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    Here are my two boys and first cuddles! 

    So here is my birth story....

    I hadn't been feeling right all day Friday. I'd passed my due date of the 15th and had induction all set for the 27th. Was feeling very fed up and so just dismissed it as not really meaning a lot. Carried on as normal picking my boys up and getting my eldest off for swimming.

    I started getting contractions every 15 odd minutes but I'd had that before and it just fizzle to nothing so wasn't paying too much attention. By 7 they were closer and stronger but still nothing to convince me this was going to be it. Got my boys off to bed and started to pay more attention to them.

    By 11pm they were quite strong and about 5 mins apart. I was trying to hold on as long as possible so I wouldn't be just sent home. Another hour passed and they were a little bit closer but a lot stronger and so we decided with how quick I'd been with my second born to go in. Arrived at hospital to be told I was 4-5 cm and was so happy. Still needed cervix to thin but I wasn't going home!

    After trying to cope as long as possible on just gas and air I got a birthing pool offered to me. I had lots of pressure and the contractions were coming every minute so I thought I would give it a go. After 4 hours and feeling very close to giving birth I was examined. She said cervix was completely thin but I was still only 5 cm. I could have cried!

    She did say my waters were bulging which is where the pressure was coming from. She popped my waters and then things started to get really painful. I couldn't cope with gas and air anymore knowing I still had another 5 cm to go. Was in such a state thinking I had to be close and I'd not gained much in my eyes over the last 4 hours. Asked for pethidine but she didn't get chance to do it. All of a sudden the urge to push was there.

    I some how had gone from 5 to 10 in no time at all and baby wanted out. Apparently midwife thought this was going to happen so had been a little bit slow getting me the injection. So 6.04 on the 24th little one made her appareance. I was completely in love and she was worth every pain.

    Then suddenly I saw my husband looking concerned and the midwife said something about bleeding and lots of people would be coming in but not to panic. Cue 8 people all coming in using me as a pin cushion. Two people setting up canulas in each hand, one person putting an oxygen mask on me and a doctor trying to find the source of bleeding by looking for tears whilst a midwife was trying to put medicine in my bottom. Had injections in my legs but I had no idea why. I was feeling OK other than lots of pain and I couldn't tell I was losing blood.

    I'd never seen my husband looking so scared. He was on his knees holding my hand praying I was going to be OK. My mother in law was there thankfully to take baby and when I heard the doctor say we have to stop the bleeding now or we will be taking you to theatre I knew it was serious. I honestly felt fine though and couldn't understand what was happening.

    Eventually bleeding was controlled and they couldn't find a source or a why it happened. No tears or stitches just one of those things apparently. I lost 2.1 litres they said and had blood waiting for a transfusion but luckily my iron levels have recouped enough to avoid that.

    After all calmed down it turned out baby must have pooped just before she came out so she's been stuck in hospital with an infection whilst I've been monitored too. She's on Antibiotics but all being well we should both be out later today.

    So Sophia Elizabeth born weighing 9lb at 6.04 on the 24th, you definitely know how to make an entrance!!! Xxx


    here are my two beautiful boys. Emmett 20m and Brodie 3 weeks. 

    Emmett was an emcs baby. I was totally gutted. I then failed to establish breadtfeeding due to undiagnosed ulp&ptt and he failed to gain weight but noone knew why until i noticed the ties at 7m. I went through a grieving process that my body could not only give birth as it should but feed my baby as it should.

    When i found out i was pregnant again ob 29th jan this year i instantly began researching VBAC births and the best ways to achieve this. My consultant was happy for me to attempt this. 

    At my 32 week consultant app, when i told her i wanted no monitoring or intervention (not the done thing for a VBAC but well within my rights) she wasnt happy. Statistically, interventions leave you less likely to achieve VBAC so this is why i was refusing. No sweeps etc no continuous monitoring. She looked at me as if i had horns growing out my head. She then sent me for a growth scan, i think to scare me a little. But baby was fine, as id suspected. 

    Anyways. For 2 weeks before i delivered id been having contractions. They usually tapered off after a few hours so i wasnt concerned. On the night of the 1st Oct at 9pm ish they started again, but they began to get more painful. I kept telling myself not to hold my breathe but i knew deep down this was it. I was 39+4 .

    I was on the ball most of the night and phoned hubby home from work which was an hour away at 1am. He got home at 2am and came and sat next to me. He told me stay calm. I thought i am staying calm what are you talking about (i was pretty relaxed this time round as i knew what to expect) then he said, i hit a deer on the way home. The cars a bit fucked *excuse my language* and i instantly hobbled outside. No passenger headlight, bumber cracked, wing dented and fuzz sticking out of the grill. Tbh all i was worried about was the bloody deer! But it instantly died so i guess thats a blessing.

    that left me a bit rattled so hubby tried to convince me to get some sleep which just didnt happen. Anyway fast forward to 10.30am and we made our way to hosp to be checked. Took ages and when i was eventually checked i was so relieved to find i was 5cm.

    We were taken up to labour ward and given our room. I agreed to have a 30min trace done to check baby was ok then it was agreed id come off and it would be repeated every 15-30mins but babys heart rate kept dipping so i agreed to stay on. Wasnt in my plans but i was comfortable with it. Then it would fail to pick up hb at all which scared me.

    I was examined and was still only 5cm and baby had gone back 2 back. This is what lead to my section first time so i convinced myself it was gonna happen agaim and i git really upset. After mw.convincing me that that may not happen this time i calmed down. I agreed to the cup monitoring so i coukd move about and once done i went for a pee. Only i couldnt pee. The pain away from the gas and air was unbearable and i began demanding an epidural whilst still trying to pee.

    The mw then agreed to check me, empty my bladder with a catheter and take things from there. I sat on the ball whilst she got the stuff ready but i became really uncomfy and began pushing. She told me i couldnt be ready to push as id only been 5cm an hour ago. She checked me and here i was 9.5cm.

    She emptied my bladder and that helped baby move down a bit (baby was no longer b2b thank god) and i began to push. From start to finish i pushed for just under an hour. In the last push a kiwi cup was put on to help deliver but consultant said it was probaby too late for that and i could have done it without. I was just so relieved i had managed to deliver myself!

    Unfortunately i then had a retained placenta and had to go have it removed. Whilst in theatre i lost just over 2l of blood. What should have been a 30min proveedure to remove it became nearly 2 hours of trying to stop blood loss. My hubby became very worried of course but i emerged back semi concious through tiredness.

    I had to stay in 2 nights as i couldnt quite get brwast feeding down due to him.being tied as well but we managed. At 8 days old we travelled from central scotland to manchester to have the tongue snipped privately and whilst im still.managing to feed myself, we are going again saturday coming yo have to checked and possibly redone as things still not quite right.

    But we are so in love and Emmett has been a fab big brother so far. I am so proud of myself and although there isnt anything wrong with sections or formula, i had to try for what was best for me and that was doing things as nature intended. I now feel at ease with myself and my body. 

  • Oh Rach2186, so wonderful Sophia is finally here! And what an entrance! Look at those cheeks already! She is just beautiful, so many congratulations.

    Linzimina, how wonderful to see your name pop up again - it's so great you've come back to tell us all about the birth of your gorgeous boy Brodie - you sound wonderfully at peace with yourself after his birth too. Please do stick around a bit longer - we're going to set up a special group for all you lovely October mummy's, we would dearly love to have you as a part of it.

    PS Rach2186 and Linzimina, please can you confirm your address details are correct?

  • Yep my address is tge same xx

  • Awwww so lovely to read your birth stories has any of us had a straight forward birth someone's gotta have one surely lol so glad we are all ok and got through it all with our beautiful baby's xxxxxxxx

  • Exactly what I was thinking when I wrote it linz! Congrats linzimina!! 

    Thank you Danielle!! My address is corrected. Very excited to say getting discharged soon! So happy to be heading home today!! 

  • Congratulations, Rach2186 and Linzimina - what wonderful birth stories and gorgeous pics. Hope those beautiful babies of your are letting you recover a bit!


    Hope you don't mind but I've just popped a few paragraph spaces into your birth stories to make them just a little easier to read. They're so well written, we'd love people to be abel to read them all the way through.


    We'll pop your babyblooms pressies in the post today!

  • Thank you so much for my baby bloom bouquet! When my husband saw it he wanted to keep it as it was it was so lovely! So thoughtful!!image

  • Sorry for the delay ladies her is my birth story (at last!) 

    A little background to start, my first was born by emergency section (crash section) at 39 weeks when my waters broke & after a 43 hour labour she became very distressed. 

    All through this pregnancy I have struggled to put this experience to the back of my mind as it was so fast it was incredibly scary. 

    We saw the consultant at 32 weeks & the plan was to let me go for a VBAC as I wanted. We had a scan at 36+4 & baby was approx 7lb13 & they estimated full term weight would be 8lb13! We saw the consultant again at 37 weeks & they decided they were happy for me to have a vbac but didn't want me to go past 41 weeks so booked a section date for 27/10/15. (This was actually 40+3 as no other dates available!) 

    Well after several unsuccessful sweeps at 38,39 & 40 weeks the 27/10 arrived. 

    We had to be in hospital for 7am. I barely slept the night before & was extremely emotional. On arriving we were shown to a ward with 3 others who were also in for planned sections. 

    We were then told we were last on the list so likely to be 13;00 ish before we go down to theatre, this didn't help my nerves. 

    Midwife came & did all obs, then anaesthetist and surgeon and then we were left alone, the other 2 ladies were moved up to the labour ward to get ready. Time seemed to be dragging. Before we knew it the midwife came to us & said we'd been moved to second on the list. We never found out why. 

    I was told to get my gown on, dressing gown, slippers etc and clothes, nappies for baby. We were then shown to a labour room & hubby given some scrubs to wear. 

    We were then shown through to the theatre, there was music playing & it was all very relaxed. (Totally different to last time). 

    I had epidural & venflow etc put in then at 11:05 they started the section. At 11:10 then tugged my baby from my tummy. They could not believe the size of him & struggled to pull him out. The midwife at this time thought he would weigh about 12lb!! I was gobsmacked. 

    They weighed him & he was 10lb5! Still a staggering weight and possibly a good job I ended up with a section.  Hubby got to cut the cord this time & have cuddles with Daniel straight away. Before I knew it I was all stitched up, catheter in & in recovery having skin to skin with my beautiful boy. After about 1/2 hr he started to feed & from then on in he hasn't stopped!! 

    We were both very surprised he was a boy & we were convinced it was another girl. 

    I have now got over my phobia of a section, yes recovery much longer & a nightmare not being able to drive but we're getting there slowly. 

    It's all worth it for these snuggles X 

  • Oh abihylands, you know, it sounds like a wonderful birth - whether section or VBAC, it just seems that everything went beautifully to plan. Plus an over 10lber, think it was best for EVERYONE concerned Daniel came into the world via tummy! *wince!*
    Now for some reason your piccy hasn't uploaded - could you bear to try again, we'd love to see some new piccies!

  • image

    Very proud big sister x

  • Aww abi that sounds lovely. a much more relaxed experience than your first so sounds like it was a positive in the end. A very good weight too, I can see why they didn't want to let you go to far over! Congratulations! Xxx

  • Aww gorgeous pics!! She looks very chuffed with her baby brother! Xxx

  • Congratulations abbi and finally a nice and relaxed birth story to read :) xxxxxxx

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