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anyone else in the UK upset with the NHS

my doctor has been very judgy, I want a different doctor but they are the only one near where I live now.


  • What sort of judgement have you received? Is it age related? 

    If so there are normally specialist services (although I imagine it varies by area) to support younger mum's like yourself. The often have specialist health visitors too for after the baby has been born. I'd have a Google and see if there are any additional services in your area dedicated to teen/young mums.

    I remember your posts from earlier this year, how's your pregnancy going? From memory I think you must be due soon? November maybe? 
  • If your struggling with a particular person within an organisation or for a particular reason such as discrimination please do complain. So many people have bad experiences but chalk it up to 'oh it's just the NHS' or 'oh it's a pain in the butt to complain' yet if no one complains nothing changes. If you've been ill treated, discriminated against or just experienced rudeness report it and don't feel bad about doing so. No one should be made to feel anything other than important and listened to when it comes to their heath care professionals. 
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