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  • I know I am one lucky mummy. And I think through it all the thought of my OH having to tell our girls that mummy wasn't coming home it pulled me through even at the point of giving up. I'm so proud of him for being by my side I remember looking at his face at one point seeing him frightened - he is my big baldy man and he has never looked like that. It really does prove that no matter how many pregnancies and children you have you should expect the unexpected. Thank you for all your lovely comments ladies 😊

  • Wow what a thread! I'm so glad you're well and the babies are all beautiful!! Xx

  • Sorry for the delay guys. I'll try to share my story now but to understand I need to go back a little.

    3 years ago I had pneumonia, I went into hospital and they pumped me full of antibiotics but they couldn't catch it in time and it spread to both lungs and I had to be put into a induced coma. I got worse and had organ failure and so I went into dialysis and a wonderful little machine called ECMO. This saved my life over and over, unfortunately I was in a coma so long I developed peritonitis which is a hole in your bowel. I had to have laparoscopy so that they could go in and clean the leakage. I survived. I was in a coma for about a month. I had to learn to walk again but unfortunately I was left with adhesions due to the laparoscopy. I had to have a hernia repair a year later and the surgeon described my insides as hostile. Due to this and the fact I only ever had one period since my coma we just assumed I could not get pregnant due to the adhesions.

    Fast forward to January this year when I was being sick for no apparent reason! We bought a clear blue and discovered we were pregnant!
    At first I was worried. Would I be able to carry safely??
    We went straight to the doctors who sent us to see a consultant and all answers were the same.. 'Don't know' I'm young to have had pneumonia and older people generally have the hernia repair I had had. My consultant had never seen someone through a pregnant with the amount of adhesions I have and I was already in a huge amount of pain from them.
    Because no one knew what would happen I decided to keep my baby and go ahead.

    It's been one long and tricky pregnancy. I'm missing out most of the details as I don't want to bore you all lol. But it has left me back in a wheelchair and house bound during the last 5/4 months of it.
    At 35 weeks pregnant I could no longer deal with the pain and my consultant admitted me into hospital. I was put onto co codamol and orimorph. And they didn't even help with the pain! Just dulled it slightly.

    So I was in the hospital for a long time. Because baby was happy in the womb they didn't want to pull him out to early. So we all decided on me coping until I was 38weeks pregnant and then going for a normal delivery rather than a c-section which could ultimately cause even more adhesions and they were worried about doing a c-section as no one knew where my bowel was lying.
    At 38 weeks the inducement started. It was a slow journey as it has to keep being stopped of labour ward became full but I ended up having the 24 hr inducement and all 3 6 hr ones. My baby wasn't taking the hint! My cervix wasn't even ready. No where near. They couldn't even break my waters.
    So on Friday morning I was given three options. 1) I could have a break over the weekend and they could try the inducement process the following week. 2) a planned c-section or 3) attempt to break my waters, put me on the inducement drip and prepare to go into a long, long labour.
    The plan was for me to have an epidural but that wasn't much good for option 3 bcos I would have to go through untold hours of pain until I was allowed it. Option 1 also wasn't really an option for us because I was literally crying from pain every time I moved. And the pain was just getting worse every week. Also the midwives were already on me about the orimorph and codeine and the effects left on the baby. They wanted to cut the amount I was on down. Something I wasn't happy about. With each day passing the pain was getting worse, I didn't see the point with being in hospital over pain relief when they weren't giving me pain relief :p so waiting really wasn't an option for me.

    The surgeon came to speak to us about the c-section. He said he had studied my notes and he was confident that he could cut low enough to avoid my other troubles. He said a planned c-section for me with someone like him who had studied my notes was much safer for me rather than if I went for the other option of waiting or my waters being broken- I might end up needing an emergency c-section and he may not be around.
    So that's what we decided to do.

    I was so scared. Which I know sounds daft. But I had to listen to the risks and they had to include accidentally cutting my bowel as no one knew where my bowel was lying or where the pregnancy had pushed it.
    But I gave birth at 12:31 to my little Trystan!! 9lb 8oz. And they also removed a massive cyst!

    I had to stay in hospital for a while. At first because of the c-section and drains. Then because they wanted to keep an eye on any withdrawal effects on my baby from the meds I was on (he was fine!) That took a week. Then Trystan wasn't putting any weight on and he was jaundice. But on Monday we escaped! Hehe.

    That's pretty much my story.
    It's been so scary for me. I didn't think I would honestly survive this. But I have and I'm so glad he's here! I wouldn't change anything. I'm so proud of him and me :)
    Thanks for reading xximage

  • Ong what a birth story i feel bad moaning about my aches and pains when they are completely insignificant in comparason to what you have had to deal with....i bet when u look at ur beautiful son it was worth every bit...big congrats hope you both are recovering well x

  • Oh Shelley you have proper been through the mill! He is absolutely gorgeous though and I can imagine worth it now that you've come out the other side! I can't imagine the pain but I'm so glad you are both doing OK.  Really puts my complaints of having enough in to perspective. If you can go through what you've been through then what I'm feeling is nothing in comparison. Congratulations on your bundle of joy!! Xxx

  • Thanks girls! Gosh never feel bad about your complaints. I went through this one day at a time and knew what I was getting myself into. We guessed I would end up in hospital at some point and I did well to stay out as long as I did :) we are all heroes! X

  • Holy Moly ShelleyAnne1! We had NO idea - what an ordeal and miracle! What a precious boy you have, so many congratuations and thank you so much for taking the time to share. Please can you update your address details and also PM me them so we can have your Babyblooms sent out.

  • Wow another amazing story! Well done you and what a gorgeous baby you have :-)!! X

  • Lovely story ShellyAnn you can now breathe a massive relief and enjoy your beautiful little boy..congratulations x

  • Wow ladies. Blown away by these stories. Here I am (better late than never) with my birth story.

    Stanley Arthur born 19th September at 05:14 8lb 11oz at 38 weeks.

    I had a large bloodstained show at 36+6 and had backache and period type pains, went for GP check at 37+4 and thought my waters were leaking. Had to go to triage and they confirmed my waters were leaking. I was monitored and all was well, having odd contractions and 2-3 cm dilated so sent home. Induction was booked for 10am the following day if things hadn't progressed. I woke at 4 am with blood in my waters so was taken to delivery suite urgently. Once we had arrived bleeding had settled and all was well on monitor so was kept in but due to other emergency sections my induction was started at 22:40 that night (I was just happy not to be one of the emergency sections!) I was still 3cm and had been contracting 2-3 times an hour all day so was hoping I wouldn't have to be induced. As waters had been leaking I had iv antibiotics, then had forewaters broken and midwife said there was so much fluid that babies head was so far from my cervix which is why things weren't progressing. Then had syntocin drip to regulate contractions, I remember asking for gas and air about half 11 and was 10cm by 1 am.  I was pushing for about 4 hours and babies heart rate dropped and my oxygen levels were low, they put oxygen mask on, put clip on babies head and took blood sample from his scalp to check oxygen levels, which came back ok luckily. They suggested theatres and assisted delivery, then I managed to push him out with slight tear which only needed a few stitches with his cord around his neck. Quite a bit more traumatic than my 2 hour labour with my first but reading the other birth stories could've been much worse. Good job they're worth it and so thankful for the lovely midwives and drs in the middle of the night!

  • Blimey gertie, you really went through the mill too. So glad you and Stanley are ok - fancy sharing a piccy of how he looks now? Also, please can you PM me your address?

  • All these birth stories are so overwhelming, so pleased you all have your precious bundles safely with you now. X 

  • Yes I had my son on October 14 at 11:38 am I was induced and I had my son hr weighed 6pounds 6 ounces and everything went goof and fine no problems or complications I was able to go home the next day. Sorry I haven't updated u I've been busy with my two kids n plus my daughter birthday coming uo so trying to plan her one year old party 

  • Aww I can imagine how busy you all are with your new bundles but so lovely to hear the birth stories and how everything went OK in the end. Congrats to you all! Xxx

  • Austin was 1 week old yesterday! He is amazing I am so in love. He is very laid back...which I guess is exactly as he was over the last 5 weeks of pregnancy. I celebrated my 30th Birthday on Monday but he really is the best present I could ever had wished for...

    Wishing everyone all the best for the labours yet to come!image

  • Awwww cupcakemummy he's a little stunner happy birthday for the other day :) can't believe my Lil man is 3 weeks old Friday going so quick xxxxx

  • imageMy Lil dude corey :) xxxx

  • imageStanley Arthur 4 weeks 

  • Ladies, your babies are incredible - can't wait to see the new ones which are coming soon!

    pregnant with my second, please do PM us your address so we can send you your Babyblooms.

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