella! You look amazing 😍🔥 lushest bump
  • Oh gosh how strange @wlj ....we must be in sync 😆 my appointment is also Wednesday! I hope you hear about the scan soon. They can book those things so quick so it's a bit annoying making you wait! I'm not surprised you are anxious. Glad to hear Bella has been moving more as normal today. 
    Omg how funny that you knew a lot of the people there haha like fate!! Lovely bump picture...I think it looks lower too?! How does it feel.

    Here's mine tonight. I just feel like I'm carrying a football lol 

    Yeah I feel a bit better today @laurenr15 but the pressure feelings down below have me on edge a bit 😄 just want to get past finishing work!! Feel like a ticking time bomb after last night haha. 
    The braxton hicks just feel like my whole tummy is so hard. Sometimes I feel them more than others. So sometimes I can feel the pressure and it feels very uncomfortable so I just have to stop what I'm doing, which is usually walking and my tummy tends to ease but then other times it's just like the skin is so tight and I feel like it restricts her movements! That's how I felt yesterday. 
    I took a little picture to show Adam hehe so the bottom bit is what they were referring to as uterine activity and it was very regular as you can see, which is not usually the norm unless you are in labour i guess 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • @LaurenR15 Yesss loved the birthing ball! Deffo ordering another I’ll just have to use it when my menace is bed in the evenings 🥴🤣 was so comfy to sit on rather than the sofa sometimes. 

    @[email protected] I think the sell by dates are really long on them tbf I think I got mine a month before last time too. I’m going to check the boots near my house tomorrow as everyone’s started all that silly bulk buying loo roll & pasta again I don’t want to not be able to find it. 

    Loving these bumpies 😍😍I need to take one this week too ☺️

    @wlj I hope you get your scan this week that’s annoying my midwife asked for it & got it booked on the same day they can move quicker 🙄 hope baby girl stays put another 6 weeks 🥰💕

  • @SunshineB you look amazing 😍 all looking amazing. I'm just round all over at the minute 😬 

    It's weird the pains, I've got some just about my pubic bone and its really painful to move and then it will disappear. Who knows 😬 I don't even know what I am looking out for 🤣 my next midwife app is Monday, she's going to check my bloods again as my iron is really low. Hopeful they have gone up a little. Not long till you finish now! How excited are you? 

    @teeteee I'm definitely going to get it up then! Like you say whilst watching TV what's the harm 🤷 

    My bumpie is here. Who needs nice delicate knickers anymore 🥴 the bigger the better!! 
  • New thread! 

    @WLJ I hope you get your scan date very soon so you can be reassured/know what's going on.  Scary times for you 😔 but glad to hear normal movements have resumed. 

    @SunshineB have you got any follow up with anyone other than your midwife? Glad everything was OK with you too. Let's hope these babies stay in for a bit longer!! Troublemakers 😆 

    @LaurenR15 you'll wish you put the birth ball up sooner. I have a very close relationship with mine, cuddles with DH in an evening are no more 🤣 I find leaning over it after I've eaten helps my food go down, and sitting on it doing pelvic rocking and bouncing is much more comfortable than sitting on the sofa. 

    @Rainbows01 I'm with you on the BH's! They are so frequent and stronger than when I was pregnant with Oz!! In answer to your question a fair few posts ago, both respiratory and obs teams are fully aware I want to breastfeed so will need to take this into consideration when starting treatment on the infection. Although there are more options with breastfeeding as a lot of the meds get filtered out. 

    @teeteee keep moving girl! I think the longer we can keep active the better, fingers crossed for your induction date 😁

    Really sorry if I've missed anyone 😬 

    I have an appt on Thursday to see my respiratory consultant, he's been on leave. I have a bad feeling he's going to try and push for a C-Section which I really really don't want, he also knows I'm stubborn so won't get anywhere if I say no 😂 
    I have a scan next Tuesday to check on growth so I suspect our induction date will follow that. I've lost a bit of plug, and have around 3 BH's an hour so my body is gearing up for it - possible contributing factors are the evening primrose oil and raspberry leaf tea. I took these with Oz and had a lovely (pessary induced) 2 hour labour with 5 minute pushing stage and like @teeteee I truly believe those little extras helped. 

    Also. My midwife is shit. 
  • Ahh I always have so much to catch up on. I don’t get notifications when there’s new messages. 

    Scan is tomorrow. I can’t believe they have made me wait anxiously this long. But movements are normal so that’s a good think. And yeah she feel so low. I think she must be engaged as it’s really firm really low and the Dr said her head is in a good position. Midwife on weds is just my routine 34 weeks yeah. 

    @SunshineB @LaurenR15 lovely bumpies 😍 come on girls. Get your bumps out 😂

    sounds like I defo need to get on this raspberry leaf tea 😅

    great to head your updates @hannah9000 fingers crossed you get your own way with induction and not c section.  

    @teeteee haha I hope she is out in 3 weeks rather than 6 😂😂 but I definitely want to go into natural labour this time. Just so I can experience that. 

    On a nesting note. I can not stop clearing cupboards out 😂 making bread and ironing. Then Dan finished our dining room table today. From a tree in my aunties garden. To this. He even made the legs from scratch too. Clever boy x
  • @WLJ what time is scan tomorrow? My hubby made our table too!!! They are good un's 😋😋 glad your movements are regular and you feel more settled. Xx

    @hannah9000 keep us all informed with how you are getting on, I can't imagine how stressed you must feel. Laughing at the midwife is shite comment 🤣🤣
  • @WLJ Haha I totally get the 3 weeks over 6 but it’s great if they can cook as long as possible 🥰😁🤞🏽 love that table 😍😍😍 Hope your scan is all perfect tomorrow what time is it? Xx

    I had my growth scan today the relief I feel once I know all is okay 🥴🥰 my little chunk’s estimated weight is now 4lb 9oz’s at 31+4 😦🙊 he’s on the 75th centile atm. I’m sure its those legs of his!! 🤣 I’m suppose to have one more at 36 weeks but hasn’t yet been booked think I’ll ask my midwife to chase that up for me have my consultant app on Monday praying I’ll get my induction date then 😩🤞🏽 xx

    Sorry your midwife is 💩💩that cracked me up 🙊🤣🥴 @[email protected]

  • Rainbows01Rainbows01 Regular
    edited Sep 23, 2020 9:51AM
    Ahh I think I only missed a day and I've missed so much! Apologies if I miss anyone!.

    @WLJ have everything crossed for your scan today. I'm sure all will be well, but absolutely better to check, especially with what happened with Grace. I don't always get updates either - how great would an app be?! Wonder why they haven't made one? 🤔

    @teeteee glad your mind is at rest once again.  Apologies if you've already mentioned, when is your next one? 

    @laurenr15 you're not round all over 😂 you're gorgeous! I've put on less weight this time round, but I'm deffo about 10-12kg up 🤷‍♀️👍loving my lady lumps 😂

    @sunshineb oh I really do hope baby is engaging for you, you might finally get some rib respite... but then comes the pelvic pain wooooo 😅 baby definitely had something in my ribs this morning. I went to bend over and was like, ' ooh, no, can't do that right now!' 😂

    @hannah9000 you make me laugh do much 🙈🙈🙈 but I'm honestly sorry she's shite. Do you remember me saying I was a little bit scared of my first midwife? 😅 Been there. That's great that you've got lots if options once baby is here. 

    On the formula question, @teetee I'm with you, grab some while it's on the shelf. Don't fancy a newborn losing weight and no formula to be found. Last time round with my combi feeding, we had to use Cow & Gatw Comfort because Zach had colic and reflux. This time I've just bought Aldi's formula which is only about £6 😬 and I've heard just as good as regular. No instants, but we didn't use these with Zach anyway 🤷‍♀️ hopefully bf goes well anyway and it won't be needed - but we now have a tub just in case. 

    Midwife appt today and lots of questions for her! 
    Raspberry leaf tea?
    Colostrum harvesting? - oh yah, I've started leaking a fair bit 😬😅
    Do I need formula in hosp bag? I took some first time, but was never needed. In my head I'm thinking, I won't be giving up on bf within first 24hrs, so surely if I had to stay in, Ryan could bring some to hospital pretty rapid with no issues. 
    Also think I might have thrush on my nipple already??? I had it almost constantly because exclusive pumping was not kind to them and medications would work, I'd finish them and then thrush would reappear. It went when I finished.... but it looks to have returned somehow. Strange. 
    Also need to point out my fluidy feet - seem normal to me though. 

    Usually I have no questions for her, she's gunna wonder what happened to calm Rachel 😅🤷‍♀️🙈

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