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39 and pregnant

Just found out I’m pregnant. Completely unexpected. Got off nuvaring due to constant migraines and switched to natural cycles BC. Whelp- that didn’t work. Got pregnant IMMEDIATELY. I’m terrified, I have three children 16,11 and 6 and I’m just in disbelief !!! And this whole “geriatric pregnancy” title is not very comforting. I feel so anxious and like it’s a dream, this can’t be real. 😦 


  • Congratulations.  <3

    I'm 45 and 38 weeks pregnant. I thought I was on the change.....  :blush:   Huge shock. Once I picked myself up off the floor we was over the moon 🌝
  • Love this! I’m starting to feel a bit more optimistic, I think it’ll really hit me and feel “real”once I get an ultrasound on the 14th. Still doesn’t seem like this is actually happening 😆  
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